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Chapter 2447: It’s Quite Warm


Waves rose from the boundless golden lights with the momentum of destroying all things and everything, and an energy born to incinerate everything rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Despite the layers of strong restrictions placed around the battle stage, the crowd outside still felt a portion of the terrifying destructive power from Fang Xing’s attack.

The Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms, one of Holy World’s top ten of the most powerful holy martial arts, was very terrifying!

Before the edge of the golden light sea reached Huang Xiaolong, the space around Huang Xiaolong was completely distorted out of balance.

This was due to the scorching heat from Fang Xing’s attack!

Upon watching the roiling golden light sea, Huang Xiaolong merely reached out with his right hand and spread his fingers.

In this instant, everyone had the elusive feeling that Huang Xiaolong’s hand held the entire Holy World, as if Huang Xiaolong’s palm was heaven and earth itself.

Huang Xiaolong’s palm seemed to contain a magical power, a magical power that could devour everything.

The rapidly advancing golden sea of light, and the submerged golden suns, were all heading straight at Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

The overwhelming roiling golden light sea shrunk in size, gathering towards Huang Xiaolong’s right hand, and in the end, the golden light sea disappeared, while all rotating suns scattered!


It had not really disappeared, but all of it had gathered into Huang Xiaolong’s right hand.

Then, the crowd saw Huang Xiaolong open his mouth and swallow the shrunken golden sea of lights through his mouth!

Swallowed, just like that!

“What the f*ck!” 

Everyone was dumbstruck.

The Boundless Sea, Golden Disk Palms’ attack was compacted then swallowed in one gulp!

Fang Xing was flabbergasted.

On the other hand, Duan Xuan, Xie Bufan, Li Chen, Shen Jiewen, and the rest stared at the stage with an incredulous expression.

What Fang Xing hit out just now was the Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms, wasn’t it

Was this really one of the top ten most powerful holy martial arts in the Holy World The same Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms that legend claimed could incinerate all things

“That couldn’t possibly be a fake Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms, right” Below the stage, an expert asked stupidly. 

No one answered his question.

But everyone knew that it could not be a fake Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms.


Even Wu Ge, the group of Holy Heavens hall masters, and grand elders’ faces stiffened in shock.

Then, Huang Xiaolong let out a loud burp like he had just had a great feast, breathing out streams of curling smoke.

While stretching his waist, he said, “It’s quite warm.”

He had swallowed the Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms in one go, and the only comment was, it’s quite warm

The expressions of the crowd below were more than the seven colors of the rainbow. 

Lin Xiaoying, who was a nervous wreck just a moment ago, started giggling proudly, and she almost shrieked in her joy, “This Thirteen is really pretentious like his name!”

Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi were also unable to stop the giggles bubbling up.


Still, the two ladies’ astonishment was obvious in their eyes. 

Tan Juan asked herself that if she was still a Second Tribulation half-True Saint, could she have managed to take on Fang Xing’s Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms as easily as Huang Xiaolong did

The answer was no!

And because of this, Tan Juan was astonished.

She had deeply hidden her true strength and outsiders were not aware of the entirety of her talent.

But she knew, and because she knew the potential of her talent that she was shocked about Huang Xiaolong.

She also possessed complete dao saint godhead that could evolve, and it had already evolved to a very high rank.

Even so, she still had no confidence in taking the Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms attack, but Huang Xiaolong did!

How far has Huang Xiaolong’s complete dao saint godheads evolved to! 

Everyone was completely immersed in shock, that they couldn’t be shocked further.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker, arriving in the air right across Fang Xing.

Fang Xing was startled by his sudden appearance, and just as he wanted to retreat, Huang Xiaolong’s leg extended and kicked down.

Huang Xiaolong’s foot landed on Fang Xing’s back, and Fang Xing was smashed towards the ground like a falling meteor.


The battle stage shook violently.

Fang Xing smashed onto the battle stage with his face down.

He lay there unmoving, not knowing if he was dead or still alive. 

The back portion of Fang Xing’s armor shattered to pieces under Huang Xiaolong’s kick.

Huang Xiaolong descended to the battle stage, and the suction force from his palm pulled Fang Xing up to him. 

“Huang Xiaolong, we admit defeat!” From below the battle stage came Duan Xuan’s anxious shout.

Admit defeat

Huang Xiaolong sneered, and ignored Duan Xuan’s shouts coming from below.

He circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and the half-dead Fang Xing was slowly, but surely converted into grandmist qi that was then absorbed by Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, you dare—!” Upon seeing what was happening, Duan Xuan bellowed in a fury, and his fingers flicked a sharp arrow of energy towards the battle stage in order to rescue Fang Xing.

Fang Xing was a Holy Prince who possessed the Sacred Emperor Saint Godhead! 

The Ancient Emperor Holy Ground would bleed deep if this level of talent was lost. 

Duan Xuan had just acted when Wu Ge, who wasn’t far away, smacked at Duan Xuan’s hand across the air, directly cutting off the attack’s energy. 

“Patriarch Duan Xuan, please adhere to the stage battle’s rules.

Anyone else who dares to violate the rules shouldn’t blame me for being rude.

Don’t say that the Holy Heavens is merciless!”

Wu Ge’s cold voice drummed in everyone’s ears.

Huang Xiaolong had predicted this situation happening early on.

Therefore, he had intentionally stated in the agreement that only when the participant admitted the defeat by himself, it would be accepted.

Others couldn’t represent him.

“You!” Duan Xuan was outraged, but he did not take further action.

There was no way to know if Huang Xiaolong was deliberate or not, but Fang Xing was screaming like a pig being slaughtered on the battle stage, and his screams echoed especially loud, piercing into the hearts of Ancient Emperor Holy Ground’s experts.

After watching Fang Xing’s diminishing body as Huang Xiaolong devoured him away, along with the heart-wrenching screams coming from his mouth, the gaze in Duan Xuan’s eyes grew chilly, and gloomy.

Huang Xiaolong did this deliberately!

He deliberately made Fang Xing scream so miserably before dying.

Before long, Huang Xiaolong had completely devoured Fang Xing, and then collected all the things that fell off his body. 

The impact was so great that the crowd was in a heavy atmosphere for a long time.

The Ancient Emperor Holy Ground’s Holy Prince with a Sacred Emperor Saint Godhead and he had succeeded in cultivating the Ancient Holy Emperor True Body Manifestation as well as the Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms.

But he died just like that…! 

A short while ago, Fang Xing’s extraordinary bearing had reached the peak when he had attacked Huang Xiaolong, yet now, there was nothing that was left of him!

No one spoke.

Li Chen, Xie Yao, and the others had an ugly expression on their faces, especially Li Chen.

He suddenly felt irritated and flustered, as Huang Xiaolong’s strength had far exceeded his estimation.

If Huang Xiaolong really lasted until the end of the battle stage period, won’t that mean he would have to…!

Huang Xiaolong turned around after he was done, and his gaze swept over Sui Yunfeng, Gu Xuanxu, and the rest of the thirty-nine participants of the first round, and his mouth split into a wide grin, revealing eight perfect and white teeth.

Sui Yunfeng, Guan Xuanxu, and the others felt a chill run down their backs, as if there was an ancient ferocious beast baring its fangs at them.

Especially for Sui Yunfeng, who had drawn the number two, a chilling coldness spread through his limbs.

“What are you afraid of” Shen Jiewen chided when he noticed Sui Yunfeng’s gray face.

“No matter how strong Huang Xiaolong seems, he’s still a Second Tribulation half-True Saint.

So what if he defeated the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground’s Fang Xing

You and Fang Xing are not the same.

You have the Life Reversing Saint Godhead, and you have the treasure I gave you.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong is no match against you!” 

Upon hearing that, Sui Yunfeng’s flustered emotions calmed down. 

That’s right, regardless of Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he was merely a Second Tribulation half-True Saint, there was a limit to how much his strength could exceed that limitation.

Whereas, he had the Life Reversing Saint Godhead! The Life Reversing Saint Godhead ranked sixteenth, and it was hailed as the godhead with heaven-defying power of changing one’s destiny! And he had a supreme treasure on top of that!

“Go, with your strength, you can utterly defeat Haung Xiaolong!” Shen Jiewen added, “Win that grandmist holy spiritual aura back, and the Beast Tamer Holy Gate’s treasury will be opened to you.

You can choose any one treasure you like!”


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