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Chapter 2347: Stop Provoking Huang Xiaolong

The Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun, who was seated in the only seat on the plaza, could no longer keep her calm at this moment.

She jumped to her feet in bewilderment as she muttered, “This, this, how could this be!”

“Sec-Second complete dao saint godhead!” Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying exclaimed in unison.

The four Primal Ancestors, who were sitting cross-legged above the sacrificial altar, nearly fell from high in the air, and the Holy Heavens chief disciple Li Chen seemed hysterical, “This, he-he-he, how could he…!”

Whereas Grand Hall Master Wu Ges personal disciple Xie Yao, Lin Yijia, and the rest of the core disciples were too dumbstruck to react.

Wu Ge and the Holy Heavens Hall Masters expressions were no different from those core disciples.

Di Huais eyes were open so wide that his eyeballs risked falling out.

Whether it were experts around the Sacrificial Altar Plaza or experts spectating from surrounding mountain peaks, all of them were staring at the second saint godhead that flew out from Huang Xiaolong\'s body with agape expressions.

Huang Xiaolongs second complete dao saint godhead was so dazzling and brilliant, as if only that complete dao saint godhead existed between heaven and earth.

Everyone was witnessing a miracle.

In the Holy World, there had never been a Holy Prince that possesses a second complete dao saint godhead Thus, while in absolute shock, all they could manage to do was stare at Huang Xiaolongs second complete dao saint godhead.

And now,Huang Xiaolong had shattered everyones preconceived knowledge.

After the second complete dao saint godhead flew out, Huang Xiaolongs momentum reached another peak, and it was still climbing.

Not only the gap in strength between them was reducing, but it seemed like Huang Xiaolong was actually turning the tables and showing signs of suppressing Zhao Ya instead!

Crack lines suddenly appeared on the thick layer of ice that had already covered Huang Xiaolong from his feet until his neck.

In the next second, several crispC-c-cracks sounded as the ice splintered into shards.

Powerful aura swept out from Huang Xiaolongs body like a broken dam, threatening to submerge the Clear Snow Palaces disciple Zhao Ya, forcing her staggering in retreat.

As a myriad of expressions flashed across the Clear Snow Palaces disciple Zhao Yas face, a wave of vigorous Buddhist energy continued to surge from Huang Xiaolongs body, and life-like phantoms of golden Buddhas appeared around him.

“This is a second saint bloodline!” This sight once again stupefied the crowd.

....He won\'t also have a second saint physique, would he Yu Fujiang asked stupidly.

Then, he saw a layer of golden light covering the surface of Huang Xiaolongs body, and amongst the glimmering golden light were dazzling golden runes.

These golden runes wound around Huang Xiaolongs body and integrated perfectly with his dragon scales.

“Second saint physique!” The crowd gasped.

The Sacrificial Mountain was in a furor.

Due to her unsteady mental state as she was overwhelmed by Huang Xiaolongs momentum, the Clear Snow Palaces female disciple Zhao Ya stepped back again and again, and unknowingly, she had already reached the edge of the battle stage.

While the crowd was still in shock, Huang Xiaolong finally took the initiative to speak as he looked at Zhao Ya, “Do you still want to battle Although your Ice Lotus Saint Godhead ranks high, I have the Holy Mandate Imprint, two complete dao saint godheads, bloodlines, and powerful saint physiques!”

“You are no match against me.

Admit defeat!” Huang Xiaolongs voice rumbled through the battle stage.

Fear, trepidation, hesitation, and a whole lot of other emotions flickered in Zhao Yas eyes as she looked below the stage where the Clear Snow Palaces group was.

With her own emotions in turmoil, Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun made a slight nod at Zhao Ya.

“Fine, I admit defeat!” Receiving the signal from Xue Lingyun, Zhao Ya gritted her teeth and yielded.

The moment she admitted defeat, a heavy burden seemed to leave her chest.

In all honesty, even if she was told to battle, she did not have the confidence and courage to spar with this extreme freak of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly delighted seeing that his opponent was willing to throw in the towel.

His four Masters had promised him earlier that as long as he won one of the two sparring matches, they would permit him to cultivate inside the Fire and Ice Lake.

Regardless of the result in the sparring match against the Holy Lands Alliance disciple, it was a certainty that he could enter the Fire and Ice Lake.

Upon seeing the Clear Snow Palaces female disciple Zhao Ya yield, a wry smile flashed across Tyrant Chus face, “This kid really gave us a big surprise.

Had I known he had a second complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique, I would not have promised him.”

The Heavenly Master laughed merrily in response, “No wonder it merely took him five minutes to comprehend the twelve sacred steles.

I didnt expect that other than the Holy Mandate Imprint, he would also possess two complete dao saint godheads!”

In the meantime, Zhao Ya had already gotten off the battle stage.

At the same time, the Holy Lands Alliances disciple Liang Qin carefully approached the Beast Tamer Holy Gates True Saint Shen Jiewen and spoke with obvious hesitation, “Patriarch, this, do you think… should I still”

Before this, Shen Jiewen had ordered him to go all out when it was his turn to spar with Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage, and thrash Huang Xiaolong until he was crying and begging for mercy on his knees.

He wanted to turn Huang Xiaolong into a black spot on the Holy Heavens reputation, but now, even if he did go all out, he wouldnt be able to make Huang Xiaolong kneel on his knees!

Although his battle prowess was a tad higher than the Clear Snow Palaces Zhao Ya, Liang Qin had to admit that he was the weaker one compared to Huang Xiaolong by a tiny bit.

Even if he resorted to using the holy martial art that he had gained recently, Liang Qin estimated that he could fight to a draw against Huang Xiaolong at the most.

True Saint Shen Jiewen sighed heavily in his heart, and then looked at Mo Canglis personal disciple, Huai Po, and asked, “Huai Po, what do you think”

In truth, Huai Po had originally intended to make Huang Xiaolong look ugly, the same as Shen Jiewen.

Other holy masters of the Holy Lands Alliance also turned to look at Huai Po.

Obscured lights glimmered in Huai Pos eyes as he contemplated the question.

In the end, he could only spit out, “Forget about it then.”

His voice contained deep unwillingness, vexation, and impatience.

A while later, the Holy Lands Alliances disciple Liang Qin got up to the battle stage.

But in the end, he yielded just like the Clear Snow Palaces Zhao Ya.

Two sparring matches ended with Huang Xiaolongs consecutive wins.

Yu Fujiangs face was ugly to the extreme at this result.

“In the future, stop provoking Huang Xiaolong!” True Saint Shen Jiewen warned when he noticed his disciple Yu Fujiangs distorted expression through voice transmission, and even stressed again, “Remember what Ive said!”

How could he not know that Yu Fujiang had met with Liang Qin earlier and ordered Liang Qin to give Huang Xiaolong a brutal lesson.

“Yes, Master!” With Shen Jiewens warning, no matter how unwilling he was, Yu Fujiang could only comply respectfully.

Next on the agenda was the celebration banquet.

The seating arrangements started from the main entrance of the Holy Heavens, extending all the way until the main manor building—there were more than a million seats arranged!

The banquet for the various top Holy Gate Patriarchs, and ancient clans patriarchs was held at the Holy Heavens Square.

The banquet went on until late night before people began leaving in scatters.

The experts bid their farewells and went off accordingly.

Deep in the night, inside the Holy Lands Alliances lavish manor, Huai Po sat with a gloomy expression.

The Holy Lands Alliances ten holy masters were with him.

None of them spoke a word.

At one point, True Saint Shen Jiewen sighed, breaking the heavy silence, “Who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong was bestowed with the Holy Mandate Imprint, and he even has two complete dao saint godheads!”

The Nine Pasture Holy Gates True Saint Hou Mings brows were scrunched together, exuding a sullen air as he spoke, “Im afraid it wont be long until the Holy Heavens add another Primal Ancestor to their ranks.”

Other holy masters faces became gloomier.

“Even if Huang Xiaolong has the Holy Mandate Imprint, and the evolution speed of his complete dao saint godheads are shocking, its not so easy for him to reach the heights of a Primal Ancestor.

That is something we need to worry about a million years later.”

Huai Po scoffed, “Who can say for sure he would live until that time, the Devil Palace definitely will do their utmost to kill him!”

“Moreover, the Saint Fate will appear soon in a hundred years the fastest.

The longest is two hundred years.

Huang Xiaolong is just a Fourth Order Venerable now.

So hes definitely going to miss the opportunity this time, and who knows when the Saint Fate will appear next time!”

To enter True Saint Realm, one needed to go through nine times holy tribulation and reach the peak of Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint, then wait for the Saint Fate to appear and snatch it from other rivals.

Only then could one enter the True Saint Realm.

In Huai Pos opinion, it was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to raise his cultivation to the peak of Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint within a hundred years in time for the Saint Fates appearance.

After missing the Saint Fate this time, Huang Xiaolong would have to wait for the Saint Fate to appear again next time, and who knew when that would happen.

As long as Huang Xiaolong had yet to step into True Saint Realm, forming a holy soul, there was always the risk of death!

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