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Chapter 2340: Trash Him!

The Eminent Elder, who was screaming in anger earlier, was called Qi Qichen, and Nuo Dong whose shoulder Huang Xiaolong had shattered was his direct disciple.

When he thought about how his disciple was thrown into the Holy Heavens prison, rage consumed him.

“We traveled so far to attend their apprenticeship ceremony to offer our congratulations.

How dare they beat up our chief disciple before locking him up together with our holy princes!” Another one of the Eminent Elders, Bai Zhenglong, exclaimed furiously, “Is this how they treat their distinguished guests!”

“We gave the appropriate compensation but they refused to let our disciples go! Are they planning to lock Li Yi and the others up for a million years!” Someone else spat.

It didnt take long for the Eminent Elders to start throwing out their hatred for the Holy Heavens.

“Enough!” Shen Jiewen yelled, “All of you, shut up!”

It was only then that the Eminent Elders of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate stopped.

Shen Jiewen said indifferently, “We cant really blame the Holy Heavens for this matter.

After all, Fujiang coveted their holy beast.

He made the first move against those of the Holy Heavens, and he made a move inside the city! With the laws of the Holy Heavens, why would they protect an outsider over their disciple in their home ground! Do you know what Fujiang and the others were doing They were acting too recklessly! Do you think that the Holy Heavens is an organization who will bow down to others! Idi*ts!”

“Not to mention the fact that they made a move on Huang Xiaolong!”

“I dont think you need me to tell you who Huang Xiaolong is!”

Shen Jiewen couldnt restrain the anger in his heart as he berated them all, “Take a good look at all your disciples!”

The Eminent Elders couldnt believe their ears.

However, no matter how much they wanted to say it, they couldnt possibly blame Yu Fujiang even if he did start the fight!

“Call for Liang Qin!” As the Eminent Elders hung their heads low, Shen Jiewen snapped.

Liang Qin was the representative of the Holy Lands Alliance, and he was also the disciple who would be sparring with Huang Xiaolong.

It was an epic coincidence that Liang Qin was a new disciple recruited by the Beast Tamer Holy Gate! With his terrifying talent, he had already been accepted by Eminent Elder Bai Zhenglong as a direct disciple.

“Yes.” Bai Zhenglong said respectfully.

Not long after, Liang Qin was summoned.

“Liang Qin greets the Holy Emperor and all the Eminent Elders present!” He paid his respects as soon as he arrived.

Allowing him to get to his feet, Shen Jiewen instructed, “Youre here to receive my orders on what you have to do during the apprenticeship ceremony that will be held after three days.”

Liang Qin perked up instantly as he listened to Shen Jiewen attentively.

“Originally, I wanted you to spar against Huang Xiaolong and defeat him.” A chilly gaze flashed through his eyes as he continued, “As of this moment, I command you to use everything in your power to make him lose miserably! You will beat him till he kneels before everyone in the ceremony!”

Wasnt the Holy Heavens planning on locking up their disciples He would ensure that the apprenticeship ceremony would end with a resounding bang!

He felt that it was the only way for the Holy Heavens to start taking them seriously.

According to him, they were locking the disciples up because they felt that the Holy Lands Alliance was easy to bully!

Liang Qin was startled, but he immediately bowed to acknowledge the order, “Yes, I will do as you say!!”

“When you move against him, ensure that he remains in one piece! Do not cripple him!” Shen Wenjie thought for a moment before adding.

After all, defeating Huang Xiaolong and forcing him to his knees was one thing.

Crippling or killing him was something different altogether.

The Holy Lands Alliance wouldnt be able to endure the rage of four Primal Ancestors at once!

“Please rest assured, I will complete my task perfectly,” Liang Qin vowed.

After giving him several pointers to take note of during the battle, Shen Jiewen dismissed the kid.

“This … Are we actually going this far” Bai Zhenglong asked carefully.

He was extremely concerned at the fact that they were planning to force Huang Xiaolong to kneel in front of everyone present.

“Thats right, Holy Master.

If we enrage the four Primal Ancestors, wont our holy princes suffer from their rage” Qi Qichen added.

Shen Jiewen snorted coldly, “So what if they are enraged Do you think that they would dare to kill every single one of our disciples!” He turned to look at Yu Fujiang as his gaze turned a little colder.

“Since they dared to severely injure Fujiang, lock up our disciples, and embarrass us, why cant we make Huang Xiaolong kneel down in front of everybody and turn the Holy heavens into a laughing stock!”

By this time, the incident had spread through the city, and the Beast Tamer Holy Gate was already a target of jokes from the various superpowers.

“But…,” Bai Zhenglong persuaded once again.

“Alright, I have already made up my mind!” Shen Jiewen interrupted before bringing out a bright green pill.

As soon as the medicinal pill appeared.

Lifeforce filled the air.

Taiji Pill!

Even though a level-ten origin spiritual pill couldnt be compared to a holy pill, it was still one of the best medicines the Beast Tamer Holy Gate had!

Shen Jiewen opened Yu Fujiangs mouth and popped the pill down his throat.

“Lets work together and cure his injuries first.”



Huang Xiaolong had swallowed a level-seven origin spiritual pill, and he was circulating the Grandmist Parasitic Medium in one of the inside secret rooms.

The Holy Manfate Imprint shone brightly as holy spiritual energy poured down from the void.

Compared to half a year ago, the amount of holy spiritual energy Huang Xiaolong could draw upon was three to four times larger.

Back then, the strands of energy he could attract had the thickness of an adults arm.

Right now, it was the size of a tiny stream!

The night passed quickly.

As he stopped his cultivation session, Huang Xiaolong felt that the energy inside his body had become purer than before.

After half a year of devouring the disciples in the Devil Cave, his complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodline, and saint physique had evolved at a frightening pace.

Based on his estimation, they were around the three hundredth rank.

“Zhao Ya, Liang Qin.” Huang Xiaolongs eyes flashed.

Even though the evolution of his Complete Dao Saint godheads had been ridiculously fast for the past year, he wouldnt be able to defeat the two of them if he had nothing else to rely on.

Even if he threw the Holy Mandate Imprint into the mix, he might still fall short.

“Xiaolong!” Feng Tianyu called from outside the secret room.

Opening his eyes slowly, Huang Xiaolong emerged.

“Xiaolong, the city is bustling with excitement due to the upcoming festival! Some of us are planning to head out and pay the Heavenly Fragrance Teahouse a visit.

Do you want to come along” Feng Tianyu laughed.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “You guys can go ahead, I need to spend the next two days cultivating.”

Even though there were only two days left, Huang Xiaolong wanted to make use of all the time he had to raise his strength.

Every little bit counted.

“Alright, we shall head out now.” Feng Tianyu knew that Huang Xiaolong was busy making his preparations, and he didnt wish to interrupt his cultivation.

After passing down some instructions for them to take care of themselves, he returned to continue his cultivation.

The Eight Desolate Holy Palm, and the Final Boundless Sword Art were part of his battle plan.

Of course, he also continued to strengthen his own technique, the Thousand Armed Holy Devil.

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