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Chapter 2398: Ten Years Later

After sending Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage out to serve as guards, Huang Xiaolong opened the restrictions around the manor before strutting through the gates.

As soon as he entered the restrictions around the manor, they regained their shine.

Huang Xiaolong found himself standing in a wide hall, devoid of anything other than a giant statue of the Four Seas Holy Emperor standing tall in the middle of it.

The statue was several thousand feet tall, and it was like a massive mountain standing in the middle of the main hall.

Moreover, the statue was carved out from a piece of rarely seen holy spiritual transparent stone.

Ordinarily, True Saint Realm experts would leave their inheritance in a statue made from holy spiritual transparent stone as it was extremely effective in storing their holy essence energy.

Even after a long time had passed, the holy essence energy stored in it wouldnt degrade or disappear.

Moreover, their successor would be able to easily absorb the holy essence energy contained in the stone due to its unique properties.

After sensing the True Saints might coming from the statue, Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated as he approached the statue.

Stopping to stare at it for a moment, he eventually sat down with his legs crossed.

Upon retrieving the Four Seas Holy Symbol once again, Huang Xiaolong activated the secret technique as brilliant rays of light emerged from the plaque.

The glow around it landed on the statue, and it seemed to cause a shocking reaction.

As if it had come back to life, energy channels appeared along the surface of the statue.

If one looked closely, the energy channels were formed from mysterious holy runes.

A massive holy formation was formed from the head of the statue to the toe.

Upon tracing the formation, the eye of the formation could be seen in the space between the statues eyes.

As bursts of light emerged from the statue, the holy formation grew stronger and stronger.

Blinding light shrouded the entire hall.

When the two True Saints outside noticed the change in the manor, they couldnt help but feel a little shocked.

“Is young master going to accept the inheritance now” The Departing Sword Sage asked.

“There shouldnt be any problems, right” Chen Zhi felt a trace of worry in his heart, and he stared at the Departing Sword Sage worriedly.

It wasnt easy to completely accept the inheritance of a True Saint.

After all, ones talent and cultivation realm was a very important factor.

Moreover, the Four Seas Holy Emperor was a mid-level True Saint.

His inheritance was hundreds of times stronger than regular True Saints!


With Young Masters talent, he will definitely be able to accept the inheritance.” The Departing Sword Sage reassured.

“It wont be a problem even if he tried to accept the inheritance of a high-level True Saint Realm expert!”

Even though he didnt know the extent of Huang Xiaolongs talent, he knew that anyone with two holy souls would be more than capable of accepting an inheritance of that level.

If Huang Xiaolong failed to accept the inheritance of the Four Seas Holy Emperor, there was probably no one in the Holy World who could succeed!

When the two of them were speculating about the situation, the situation in the hall changed.

The formation finally reached its limit, and a trace of golden mist poured out from the statue.

The golden mist seeped into the formation and eventually returned to the space between the statues eyebrows.

Without a doubt, the golden mist was made up of the Four Seas Holy Emperors holy essence energy!

A pillar of golden light emerged when the concentration of the golden mist reached an extreme, and it pierced into the space between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows!

As soon as it entered, the golden mist turned into a sea of golden holy essence.

It tore through Huang Xiaolongs body, and he felt his body bloating up in an instant.

No longer hesitating, Huang Xiaolong started to circulate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

In an instant, the Holy Mandate Imprint between his eyebrows activated, and the three Saint godheads started to spin.

The holy essence energy surged towards the three saint godheads like an unstoppable wave, but it seemed to have met with a bottomless pit.

With terrifying speed, Huang Xiaolongs three saint godheads started to swallow the energy.

Ten days eventually passed…

As the days passed, Huang Xiaolongs saint godheads shone brighter and brighter, as the holy aura around him started to swell and surround the hall.

After a month, Huang Xiaolongs body shook as he entered the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm.

Of course, his three saint godheads and holy souls didnt stop.

As he received the inheritance of the Four Seas Holy Emperor, he managed to obtain the memories and secret arts the Holy Emperor had hidden in the statue.

They poured into Huang Xiaolongs soul without end.

Just like that, the first year passed.

From a distance, the Four Seas Holy Manor seemed to be surrounded in golden light as different colored rays shot into the skies.

The hall was filled with holy light and it seemed to form an endless sea that swallowed Huang Xiaolong.

Compared to the time Huang Xiaolong had just started to receive the inheritance, the formation in the hall had already expanded to twice its size.

The holy essence energy that poured into Huang Xiaolong was no longer as gentle as before.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong entered the peak of the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm at the end of the second year.

The speed of his advancement was something people would find difficult to fathom.

Even if he rode on a rocket, his cultivation level shouldnt have improved so quickly.

No matter how shocking the energy contained in the Four Seas Holy Emperors inheritance was, it would be difficult to push anyone so quickly along their cultivation journey.

However, everything was different if someone possessed three complete dao saint godheads.

With them ranking in the top seventies coupled with three holy souls, it would be difficult to cultivate slowly.

Not to mention the fact that Huang Xiaolong also had three saint bloodlines and three saint physiques.

The speed at which he devoured the energy was faster than Second Heaven True Saints!

In the blink of an eye, ten years passed.

The manor was like a ball of fire that burned brighter than the sun as it sat in the middle of the forbidden region.

Blinding rays of light emerged, forcing Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage back.

“This… Will the Young Master be fine” Chen Zhi asked.

The temperature of the manor had long since passed the threshold of the two True Saints tolerance levels.

Even people like them wouldnt dare to endure the heat with their physical bodies.

Even though they knew that Huang Xiaolong already had a holy soul, his physical body was at the level of a Venerable! No matter how strong it was, it wouldnt be stronger than the physical body of a True Saint, right!

“He… he should be fine….” The Departing Sword Sage stuttered, but he didnt believe what he said.

In the manor, holy light danced around Huang Xiaolong, who was currently at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Venerable Realm!

With just a tiny step, Huang Xiaolong would be able to call upon the first tribulation and enter the half-True Saint Realm!

If the temperature of the space outside the manor was shocking, the core of the manor would be even worse.

However, Huang Xiaolong seemed to be completely fine as grandmist holy spiritual aura swirled around him.

No matter how hot it was, the heat seemed to be unable to touch Huang Xiaolong in the slightest.

Black streams of energy slowly emerged from his body as he continued to accept the inheritance

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