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Chapter 2423: Well, Sorry Then

How could the small gestures that Zhan Bo, and his men exchanged escape Huang Xiaolongs senses!

A faint smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face and the corner of his lips curled upwards.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong, and the others noticed a fiery ray of light piercing through the thick layers of the purple clouds covering the skies.

It seemed as though the fiery sun spiritual qi originating from the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain was something special indeed.

From what he knew, the fiery sun spiritual qi was one of the highest level of natural spirit qi in the Holy World.

Venerables would benefit greatly if they could refine the energy contained within it, but that was only if they were ordinary Venerables.

For someone at Huang Xiaolongs level, the fiery sun spiritual qi was a little too weak to be of any use.

The closer they got, the brighter Zhan Bos smile became.

“The Fiery Sun Ginseng is well-hidden and extremely hard to find.

However, the map states that around ten million years ago, a grand elder in the Beast Tamer Holy Gate located it.

Maybe Brother Huang possesses better luck than that! You might even be able to find both the Fiery Sun Ginseng and the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid!” Zhan Bo chuckled leisurely.

“Many thanks to Brother Zhan Bo for your blessings! I might actually be able to find both of them! Hahaha!” Huang Xiaolong grinned.

“If Brother Huang really finds the Fiery Sun Ginseng, youll have to share several roots with me!” Zhan Bo burst out laughing as he sneered inwardly.

Fantasizing about finding the Fiery Sun Ginseng and Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid when you are going to die soon

What a daydreaming idiot!

“Of course! If I manage to find it, Ill share three roots with Brother Zhan Bo! Nothing more!” Huang Xiaolong ignored his ridicule and cackled like anid*ot.

“Of course….

Three roots are more than enough!” Zhan Bo reciprocated.

Zhan Bo felt a trace of irritation rising in his heart when he saw the disgusting smile on Huang Xiaolongs face.

He wanted nothing more than to kill the arrogant prick with a pinch of his finger.

Moments later, the outline of Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain gradually appeared within their sights.

Wisps of flame floated around the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain, as a halo of fire seemed to suspend itself in the air above the mountain.

The sight was breathtaking to say the least.

In the spiritual mountain, Purple Cloud Beasts of the fire attribute soared among the clouds and fire-attributed divine trees could be seen lining the mountain peak.

“What a majestic view!” Zhan Bo exclaimed in amazement.

It was the perfect place to kill someone.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “A majestic view indeed.”

The both of them smiled in unison.

The two groups of people flew towards the mountain peak as different thoughts formed in their hearts.

From far, waves of fiery flame qi enveloped them.

Even though it was scorching hot, everyone present was an expert, and they didnt fear the fiery flame qi in the slightest.

It didnt take long before they landed on one of the mountain peaks.

The moment they landed, another group flew towards them from the other side of the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain.

Zhan Bo and his men were clad in pure black robes while the newcomers were clad in pure red.

Like the mountain itself, they emitted a fiery qi with a whiff of imperial qi.

Zhan Bo, who was planning to make his move on Huang Xiaolong, noticed the group of people approaching, and his expression changed.

“Young Master, its the men from the Yang Dragon Race!” Song Cheng narrowed his eyes and mumbled.

The experts from Black Inferno Race tensed up and crowded behind Zhan Bo.

Yang Dragon Race

Huang Xiaolongs heart stirred.

The Yang Dragon Race was just like the Black Inferno Race.

They were also one of the most ancient influential clans in the Holy World, and they did not normally come out.

This time around, so many of them had actually exited seclusion and arrived in the Purple Clouds Sea Region Could it be that their objective was the same as the Black Inferno Race to head towards the Devil Fetus Mountain Rage

It seemed as though the Black Inferno Race didnt get along well with the Yang Dragon Race.

It didnt take long for the members of the Black Inferno Race to notice Zhan Bo and the others.

“What a surprise! I was feeling a little weirded out recently.

Who would have thought that Black Loach Zhan Bo would show his stupid face in front of me”

Zhan Bos face sank when he heard how the other party addressed him.

“Look who it is… Its a god damned fire snake.”

Both parties hurled nasty insults at each other constantly.

The young man from Yang Dragon Race felt the rage building up in him as wisps of flame covered his entire body.

“Young Master, we should deal with our main objective here…,” A Yang Dragon Race expert reminded.

“Black Loach, Ill show you whos the boss when we return to the Mirage Pavilion!” Ao Zhao glared coldly at Zhan Bo before leaving.

As Zhan Bo watched the Yang Dragon Races experts leave, he snorted, but did not stop them anyway.

“Young Master, Im afraid Ao Zhao, and his men are heading for the Devil Fetus Mountain Range,” Song Cheng warned after all the Yang Dragon Races experts were gone.

Zhan Bo nodded as his face turned pale.

If they were really headed to the Devil Fetus Mountain Range, chances weree that they were looking for the same thing.

If that was the case, then he couldnt afford to waste anymore time.

The killing intent in his heart solidified after he thought about it.

Huang Xiaolong seemed to ignore the killing intent coming from Zhan Bo, and he spoke casually, “Brother Zhan Bo, is the Yang Dragon Race a foe of yours Why dont I lend you a helping hand” He randomly asked.

Zhan Bo did not answer, but glanced towards the Darkness Holy Ring on Huang Xiaolongs finger.

“Brother Huang, is your ring a saint artifact” He probed with a faint smile.

“Brother Zhan Bo has good eyesight.

My ring is indeed a saint artifact.” Huang Xiaolong feigned his reactions.

As it turned out, Zhan Bo was finally unable to hold back his desire.

“Brother Huang, do you mind lending me your ring The trip to Devil Fetus Mountain Range would be very dangerous.

I assure you that Ill return you the ring once Im done with it.” Zhan Bo tried his luck.

“That wont do.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“Brother Huang, are you really not going to give me the ring!” Zhan Bo laughed sinisterly.

Pausing for a while, he continued, “Well, sorry then!”

“Do it!”

Zhan Bo yelled and slammed his palm abruptly towards Huang Xiaolong.

His Concealed Heavens Giant palm instantaneously binded Huang Xiaolong as the True Saint experts on his side rushed towards Chen Zhi and the others.

Since Song Cheng and his companions were much stronger, they managed to hold Chen Zhi and the others down, leaving them no opportunity to save Huang Xiaolong.

“Brother Huang, this burial ground I chose for you seems pretty good, right” Zhan Bo laughed at Huang Xiaolong as his giant palm descended.

“Its pretty good indeed! This is a decent place to be buried!” Huang Xiaolong was slightly amused.

Zhan Bo stared blankly at Huang Xiaolongs expression.

All of a sudden, a golden silhouette emerged from the other party, and the holy might it emitted managed to suppress him.

“Whats this!” Zhan Bo stared at the golden figure that appeared, and he instinctively retreated.

It was too bad for him that he was as weak as an ant compared to Huang Xiaolong.

Another palm formed in the skies as it sent Zhan Bo crashing down into the ground.

Loud rumbles erupted from the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain.

Song Cheng and the two others, who were holding Huang Xiaolongshelpers back, couldnt help but spin around when they noticed the pressure Huang Xiaolong emitted.

“Young Master!” The three of them shrieked as they tried to interfere but it was too late.


They yelled angrily when they finally realized what had gone down.

“Brat, youre courting death!” They turned around at the same time to attack Huang Xiaolong.

In their hurry, they didnt even realize that Huang Xiaolong had a holy soul at the half-True Saint Realm!

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