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Chapter 2427: Hand Over The Devil Fetus

After hearing that the Yang Dragon Race was trying to obtain the Devil Fetus, they were overjoyed! At least they werent late to the party.

None of them doubted Huang Xiaolongs words.

Since he was sure of their presence, they were definitely under the lake.

“Young Master, shall we take action” Li Huajun asked in excitement.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and smiled, “Theres no need to rush.”

They stared at Huang Xiaolong with an expression of surprise, as they didnt understand what he meant.

Chen Zhi quickly regained his composure and smiled, “Young Master, should we wait for them out here and rob them on their way out”

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong nodded and revealed a crafty smile.

“Rather than going down now and fighting them to the death, we should allow them to waste their strength obtaining the Devil Fetus.

When they let their guards down after they succeed, well pop out and rob them clean!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

After ordering Chen Zhi, Yu Ming, and the others to set up a holy formation around the lake, Huang Xiaolong waited patiently for them to appear.

Of course, he had to prevent the members of the Yang Dragon Race from discovering his tricks, and he quickly activated his Darkness Holy Ring.

A world of darkness was formed above the lake, blocking off the sense of those from the Yang Dragon Race.

Since they knew that Huang Xiaolongs goal was the Devil Fetus, Chen Zhi and the others didnt dare to be careless.

They worked together and completed five holy formations that covered the entirety of the lake.

The five holy formations that were laid down acted as one giant formation, and all five formations had the ability to support each other.

Even though they only used a single day to set up the formations, even a mid-Second Heavens True Saint would be unable to break free when five First Heavens True Saints were pinning them down.

After they were done, Huang Xiaolong summoned over a thousand profound beasts and a dozen purple cloud beasts to wait for the members of the Yang Dragon Race to show themselves.

The experts from the Black Inferno Race were shocked beyond belief when they saw the sheer number of profound beasts Huang Xiaolong summoned.

Even Sun Jiang and Li Huajun hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to have so many profound beasts with him! Even though they were only half-True Saint Realm beasts, there were over a thousand of them! They could overwhelm a mid-First Heavens True Saint with their numbers!

Sitting on the Golden Cloud Tailed Beast, Huang Xiaolong waited patiently for the members of the Yang Dragon Race to appear.

With his three great holy souls to monitor the situation, Huang Xiaolong had to make sure no accidents occurred.

Two days later...

Within a space underneath the Devil Lake...

The smile on Ao Zhaos face grew wider and wider when he saw the weakening resistance from the Devil Fetus.

With four True Saint Realm experts, the connection between the Devil Fetus and the mountain range became weaker and weaker.

After another half hour, the four True Saint Realm experts were finally able to separate the Devil Fetus consciousness from the mountain range! When that happened, he would be able to obtain the sought-after Devil Fetus!

After returning to the Yang Dragon Race and refining the Devil Fetus along with the help of the mysterious pool, he would definitely become the number one genius in the younger generation! Geniuses like Huai Po, Lin Xiaoying, and the others only had one fate, and Ao Zhao would step on it!

At the time of the Saint Fates appearance, there would be no one to challenge him!

While he was lost in his delusions, half an hour passed.


The sound of something breaking could be heard and the space around the Devil Fetus was split open.

Shrill cries came from the sentient Devil Fetus as it tried to escape.

Ao Zhous laughter rang through the skies.

“Trying to escape! Youre destined to be mine!” He threw out a pouch at the Devil Fetus and trapped it in an instant.

He had prepared the pouch the moment he had left the Yang Dragon Race, and it was called the Binding Dragon Pouch that had the ability to contain anything.

Holding the treasure pouch, Ao Zhao laughed out again.

“Congratulations Young Master!” Ao Sheng and the others stepped forward and congratulated him.

With a smile on his face, Ao Zhao chuckled, “Without the four of you, I would have never obtained it.

Once we return, I will request for our Ancestor to reward you heavily!”

“Many thanks to the Young Master!” Ao Sheng and the three others smiled.

“Young Master, I dont think we should stay here any longer.

Shall we leave and return to the Yang Dragon Race” Another one of the True Saints, Ao Yao, asked.

“I agree with you! Lets return!” Ao Zhao replied.

However, when he thought of Zhan Bo, he added, “If that loach from the Black Inferno Race learns that I took away the Devil Fetus, he might just die from anger!”

Everyone from the Yang Dragon Race laughed.

Before leaving the Devil River, the four True Saints used a mysterious art to examine their surrounding region.

When they felt that there were no traps waiting for them out there, they finally emerged from the river.

The moment they emerged, the hidden sword qi in the skies came crashing down fiercely towards them like a torrential rainstorm.

The four elders from the Dragon Race were instantly alert.

“Young Master, be careful! Protect the Young Master! Ao Sheng yelled as he swung the giant club in his hands towards the space above.

The remaining elders from the Yang Dragon Race took action at the same time.

Despite that, they reacted a little too slowly.

The sword qi passed through their defences and crashed into countless Half Saints experts in the Yang Dragon Race.

At the critical juncture, Ao Zhao summoned the Royal Dragon Holy Armor from inside his body and screamed, “Who dares to sneak attack members of the Yang Dragon Race!”

Even though the armor protected him, the sword qi sent him flying.

“Young Master!” Ao Sheng and the other three True Saints yelled.

At this time, countless spears and blades came slamming down along with streams of starlight and fierce flames.

Even after pushing themselves to their limits, they struggled to stop the sneak attacks from those above them.


Explosions rang out continuously.

They retreated quickly and coughed out mouthfuls of blood.

Unwilling to give them a chance to catch their breath, the sword qi reappeared and slammed down on them.

Eventually, the sword qi broke through their defenses, and the four of them fell to the ground with sword marks all over their body.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Darkness Holy Ring, revealing Chen Zhi and the others.

“Its you guys! Youre with the Black Inferno Race!” Ao Zhao crawled to his feet, and he roared furiously, “Zhan Bo, you motherf*cker! Get your *ss over here!”

It was clear that he felt that Zhan Bo was the one who had plotted against him.

Glaring at Sun Jiang and Li Huaijun, Ao Sheng raged, “Sun Jiang, Li Huajun, how dare you guys kill members of my Yang Dragon Race! We will make you pay in blood!”

Due to the presence of the holy formations, the Half Saints from the Yang Dragon Race were wiped out.

However, Sun Jiang and Li Huajun kept quiet as they stood behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Hand over the Devil Fetus,” Huang Xiaolong said while staring at Ao Zhao.

A sinister smile formed on Ao Zhaos face as he spat, “Brat, do you know who you are speaking to If you kneel before me right now, I can consider letting you live! Let me give you a word of warning.

If anything happens to me today, nobody will be able to protect you! Do you really think the Black Inferno Race will defend you if you injure me!”

“Our Yang Dragon Race sent over a high-level True Saint to the Mirage Pavilion! Dont even think of escaping!”

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