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Chapter 2364: Rescuing Lin Xiaoying

“Who wouldve thought that one day, Lin Xiaoying, one of the Clear Snow Palaces famous three beauties, would fall into our hands!” One of the Devil Palaces experts cackled, “Let us brothers have the first dip!”

This Devil Palace expert was the leader of Devil Palaces six Devil Princes Xie Bufans personal disciple, and he was called Long Zhengyu.

Long Zhengyu was already a peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm expert.

The other four laughed heartily, hearing his words.

“You all—!” Lin Xiaoyings pretty face was red with anger, “You want to capture me alive! Dont even dream about it! Id rather die than fall into your hands!” The Snow Sword in her hand suddenly slashed out, aimed at Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others.

A curtain of sword lights shot out, freezing the surrounding land.

Long Zhengyu grinned, watching Lin Xiaoyings action, and mocked, “Irrelevant small tricks!” Devil qi surged from his body as he spoke, forming a sea of devils that devoured all of Lin Xiaoyings sword qi.

“If you were not injured, indeed, it would have been difficult for us to capture you alive, but now...!” Li Luo snickered and the Ghost Staff in his hand struck at Lin Xiaoting.

Overwhelming ghosts qi flooded towards Lin Xiaoying with howling ghost heads baring their fangs.

These sharp howls could stun a persons soul, and if a persons soul was weak, these sharp shrieks could directly send someone to the underworld.

Lin Xiaoying retreated in panic, seeing this, and at the same time, she was still collected enough to throw out a snow talisman.

This snow talisman exploded into a blast of ice phoenixes that successfully blocked the Ghost Staffs sea of howling ghosts.

A part of the snow phoenixes attacked Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the other Devil Palaces experts.

Lin Xiaoying did not stop, her body disappeared in a puff of snow-white smoke as she fled into the air.

“Chase!” Long Zhengyu shouted as he smashed the ice phoenixes into pieces and turned to chase after Lin Xiaoying.

Li Luo and the rest were right behind him.

Constantly escaping and dodging Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others pursue, Lin Xiaoyings escape route seemed to be heading to the rift valley where Huang Xiaolong was situated.

When she reached the cliff above the dark rift valley, her back was hit by Long Zhengyus attack.

The force sent her reeling to the edge of the cliff, a gush of blood rushed up her throat and she vomited a mouthful of blood, dyeing the sand and stones red.

“Hehe.” Li Luo and the others snickered as they landed on the cliff and strode towards Lin Xiaoying.

Lin Xiaoying wobbled unsteadily as she struggled to get up.

She looked warily between Li Luos group and the cliff behind her.

“Lin Xiaoying, are you planning to jump off the cliff” Long Zhengyu mocked, “Do you really think you can escape us by jumping over a cliff Jump and theres only death waiting for you.

Either way, youre bound to die, so, you better let us take you away obediently.”

“Id rather die than fall into your hands!” Lin Xiaoyings gaze was bone-chilling cold, “The bottom of the cliff behind me has a very strong corrosive energy.

Probably even a True Saint expert would suffer.

Id rather jump into that than get captured alive by the likes of you.” Then she leaned backward, falling over the cliff without any resistance.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Xiaoying was swallowed up by the darkness.

“Want to die Do you think we will let you die” Long Zhengyu snorted, with a wave of his hands, a net condensed out of devil qi appeared in the air above, and it swooped down.

With a casual flop, the devil qi net scattered away some of the darkness and wrapped around Lin Xiaoying who was falling down.

Long Zhengyu collected the net with a wave of his hand, and Lin Xiaoying was forcefully jerked back up towards the cliff.

“Bloodmark Magic Net!” Lin Xiaoying screamed when she got pulled up and got a clear look at the net in Long Zhengyus hands.

“Correct, its the Bloodmark Magic Net!” Long Zhengyu snickered.

Both the Bloodmark Magic Net and Ghost Staff were the Devil Palaces saint artifacts.

Originally, these two saint artifacts belonged to Xie Bufan and Dou Rui, but they had given them to Long Zhengyu and Li Lou, and had ordered them to capture Lin Xiaoying alive.

Initially, Lin Xiaoying had held the Clear Snow Palaces saint artifact, the Snow Pearl, but she was ambushed by Xie Bufan and Dou Rui, and suffered heavy injuries in the battle.

Thus, she was unable to use the saint artifact Snow Pearl right now.

“After being captured by this Bloodmark Magic Net, your soul and complete dao saint godhead are already restrained.

You dont even have the chance to explode to your death!” Li Luo scoffed.

Long Zhengyu let out a lustful laugh and said, “Brothers, weve already agreed before this that this Lin Xiaoyings first day belongs to me.”

Li Luo and the others snickered and replied, “Of course!”

They approached Lin Xiaoying.

Upon watching Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others approach, unprecedented despair and sadness swallowed Lin Xiaoying.

She could already imagine what kind of hell was waiting for her.

Lin Xiaoying clenched her fists, as this was the first time she felt so weak and helpless.

Just as Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others reached Lin Xiaoying with their hands extending to grab her, suddenly, the darkness under the cliff behind Lin Xiaoying turned turbulent.

A shocking holy aura rushed to the sky.

Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the rest immediately became alert, and their hands stopped midair.

In the next second, they saw a figure with winding golden dragons break out from the layers of darkness.

“Its a holy, holy soul!”

“A Dragon Race experts holy soul!”

Then, Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the others felt a sharp pain in their heads as if their souls within the complete dao saint godhead were attacked.

A thunderous boom went off in their heads and their souls dimmed.

Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and everyone else retreated in fear, and their eyes widened in horror as blood trickled down from the corners of their mouths.

“Senior, we are the Devil Palaces disciples!”

“My Master is the Devil Palaces Xie Bufan, the leader of the six Devil Princes.

Weve trespassed into Seniors cultivation ground and offended Senior.

We apologize for that.

For the sake of our masters and the Devil Palace, spare us!”

“My Master is the Devil Palaces Dou Rui!”

Long Zhengyu, Li Lui, and the other Devil Palaces experts blurted out their backings.

In their minds, they had accidentally trespassed into a certain Dragon Race True Saint Realm experts cultivation ground and offended him, which was why his holy soul had attacked them.

However, these people had just spoken, when they saw the dragon-natured holy soul shining brighter as a powerful soul force slammed against Li Luos group, submerging them.

Long Zhengyu, and Li Lio opened their mouths, wanting to say a few more words when a boom sounded inside their heads.

Their souls within the complete dao saint godhead cracked, then exploded, and it was a complete annihilation!

Long Zhengyu, Li Luo, and the rest of Devil Palace experts eyes widened stiffly, without any light.

Their bodies then crumbled lifelessly to the ground.

Lin Xiaoying looked dazedly at the several corpses.


“Clear Snow Palaces Lin Xiaoying is grateful for Seniors rescue!” A moment later, Lin Xiaoying reacted, and kowtowed towards the dark rift valley.

“Stand up.

If youre fine, you can leave.” Huang Xiaolong retrieved his dragon natured holy soul.

After some thought, he decided not to reveal his true face.

After all, he was someone who had just broken through to Seventh Order Venerable, and if the word that his soul had already transformed to a holy soul were to spread, it would cause a commotion.

“Yes.” Lin Xiaoying expressed her gratitude once again before leaving in a hurry.

She decided to find a safe place to heal her injuries first while she contacted Senior Sister Tan Juan and Senior Sister Ji Xinyi, and other Clear Snow Palaces experts.

Not long after Lin Xiaoying left, Huang Xiaolong appeared on the edge of the cliff.

Roughly after two years of cultivation at the bottom of the rift valley, he had finished absorbing the four golden grandmist holy spiritual auras, and he had smoothly advanced to early Seventh Order Venerable.

More importantly, his Grandmist Parasitic Medium had entered the eleventh stage not long ago.

Huang Xiaolong walked towards Long Zhengyu, and the several Devil Palace experts corpses.

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