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Chapter 2370: Little Guy, Whats Your Name

Li Li and the others covered their mouths to reduce the sounds of their giggles after listening to Lin Xiaoyings explanation.

“Thirteen!” Li Li tried calling Huang Xialong, and then laughed so hard that her shoulders were shaking.

The other three female disciples were trying hard not to laugh as they looked at Huang Xiaolong, as if they had discovered an interesting item.

Huang Xiaolong felt awkward being stared at by the four female disciples.

Wasnt he being called Thirteen Was it so funny

“I dont seem to remember admitting to be your little brother, right” Huang Xiaolong questioned Lin Xiaoying.

Lin Xiaoying widened her eyes and shot him a fierce glare, “You are if I say you are.

You got an opinion!”

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless.

In the beginning, Huang Xiaolong had felt that Lin Xiaoying was quite cute, but after so many days of getting along, he had realized that Lin Xiaoying was indeed cute一a cute tigress!

Li Li and the others exchanged an astonished glance, seeing Lin Xiaoyings spoiled behavior.

Never had any of them seen this side of Senior Sister Lin Xiaoying.

The four of them couldnt help taking a closer look at Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, no matter how they observe, they couldnt tell what was so special about this Seventh Order Venerable Realm young man.

Their Senior Sister Lin Xiaoyings goddess status in the eyes of various holy grounds Holy Princes was no secret.

Not to mention, the numerous families young masters.

Randomly picking one of them would have more advantages than this young man.

They really could not see what motivated their Senior Sister Lin Xiaoying to accept this young man as herlittle brother.

Though it was said that Thirteen was her little brother, it was also clear to the four of them that there was no master-servant relationship between Thirteen and Lin Xiaoying.

Shortly after, the six people left the scene and went looking for a suitable place for Li Li and the others to heal their injuries.

While Li Li and others swallowed the Vitality Rejuvenating Pill and meditated to heal their injuries, Lin Xiaoying took out a jade fruit and tossed it at Huang Xiaolong.

She pouted with her small mouth and asked, “Thirteen, who are you really Which holy ground are you from”

Huang Xiaolong caught the jade fruit firmly, smiling the entire time, “Are you really that curious”

Lin Xiaoying harrumphed coldly, “Go away if you dont want to tell me!”

She looked at Huang Xiaolong from head to toe with undisguised suspicion in her eyes, “I have a nagging feeling that youre someone familiar, especially your eyes.”

Huang Xiaolongs heart jumped to his throat.

She wont recognize me, right

“Of course youve seen me before, dont you remember that you first met me at the Profound City.” Huang Xiaolong responded half-jokingly to shift her attention.

Lin Xiaoying was deadly serious as she shook her head, “Not at the Profound City.

I am talking about a time before the Profound City.

It is likely that Ive seen you before.” She leaned forward to get closer to Huang Xiaolong, muttering under her breath, “Strangely though, your current face shouldnt be an illusion.”

This was the most baffling point to her.

Had it been an illusion trick, she wouldn\'t have failed to differentiate it.

Huang Xiaolong grinned sheepishly andadmitted honestly, “Of course my face is not an illusion disguise.” Then he got up and left, leaving the words, “Im going to walk around and see what good food I can find.”

His current facial features were definitely not an illusion disguise as he had merely changed his entire bodys skeletal build and muscle proportions.

“Dont wander off too far, or I wont have a way to save you!” Lin Xiaoying shouted after him.

“I know!” Came Huang Xiaolongs reply from afar.

After leaving, Huang Xiaolong flew southward for several hours, and descended on a medium-sized mountain peak.

Looking at the opposite mountain, Huang Xiaolong suddenly punched at it, sending the mountain peak crumbling to the ground.

A second later, a dark shadow shot out from the crumbling mountain and stopped in midair.

This was none other than the holy beast class Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast!

This Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast had Huang Xiaolongs grandmist holy spiritual mark in its body.

As long as it remained within the Profound River, Huang Xiaolong would sense it.

This was the reason he had come out for a walk.

When the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast saw Huang Xiaolong, its scarlet eyes gleamed with bloodthirst.

It let out a hostile roar at Huang Xiaolong, and pounced at him.

However, it had just reached above Huang Xiaolongs head when a sharp pain pierced its soul.

Its body was knocked backwards in midair like the first time.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast looked at Huang Xiaolong in horror.

At this point, it knew that he was the culprit who had injured its soul in the first place.

Like the previous time, the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast turned around, wanting to escape.

“Want to run” Huang Xiaolong smiled nonchalantly.

Would he let the meat in front of him run a second time

Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured holy soul flew out, and the moment this holy soul appeared, it exuded an overwhelming dragon might.

Coercion roiled, locking this piece of heaven and earth under Huang Xiaolongs control.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beasts fear rose sharply, staring vigilantly at Huang Xiaolongs holy soul.

Barely a second later, it fell to the ground, with its body quivering as its head lowered in submission.

Under the coercion of Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured holy soul, it was unable to move at all.

Huang Xiaolong did not waste time with nonsense.

He directly used the power of his holy soul, and tore through the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beasts soul barrier.

He then branded its soul with his grandmist holy spiritual mark, completely putting the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast under his control.

Huang Xiaolong then retrieved his dragon-natured holy soul.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast obediently came to Huang Xiaolongs side.

Huang Xiaolong patted its head with satisfaction, and threw a healing pill to it to heal its injuries.

The battle was over in less than ten breaths.

“Lets go back!” Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beasts back and started flying back.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beasts speed in the river was shocking as it was unaffected by the Profound Rivers buoyant power, and its own strength at peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint holy beast.

Riding on the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, Huang Xiaolong watched the sights blur and disappear behind him

Huang Xiaolong suddenly signaled the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast to stop as they were passing by a great lake, and his eyes narrowed as he observed the space ahead.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast growled lowly with unease.

Right at this time, the space up ahead not far from Huang Xiaolong, ripped as a figure enshrouded in holy light stepped out from the void.

This figure exuded unfathomable might.

True Saint expert!

This person was clad in a blue robe, with obscured black light glimmering across his eyes.

Darkness energy rose and fell steadily like breathing.

He was quite a good looking young man.

When this person arrived, his gaze fell on the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast under Huang Xiaolong with a trace of delight, “Its indeed the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast! I thought I sensed wrong just now!”

Only then did his gaze move to Huang Xiaolong, and his eyes widened a fraction in surprise as he scrutinized Huang Xiaolong, “Early Seventh Order Venerable”

He could tell that the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was already tamed by Huang Xiaolong.

However, Huang Xiaolong was merely an early Seventh Order Venerable.

How did he tame a peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast!

He was inwardly surprised, and as black lights infused into his eyes.

He saw through Huang Xiaolong, and determined that Huang Xiaolong was genuinely an early Seventh Order Venerable.

Interest seeped into his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

He smiled faintly and asked, “Interesting, interesting, little guy.

Whats your name Youre the one who tamed this Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast”

Huang Xiaolong nodded matter-of-factly.

Remembering the name Lin Xiaoying had given him, he answered, “Thirteen! Thats right, I tamed this Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast.”

Huang Xiaolong could see that this young man had advanced to True Saint Realm only for a short period.

In short, he was someone who had successfully broken through to True Saint the last time the Saint Fate had appeared.

In the last appearance, there were only eleven Saint Fates.

Thus there were only eleven people who had successfully grabbed a Saint Fate and became True Saint.

Looking at this persons features, Huang Xiaolong had already guessed his identity.

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