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Chapter 2336: Need To Verify

“Senior Brother, I heard that the three beauties of the Clear Snow Palace would arrive for the apprenticeship ceremony....” Someone from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate said, “I heard that Lin Xiaoying and the others would be staying in the Heavenly Pillar Celestial Manor right up ahead!”

Yu Fujiang, the person who was addressed as their senior brother, laughed, “I learned about this a long time ago.

We can head over to the shop in front of their manor to get some stuff.

At the same time, we can visit Junior Sister Xiaoying.”

The three beauties of the Clear Snow Palace werent just the most talented disciples, but they were also the prettiest.

Countless male disciples dreamed of courting any one of the three, and if they formed a line, they would be able to circle the entire Holy World several times!

The young patriarch of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, Yu Fujiang, was no exception.

Du Zhenjun, who was standing not too far away from them, frowned as he turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Young Master Huang, do you want me to…” His meaning was clear.

As long as Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, he would teach the disciples of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate a lesson they would never forget.

He had long since wanted to move against them when he heard how they belittled Huang Xiaolongs talent.

However, he had to respect Huang Xiaolongs opinion on the matter.

“Forget it.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Since the Holy Heavens was planning to publicize his talent, there were bound to be disciples who would be jealous of him.

The gossip wouldnt stop just because he requested for Du Zhenjun to silence them.

He couldnt deal with everyone who doubted his talent, could he

Since the apprenticeship ceremony was three days away, Huang Xiaolong didnt wish to stir up any trouble before that.

Regardless of how much they doubted him, everyone was here to offer their congratulations.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong said to Du Zhenjun before leaving.

Du Zhenjun nodded his head.

As soon as he passed the members of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, Fu Yujiangs gaze landed on Little Nine, and he exclaimed in surprise, “Hold it right there!”

Yu Fujiang extended his arms and blocked their path.

“Do you have a problem” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Yu Fujiang ignored him, and stared at the Rainbow Phoenix perched on his shoulders.

“Good beast! Good beast!” Yu Fujiang thought to himself as a brilliant light flashed through his eyes.

The Beast Tamer Holy Gate cultivated arts that controlled all sorts of spiritual beasts.

They were extremely knowledgeable of the beasts in the Holy World, and even though ordinary holy princes might be unable to tell where Little Nine came from, Fu Yujiang was the young patriarch of the holy gate! He saw through the Rainbow Phoenixs origins immediately!

The other disciples were shocked when they noticed Yu Fujiangs expression.

There was no way an ordinary beast would catch their young patriarchs intentions.

“Where did you get your phoenix from” Yu Fujiang turned to face Huang Xiaolong as a crafty smile formed on his face.

Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart when he heard what Yu Fujiang said.

How could he be unaware of the other partys intentions

He had decided to stop Du Zhenjun from teaching them a lesson earlier, but he didnt expect for them to dive straight into the deep end of hell.

“Is there a need for me to tell you where I bought it from” Huang Xiaolong replied indifferently.

“Outrageous!” One of the holy princes from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate yelled.

“You are talking to the chief disciple of our Beast Tamer Holy Gate, Yu Fujiang!” Someone else snapped at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong shrugged, “So what if you guys are from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate Youre not from the Holy Heavens.

Why should I care about your identity”

Those from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate couldnt help but rage silently in their hearts.

Even Yu Fujiang was surprised.

Based on how Huang Xiaolong was dressed, he was a mere inner disciple of the Holy Heavens.

How dare he speak to the young patriarch of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate like this!

For the other holy grounds, it was an achievement for them to enter the Holy Heavens.

However, the Beast Tamer Holy Gate was part of the strongest factions in the Holy Lands Alliance! A mere inner disciple of the Holy Heavens wasnt something he bothered to look at.

However, a plan hatched in Yu Fujiangs head and a brilliant smile appeared on his face.

“Dont be offended.

My junior brothers acted too rashly.

I was only wondering about the origins of your beast because we lost a phoenix like it a few days ago!”


Huang Xiaolongs heart grew even colder.

“Are you implying that I stole it from you guys”

Du Zhenjuns eyes narrowed.

If anyone, who knew him, had seen his expression, they would know that the man had reached his limit.

Killing a True Saint or two would be the only way for him to let off some steam.

Yu Fujiang stared at Huang Xiaolong and laughed, “Thats right! We have to verify whether or not the phoenix is the one we lost.

After all, our Beast Tamer Holy Gate isnt some second-rate faction.

We treat everyone fairly.

If it isnt ours, we wont force you to hand it over.” The righteous look on Yu Fujiangs face made him believe his own lie.

A gentle smile appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face, and he responded calmly, “I wonder how you plan on verifying it.”

He was indeed curious about the tricks the other party was going to play.

Yu Fujiang smiled, “If your little phoenix is willing to follow me, it would mean that we raised it.

Surely, you wont refuse to hand it over.”

It was a fair and reasonable condition on the surface.

However, Yu Fujiang definitely had his methods to control spiritual beast he had just met with the beast tamer secret arts they cultivated.

A cold light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He thought that the other party would throw him some holy bills to bring back the beast, but he didnt expect the other party to be shameless enough to snatch Little Nine away in broad daylight.

Unable to stand this facade any longer, Du Zhenjun stepped forward.

They were lucky Huang Xiaolong prevented him from making a move on those of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yu Fujiang and said with indifference, “I guess I have no reason to refuse.”

Yu Fujiang smiled, “Dont worry, if its proven that this little phoenix is ours, I will give you a hundred million holy bills as compensation.”

Upon hearing that Yu Fujiang was willing to pay a hundred million holy bills as compensation, Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly.

A hundred million A hundred millions wont even be able to purchase several feathers off a Nine Colored Fox Phoenix!

Without waiting for Huang Xiaolongs permission, a ray of black light flashed in Yu Fujiangs eyes.

The ray of black light entered Little Nines body instantly.

A look of joy formed on Yu Fujiangs face as he called out, “Little Rainbow Phoenix, lets go home now!”

Little Nine ignored his callings as it continued to sleep on Huang Xiaolongs shoulders.

Slightly startled, Yu Fujiang tried again.

“Little Rainbow Phoenix, return to me! I shall feed you plenty of delicacies!”

Barely opening its eyes, Little Nine ignored the man.

A faint smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“It looks like this isnt your pet”

“Impossible!” Yu Fujiangs face sank as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, “You must have done something to it!”

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