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Chapter 241: Under Brutal Siege

When Huang Xiaolong arrived on the scene, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were battling four people in the sky!

The person battling Zhang Fu was none other than Li Lu’s master, Li Molin, whereas Zhao Shu was fighting one against three the Yao Family’s Ancestor Yao Shan, and two other people from Deities Templar, which was obvious from the Deities Templar’s Elder robes on their backs.

But, Yao Fei was nowhere to be seen.

Below, on the street, members of the Guo Family’s wedding procession were lying in pools of scarlet red blood.

Not far away at a street corner, Guo Tai blocked in front of Huang Min with the remaining number of Guo Family disciples, grouped together in a defensive circle.

Seeing both his sister and Guo Tai were still safe and sound, Huang Xiaolong let out a breath of relief.

“Big brother!” Huang Min cried out when she spotted Huang Xiaolong and quickly ran over to his side with Guo Tai.

“Are you two alright” Huang Xiaolong concerned.

“We’re unhurt.” Huang Min and Guo Tai shook their heads.

Huang Xiaolong’s tension disappeared hearing they were unharmed.

At this time, sounds of whistling wind rang in the sky as figures rushed over to the battle scene, everyone turned to look and saw it was Emperor Duanren and Guo Family’s Ancestor, Guo Chen.

“We’re leaving!” Seeing it was Emperor Duanren and Guo Chen, Li Molin, who was battling Zhang Fu, made a forceful palm strike to push Zhang Fu back, barking orders to her comrades.

Zhang Fu met her palm strike head on.

A thunderous explosion pushed both of them apart and Li Molin seized the chance, disappearing into the void in a flicker.

The other three people, Yao Shan and the two Deities Templar Elders, did the same.

All three attacked Zhao Shu all out with a palm strike, disappearing into the void after pushing Zhao Shu back.

Seconds after the four had fled, Emperor Duaren and Guo Chen arrived, the expression on their faces was grave and solemn, with rage boiling underneath.

Especially Guo Chen.

His face darkened facing the scene of Guo Family disciples’ bodies lying in pools of their own blood.

“The Yao Family went too far!” Guo Chen roared lowly through gritted teeth, suppressing his rage.

An intense hatred burned in his eyes.

Today was a big joyous occasion for the Guo Family, yet Yao Shan was so shameless as to disregard his Saint realm status, attacking Guo Tai and these disciples.

This action provoked Guo Chen’s ire.

Arriving not far behind Emperor Duanren and Guo Chen were Duan Wuhen and a group of Guo Family experts.

However, the wedding was an important affair and it wouldn’t do good to miss the good hour, thus Guo Chen instructed the Guo Family experts to tidy up the matters while he seeked Huang Xiaolong’s opinion on the wedding’s arrangement, and then proceeded to send Guo Tai back to Guo Mansion with Huang Min, escorted by Guo Family experts.

“Young Lord, Yao Family’s Ancestor and those people, do you want us to…” After Guo Tai’s group left the scene, Zhao Shu approached Huang Xiaolong, inquiring.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head instead, “No need to chase.” Although that Yao Shan was merely a Saint Third Order, with Deities Templar’s experts and Li Molin’s help, to chase up and kill him wouldn’t be an easy matter.

“Duan Ren,” Huang Xiaolong looked over to Emperor Duanren beside him, “I need to trouble you to lock down the city and search if there are any Deities Templar and Yao Family’s disciples.”

Emperor Duanren replied with prompt courtesy, “Young Noble Huang is too polite, it’s no trouble at all.

It’s something we should do.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

Following Huang Xiaolong’s request, Guo Chen too sent Guo Family experts out to comb the Imperial City.

Roughly one hour later, the remaining of Guo Family’s wedding procession arrived at the Guo Mansion with Guo Tai and Huang Min.

With Guo Tai and Huang Min’s safe arrival at the Guo Mansion, the Huang Family went over.

“Long’er, how about we try to make peace with the Yao Family” on the way over, Su Yan suggested with a worried face.

She had heard about the Yao Family Ancestor Yao Shan and some Deities Templar experts slaughtered many of the Guo Family’s wedding procession members midway.

Huang Xiaolong looked at his mother, noticing her deep worry lines, he shook his head saying, “Mother, even if we agree to talk peace, the Yao Family would not agree.”

Disregarding the personal grudge Huang Xiaolong had with Yao Fei, just the fact that Huang Xiaolong burned the Yao Family’s foundation of thousands of yearsㅡ Yao Manor to ashes was no different than burning all possibilities of peace between them.

Moreover, he didn’t wish to make peace with the Yao Family.

Su Yan sighed inwardly hearing her son’s answer.

In fact, deep down she already knew it was useless and impossible.

“But the Deities Templar…” Su Yan hesitated.

At the mention of Deities Templar, even Huang Peng revealed a worried look.

The truth was the Yao Family Ancestor wasn’t a threat, it was the Deities Templar at his back.

From Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Yu Ming, and Fei Hou’s conversation, both Huang Peng and Su Yan understood to a certain extent what kind of terrifying existence the Deities Templar was.

A tyrannical hegemony that even the entire Duanren Empire needed to be wary of!

“Mother, Father, rest assured, a day will come when I will annihilate Deities Templar with my own hands!” Huang Xiaolong spoke the vow slowly.

And this day would not be too far away!

Both Huang Peng and Su Yan thought Huang Xiaolong was comforting them, thus neither said anything more on the topic.

About an hour later, Huang Xiaolong, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and Huang Xiaohai arrived at the Guo Mansion.

When they arrived at the front entrance, the Guo Family’s Ancestor Guo Chen, Guo Shiwen, Guo Shiyuan, and Guo Tai were already waiting for them in person.

Lead by Guo Chen personally, the group made their way into the main hall, sitting down in two sections.

“Emperor Duanren has arrived~!” Shortly after Huang Xiaolong and the others sat down, came Guo Family’s Chief Steward Zhang Yue’s voice announcing Emperor Duanren’s arrival from outside.

Emperor Duanren in person!

Everyone present was baffled, but they stood up and went outside to welcome the Emperor.

Regardless, today was his sister’s wedding, thus Huang Xiaolong could be considered as half a host.

The Emperor personally coming for the banquet, Huang Xiaolong indeed should go and welcome him.

“Congrats, congrats, ah!” Just as Huang Xiaolong and the rest stepped over the archway, Emperor Duanren walked in with a wide smile, cupping his fists in greeting.

Huang Xiaolong and Guo Chen also cupped their fists in greeting.

Duan Wuhen following behind Emperor Duanren also cupped his fists, congratulating Huang Xiaolong and Guo Chen in a respectful manner.

Other than Duan Wuhen, there was a beautiful woman with noble bearing together with them.

Huang Xiaolong guessed this woman must be Duan Wuhen’s mother and he was right.

Emperor Duanren introduced her as Duan Wuhen’s mother.

Emperor Duanren’s arrival instantly livened up the banquet.

The many forces that came to congratulate, all stood up and saluted, a joyous mood filled the air as wine and laughter flowed.

With Emperor Duanren, the group moved to a more private hall and sat down.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not relax his vigilance.

He instructed Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and Yu Ming to keep an eye on the surroundings for any sudden unforeseen situation.

The Yao Family’s Old Ancestor may have run off after failing to achieve his goal, ambushing the wedding procession team, but Huang Xiaolong had a gut feeling that things wouldn’t end so easily.

Furthermore, there was something strange about Yao Fei’s absence today.

When the banquet’s atmosphere was at its liveliest, a Huang Family guard burst in until he was in front of Huang Xiaolong, “Young Lord, a message came, more than a dozen Nine Tripod Commerce’s branches were under brutal siege.”

More than a dozen of Nine Tripod Commerce’s branches were under brutal siege!

The big hall quieted in an instant.

Countless pairs of eyes turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

A fierce light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, there was no need to ask, the Nine Tripod Commerce being under brutal siege must be the handiwork of the Yao Family and Deities Templar.


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