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Chapter 2395: Scared to Death!

When Yu Jingjian saw the profound beasts behind Huang Xiaolong, his legs turned soft, and his body trembled unceasingly.

He retreated again and again, and he was no longer concerned about his image.

He cut a sorry figure as he distanced himself from Huang Xiaolongs group.

Bi Cheng and the other Eminent Elders hastily retreated as well, and a look of fear lingered in their eyes.

Those were one hundred peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm profound beasts they were talking about!

They werent First or Second Tribulation half-True Saints….

They were existences who were about to enter the True Saint Realm!

Only after retreating into the protective formation of the Four Seas Holy Gate did the Eminent Elders heave a sigh of relief.

They felt as though they had returned from the gates of hell.

The disciples were no different.

Even the Eminent Elders had to run, much less the disciples! In the blink of an eye, everyone ran into the protective formation.

Despite their movement, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother stopping them.

“Wheres Lu Ding” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Call him out to speak with me.”

Yu Jingjian hastily suppressed the shock in his heart, and he sneered, “Brat, do you think you can do as your wish with one hundred profound beasts! This is the headquarters of our Four Seas Holy Gate! Youre not qualified to meet our patriarch! If you leave now, well forget the fact that you killed Teng Yunlong!”

Even though he was firm in his stance, it was clear that they had already conceded.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have allowed Huang Xiaolong to leave.

One had to know that they were determined to capture Huang Xiaolong just a moment ago.

In the past, they had already sealed up the holy ground in order to prevent him from escaping!

Of course, they were not truly afraid of Huang Xiaolong going crazy.

After all, the protective formation of the Four Seas Holy Gate was laid down by the Four Seas Holy Emperor in the past! He was a mid-level True Saint Realm expert!

With the activation of so many experts in the Four Seas Holy Gate, the Four Seas Holy Gate was extremely secure.

They thought that even if all one hundred profound beasts behind Huang Xiaolong attacked at once, they wouldnt be able to shatter the barrier.

“Not qualified Youll forget that I killed your disciple” Huang Xiaolong snorted.

“It seems like you really think that my profound beasts wont be able to shatter your protective barrier.”

Bi Cheng sneered, “Its good that you know whats good for you.

If you leave right now, you might make it in time to keep your life.

When we activate the grand formation, you wont be able to leave even if you wanted to!”

He wasnt trying to scare Huang Xiaolong.

They were confident of taking Huang Xiaolong down if they went all out and fully activated the grand formation of the Four Seas Holy Gate.

However, the price they had to pay was a little too steep.

With the amount of high-grade holy spiritual jade stones they had to use, the Four Seas Holy Gate couldnt withstand such an expenditure!

All of a sudden, the faces of everyone in the Four Seas Holy Gate changed and uncontrollable fear gripped their hearts.

No one knew when, but another hundred profound beasts appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint!”

All one hundred profound beasts that appeared were also at the peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

With the one hundred profound beasts that Huang Xiaolong had called out previously, there were a total of two hundred profound beasts!

“Who… who are you!” Bi Chengs voice trembled, and he asked.

How could an early-Ninth Order Venerable call out two hundred profound beasts at the peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother replying as he signalled for all of them to attack.

In an instant, two hundred of them charged towards the barrier like two hundred massive mountain ranges.

“Open the grand formation!” Yu Jingjian and several other Eminent Elders screamed at the same time.

In an instant, holy light filled the skies as the Four Seas Grand Formation was opened.

Boundless light covered the endless mountain ranges stretching across the Holy Gate.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two hundred profound beasts slammed into the protective barrier and explosions rang through the skies.

Even those inside the barrier felt their ears ringing as they retreated subconsciously from the barrier they were so confident in.

Before their eyes, the barrier trembled and fluctuations could be seen on its surface.

The shine of the barrier dimmed and a buzzing sound came from the eye of the formation.

That was the terrifying effect of two hundred peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm profound beasts attacking together!

“Hurry up! All disciples are to pour their energy into the formation! Throw in all the jade stones you can!”

Yu Jingjian could see that if they were to hold back, the profound beasts outside would be able to break the barrier in two to three rounds of attack.

When they heard Yu Jingjians yell, the Four Seas Holy Gate was like a volcano that erupted.

God knew how many disciples emerged from the endless mountain ranges, and they threw everything they could into the formation.

Rays of holy light emerged from the eye of the formation and pierced through the skies.

As the protective formation of the Four Seas Holy Gate was pushed to its limit, even those in the continents, some distance away from the headquarters, could see the brilliant shine.

“Whats that!”

“Its the protective formation of the Four Seas Holy Gate! They fully opened the protective formation! What‘s going on! Who has the guts to attack the headquarters of the Four Seas Holy Gate!”

Various experts discussed among themselves fervently.

Once again, a heaven shaking explosion rang through the air as two hundred profound beasts slammed into the barrier.

However, the strength of the barrier seemed to have increased by several hundred times, and it merely shook for a moment before returning to its original state.

Bi Cheng couldnt help but gloat when he saw the effects.

“Brat, did you see that Thats the full strength of our grand formation.

Even if you have two hundred profound beasts at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, what can you do to us”

Huang Xiaolong stared at him placidly.

The two hundred profound beasts soared into the skies all of a sudden and formed a complicated formation.

The shape of the formation was a little unique, and it resembled a rune.

Dense holy spiritual qi emerged from the center of Huang Xiaolongs formation.

“Holy Dao Grand Formation!”

Yu Jingjian and the various Eminent Elders yelled in unison.

“Who cares about him Even if he attacks our barrier, he wont be able to do anything to us! After all, the beasts arent in the True Saint Realm!” Bi Cheng tried to calm everyone down, and he yelled.

Raising their heads in unison, all two hundred profound beasts roared to the skies.

The sound wave passed through the void and slammed heavily into the minds of those of the Four Seas Holy Gate and they felt their spiritual sea trembling.

Turning into two hundred streaks of light, the beasts seemed to fuse together to form a sea of light.

With terrifying speed, they slammed into the barrier.


The sky seemed to collapse as the earth trembled unceasingly.

The Four Seas Grand Formation shook, as cracks formed on its surface.

Layer by layer, the protective barrier shattered.

Under the terrified gazes of Yu Jingjian and the other Eminent Elders, the Four Seas Grand Formation started to crumble.

When it was about to stop, a wave of energy surged into the formation and stabilized it.

When the Eminent Elders noticed that Huang Xiaolong failed to destroy the protective barrier, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Even so, they felt like their souls had left their bodies.

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