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Chapter 2353: Great Change at the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate

After Huang Xiaolong told Zhang Sijin that he would visit again, Zhang Sijin became spirited once again like a vibrant youth, grinning happily as he said, “Really! The subordinate will be waiting for Your Highness return.”

Huang Xiaolongs smile widened watching Zhang Sijins expression, and he promised, “Alright! You must prepare some good dishes and wine for me.”

Honestly speaking, Huang Xiaolong was also feeling somewhat reluctant to leave the Devil Cave.

“Of course, of course!” Zhang Sijin nodded heavily.

Then, with Zhang Sijins send off, Huang Xiaolong left the Devil Cave.

Shortly after, Huang Xiaolong was walking down the prosperous streets of Holy Heavens City, looking at the bustling activities around him.

Huang Xiaolong grew quiet in retrospect.

A decade ago, he, Lord Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, and the others had just arrived at the Holy Heavens City, and that memory was still fresh in his mind.

Now, not only he had successfully joined the Holy Heavens, but he had even become the four Primal Ancestors joint disciple.

He had experienced many changes since arriving at this Holy Heavens City, not only in his identity and strength, but more importantly also in his saint attributes.

It was especially after his second stint in the Devil Cave.

The result of battling consecutive challenges in the last ten years had led to Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads, three saint bloodlines, and three saint physiques to finally rise into the top one hundred ranks.

Though his saint attributes had barely made it into the top one hundred, dont forget that he had three complete dao saint godheads, three saint bloodlines, and three saint physiques!

Now, even without going through the Holy Mandate Imprint, his absorption of spiritual qi was faster than the majority of disciples.

If he added the Holy Mandate Imprint to the equation, then his absorption speed would be too shocking to be spoken out.

And his cultivation realm had reached early Sixth Order Venerable, closer to the peak early Sixth Order and merely a short step from mid-Sixth Order Venerable Realm.

Estimating based on his current cultivation speed, he would be able to break through to Seventh Order Venerable Realm within a decade.

Once he stepped into Seventh Order Venerable Realm, the various holy grounds late-Tenth Order Venerable genius Holy Princes wouldnt be a match against him.

Back in the Holy Heavens Manor, Huang Xiaolong saw that Di Huai was giving cultivation guidance to Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and Xue Qi.

But Huang Xiaolong didnt expect to see the additional two people behind Di Huai.

These two were none other than the Zhuoyuan Holy Gates chief Eminent Elder Li Wen, and Eminent Elder Chen Shiming!


“Young Master!”

Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and the rest were thrilled to see Huang Xiaolong, and hurried towards him.

Whereas Li Wen and Chen Shiming, after a second of shock, both hurried towards Huang Xiaolong and fell to their knees in salute before him.

“Greeting Your Highness Huang Xiaolong!”

“Eminent Elder Li Wen, Eminent Elder Chen Shiming, please get up quickly!” Huang Xiaolong bent forward and lightly held them by the elbow.

“How come youre here in Holy Heavens City” Huang Xiaolong asked, as a bad feeling welled up in his chest.

As expected, Li Wen and Chen Shiming cried woefully, “Your Highness, our Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was razed to the ground by the Devil Palace! Zhuoyuan Holy Gates tens of thousands of disciples were slaughtered by the Devil Palaces experts, Xu Jun, Quo Qirong, and other Eminent Elders all sacrificed themselves in battle!”

It was like a bomb going off in Huang Xiaolongs head.

“Dead, dead!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes turned bleak.

Chen Shiming was choking back tears, sobbing, “It was, it was a few years back.

The Devil Palace suddenly attacked the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground.

They sent a great number of half-True Saint experts, and even one True Saint expert.

Those Devil Palaces disciples were cruel and brutal, killing any Zhuoyuan Holy Gates disciple that came into their sights, whereas they took away all of the female disciples!”

“Even Eminent Elder Song Yi was taken away!”

Huang Xiaolongs fists clenched tightly as a violent desire for revenge erupted in his mind.

There was no need to ask as he already knew why the Devil Palaces disciples had taken away all the female disciples.

Any female disciple taken away by the Devil Palaces disciples would be reduced to their plaything, and even a furnace to raise their cultivation until the day the female disciple was sucked dry of energy and essence.

“The Devil Palace!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes were bloodshot.

Although the amount of time he had spent at the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was not long, no matter what, the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was the first sect he had joined in the Holy World.

The Devil Palace had destroyed the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, and from then on, it was a blood feud of sect annihilation between Huang Xiaolong and them.


Huang Xiaolongs voice was bone-chilling and hoarse, “Why would the Devil Palace want to destroy the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate!”

Li Wen was the one who answered, “Ive heard from that True Saint expert sent by the Devil Palace that the so-called Lord Dou Rui gave them the order!”

“Dou Rui!” An icy glint flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Huang Xiaolong was naturally familiar with that Dou Rui.

On the way to the Holy Heavens, they had passed by the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds, and Emperor Yus injuries were caused by Dou Rui.

Dou Ruis status in the Devil Palace was very high, and he was one of the Devil Palaces six Devil Princes.

Di Huai was shocked to hear that as he hadnt expected Dou Rui to issue that order.

“What could trigger Dou Rui to destroy the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate”Huang Xiaolong asked Li Wen.

Li Wen shook his head, saying that he didnt know.

“What happened to Jiang Tian” Huang Xiaolong suddenly remembered that there was such a person still being imprisoned in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gates prison, as well as Zheng Yongjia, and several other Holy Princes.

At the mention of Jiang Tian, Li Wen snarled with intense hatred and resentment, “Jiang Tian, Zheng Yongjia, and those traitors, the moment they saw the Devil Palaces army, all of them knelt in surrender! In order to show their loyalty, they actually killed many of our Holy Gates disciples with their own hands.

After Eminent Elder Xu Jun was dealt with a heavy blow by the Devil Palaces True Saint expert, he died at Jiang Tians hand!”

Chen Shiming added with crimson eyes of hatred, “Jiang Tian repeatedly tortured Eminent Elder Xu Jun, and at the time of his death, there wasnt even an intact body.

Eminent Elder Xu Juns death was too brutal and miserable!”

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply before making a solemn vow, “Rest assured, I will avenge Eminent Elder Xu Jun and the disciples of Zhuoyuan Holy Gate! Even if I bet my life on it!”

Huang Xiaolong then asked Li Wen and Chen Shiming of the current Zhuoyuan Holy Gates situation that they were aware of.



Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard, seemingly enshrouded in heavy silence.

“Xiaolong, are you thinking about what happened to the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate” Di Huai approached Huang Xiaolong from the back and asked.

“Frankly, this matter is not because of you, dont blame yourself.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, but he did not say a word.

During the day, he had sent a message to Wu Ge asking about this matter.

According to Wu Ges conjecture, the reason why Dou Rui would order people to destroy the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was probably related to him killing the Devil Palace disciples in the Devil Cave.

Many of the Devil Palace disciples Huang Xiaolong had challenged and killed in the Devil Cave were personal disciples of generals under Dou Rui.

One of them was Dou Ruis disciple-in-name.

Thus, he was the cause of Zhuoyuan Holy Gates tragic destruction!

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong remained silent, Di Huai sighed inwardly and retreated, leaving Huang Xiaolong to calm down, and sort his feelings alone.

Early the next day, Huang Xiaolong went to the Primal Ancestors space.

When he met with the four Primal Ancestors, he told them he intended to set off to the Profound River in two days.

Before Huang Xiaolong left, the four Primal Ancestors repeatedly exhorted Huang Xiaolong to pay attention to safety, and they gave him many good things that would aid his defense and escape if necessary.

The construction of Huang Xiaolongs palace ordered by the four Primal Ancestors inside the Primal Ancestors space had been completed.

Thus Huang Xiaolong went to take a look on the way.

The palace was indeed magnificent and surreal, abundant holy spiritual qi cast a veil over the palace.

Huang Xiaolong merely stayed for an hour, then left.

Back in the Holy Heavens Manor, Huang Xiaolong stayed another two days with Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, and the others.

Then, he set off to the Profound River alone.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong spent several trillion to purchase a lavish manor in the center of Holy Heavens City for Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, and the others upon considering that they did not have the identities of Holy Heavens disciples to move around freely.

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