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Chapter 2403: Betrayal!

“Yes, Patriarch!” Yu Jingjian didnt bother about Lu Ding, and he quickly laid down the order to the disciples of the Four Seas Holy Gate.

In an instant, pillars of light shot into the skies to form a barrier of light around the headquarters.

Lu Ding stared at Yu Jingjian with a look of disbelief as he turned to look at the light barrier around the Four Seas Holy Gate.


What the f*ck did he call the brat!

Did Yu Jingjian address the brat as their patriarch!

He widened his eyes in shock and he couldnt believe his ears.

The members of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate were stunned silly as well.

However, Yu Fujiang soon burst into uncontrollable laughter.

He pointed at Lu Ding and mocked.

“Lu Ding, arent you a little too weak Are you sure youre the Patriarch of the Four Seas Holy Gate What a joke.

You left the Holy Gate for several years, and they immediately changed the Patriarch! Not to mention the betrayal of all the Eminent Elders….”

Lu Dings expression was ugly to the extreme and he glared at everyone who used to be his subordinates.

Even at that point, he didnt believe that everyone, who used to be loyal to him, had changed sides to stand with the First Tribulation half-True Saint Realm brat!

“Yu Jingjian! How dare you betray me!” Killing intent emerged from Lu Dings eyes.

He had never felt such a strong desire to kill in his life, and he seemed to have turned into another person.

“Are you tired of living! How dare you betray me How dare you forsake the trust of our Four Seas Holy Gate!”

He screamed as he reached out with his arm, “Yu Jingjian, since youre no longer loyal to the Holy Gate, Ill kill you myself!”

He finally realized the reason behind the quiet reception he had received when he had entered the Holy Gate.

As it turned out, everyone in the sect had betrayed him and went under the wing of the brat called Thirteen.

Suffocating pressure descended on Yu Jingjian and no matter how hard he struggled, he failed to move a finger.

Only when Lu Dings palm was about to land on him did a sword light tear through the space to defend him.

Lu Ding was stunned for a moment as he turned to look at the Departing Sword Sage.

“You… Youre the Departing Sword Sage!” Even though the Departing Sword Sage had already changed his appearance, he couldnt hide his identity from this old rival of his.

Returning to his original appearance, the Departing Sword Sage chuckled, “Thats right.

Its me.

Long time no see.”

Lu Dings expression sank even deeper.

“Whats the meaning of this” He spoke to the Departing Sword Sage before sweeping his gaze over to Huang Xiaolong.

“Lu Ding are you stupid All of them have already become Thirteens dogs.

The other person beside the brat should be Chen Zhi, the ex-deputy hall master of the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate.

He betrayed the Holy Gate to throw himself over to the b*stard in the past.”

Yu Fujiang didnt hesitate to call them Huang Xiaolongs dogs.

After all, he had long since learned that Thirteen had accepted them both as his followers, and he wasnt surprised at all.

Regardless of anything that had happened, he felt a sense of irritation towards this brat called Thirteen.

No one knew where the feeling came from, but maybe it had something to do With Lin Xiaoying.

Previously, in the Profound River, Huang Xiaolong had acted reallyintimately with Lin Xiaoying and infuriated many of her suitors.

Lu Ding couldnt help but gasp in shock when he heard what Yu Fujiang said.

The brat before him was a mere First Tribulation half-True Saint!

“Wait….” Yu Fujiang stared at Huang Xiaolong for a moment, and his jaws nearly dropped in shock.


How did you enter the half-True Saint Realm!”

In the Profound River, Huang Xiaolong was only a Seventh Order Venerable when he had met with Lin Xiaoying.

It had taken less than thirty years for his cultivation to advance into the half-True Saint Realm!

As the chief of the Holy Princes of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, Yu Fujiang didnt believe that anyone could advance so quickly.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong stood up from his seat and approached Lu Ding and the others.

Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage followed behind him quickly.

Seeing the Eminent Elders lining up behind the brat, a frosty light flashed through Lu Dings eyes.

Before he could move, a plaque appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Lu Dings body trembled when he saw how Huang Xiaolong ordered the Eminent Elders of the Four Seas Holy Gate.

However, when he saw the plaque in Huang Xiaolongs palm, his jaws dropped in horror.

“Four… Four Seas Holy Symbol!” He finally realized why no one was listening to his orders.

“Lu Ding, why arent you kneeling before the Four Seas Holy Symbol!” Huang Xiaolong spoke casually “Are you trying to go against your masters teachings!”

A complicated expression formed on Lu Dings face.

However, Yu Fujiang followed up with a sneer, “Brat, you definitely had something to do with the Four Seas Holy Emperors disappearance in the past.

Why else will you be able to possess the Four Seas Holy Symbol A mere First Tribulation half-True Saint like you actually plans to take over the Four Seas Holy Gate… What a joke!”

Lu Ding was stunned for a second, but he burst out laughing the next instant when he realized what Yu Fujiang meant.

“Thats right! Brat, you definitely conspired against my master! How dare you appear before me today with the Four Seas Holy Symbol! I shall kill you and take revenge for my master today!” He raised his arm to send out a palm strike towards Huang Xiaolong as soon as he spoke.

After killing Huang Xiaolong, the Four Seas Holy Symbol would be his!

He had been searching high and low for the Four Seas Holy Symbol all these years.

No one knew how many people he had sent out, and how much resources he had used.

Now, someone had actually showed up with the Four Seas Holy Symbol! The heavens had basically sent him a pot of gold, and he would be stupid if he refused to pick it up!

Even though he was the patriarch of the Four Seas Holy Gate in name, there were many people who objected to his rule because of the Four Seas Holy Symbol.

That was a source of his rage and if he managed to get his hands on the symbol, he would be able to officially become the next Four Seas Holy Emperor!

Seeing as Lu Ding had made his move, the Departing Sword Sage and Chen Zhi moved at the same time.

“Brother Fujiang, please ask the experts on your side to hold them back.

As long as I kill this brat, Ill let you pick three treasures from my Four Seas Treasury!”

When Yu Fujiang heard the conditions proposed by Lu Ding, he roared with laughter.

“Alright! I accept!”

As soon as the words left his lips, the two True Saints from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate made their move to intercept Chen Zhi and the Departing Sword Sage.

Seeing as he was about to take on Lu Dings attack, a set of armor appeared on Huang Xiaolongs body.

As soon as the suit of armor appeared, holy light burst out and filled the hall.

“Four Seas Holy Armor!”

Lu Ding was utterly shocked at this point, but unbridled excitement soon appeared in his eyes.

He increased his strength as he continued to attack Huang Xiaolong.


The palm strike contained fifty percent of his total strength, and he knew that a First Tribulation half-True Saint would be crushed into meat paste by his attack, Four Seas Holy Armor or not.

Since Huang Xiaolong was able to take out the Four Seas Holy Armor, he should naturally be in possession of the Four Seas Holy Halberd!

After all, those were the items the Four Seas Holy Emperor had left behind when he had left on his journey in the past!

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