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Chapter 2450: The Holy Mandate Imprint’s Power


Duan Xuan, Zhan Zhiyuan, the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Patriarch, Blue Whale Race’s Patriarch, and the others recognized the Black Serpent Rope almost simultaneously, and their expressions were extremely solemn. 

All of them were aware of the Black Serpent Rope’s origins and power.

Regret hit Duan Xuan with a great blow.

If he had known about this, he too would have given Fagn Xing the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground’s most powerful treasure.

Had he done so, he was certain that Fang Xing could have absolutely defeated Huang Xiaolong, and the grandmist holy spiritual aura would have belonged to the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground.

“Senior Sister, is the Black Serpent Rope very powerful” After noticing the solemn expressions of Wu Ge and the others, Lin Xiaoying asked her senior sister. 

Tan Juan’s delicate brows creased into furrows as she answered immediately, “Powerful does not begin to describe it! I have heard our Master say that this Black Serpent Rope was made from the Black Serpent’s scales that was born at the heart of the Holy World, and it is comparable to a dao artifact.

It is said to be able to bind everything.

If a Ninth Heaven True Saint expert holds the Black Serpent Rope, he would be invincible under Primal Ancestors!”

Both Lin Xiaoying and Ji Xinyi paled while listening to Tan Juan’s explanation.

“Then, isn’t Thirteen in grave danger!” Lin Xiaoying became agitated. 

Sometimes, Lin Xiaoying would call Huang Xiaolong by name, other times, she called him Thirteen.

Tan Juan shook her head as she sighed, “Huang Xiaolong is probably going to lose! Strong as he might be, and as talented as he is, he won’t be able to break free from the Black Serpent Rope’s restraint! However, Sui Yunfeng doesn’t have the guts to really kill Huang Xiaolong, so, Huang Xiaolong’s life is not exactly in danger.”

On the battle stage, the feeble, half-dead Sui Yunfeng laughed crazily when he saw the Black Serpent Rope had successfully bound Huang Xiaolong.

But because of laughing, he stimulated his injuries and coughed up large amounts of blood.

Sui Yunfeng wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth, and his face distorted due to the wicked smile on his face.

Shen Jiewen too was smiling with satisfaction.

He had gone through a lot of troubles and hardships to obtain the Black Serpent Rope, and since then, he had kept it a secret.

He had never taken it out nor shown it to anyone, treating it as if it was almost more precious than his own life.

This time around, to ensure Sui Yunfeng’s a hundred percent win for that grandmist holy spiritual aura, he was making the bet of his life.

Therefore, he had taken out the Black Serpent Rope and exposed its existence.

In truth, Shen Jiewen was very confident in the Black Serpent Rope, and coupled with Sui Yunfeng’s strength to activate the Black Serpent Rope, there was more than enough power to kill the average peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert.

It was impossible for Huang Xiaolong to break free from it’s binding.

The final outcome was obvious.

Huang Xiaolong’s body was enshrouded in resplendent lights as he struggled to break free from the Black Serpent Rope’s bindings, but no matter how much force he exerted, how bright the light around him was, his energy was unable to break the Black Serpent Rope.

More annoyingly, the more Huang Xiaolong struggled, the more the Black Serpent Rope tightened around him.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re struggling in vain.

Unless you can break through to Saint Realm on the spot, don’t dream of breaking free from the Black Serpent Rope’s restraint.

Not to mention, the more you struggle, the tighter you’ll be bound, and the more painful it’ll be for you!” Sui Yunfeng cackled, “I advise you to be obedient, and admit defeat now, so you can suffer less!” 

Yet Huang Xiaolong remained calm.

He had heard of the Black Serpent Rope, and he had struggled to simply test out its power.

He had three holy souls, as long as he summoned out one of his holy souls, he could break the Black Serpent Rope’s restraint in an instant. 

However, Huang Xiaolong did not want to reveal that he had holy souls at this point yet.

His three holy souls were his trump cards.

Unless he had an even bigger trump card.

After seeing Huang Xiaolong standing still without speaking, Sui Yunfeng smirked, “Huang Xiaolong, do you think it’ll be fine if you refuse to admit defeat I’ll let you taste how powerful the Black Serpent Rope is!”

With that said, according to the method Patriarch Shen Jiewen had taught him, Sui Yunfeng activated the Black Serpent Rope’s other function. 

In an instant, the Black Serpent Rope continued to tighten around Huang Xiaolong that it felt like the surrounding space was squeezing him.

The Black Serpent Rope’s tightening was not as simple as the surrounding space tightening around Huang Xiaolong, but the victim’s divine soul would also be subjected to tremendous binding pressure and pain.

At the same time, the Black Serpent Rope’s power would invade into the victim’s body, increasing the pain. 

Lin Xiaoying’s chest tightened as she watched helplessly.

Just as everyone took it for granted that Huang Xiaolong would be writhing in pain, the Holy Mandate Imprint from Huang Xiaolong’s forehead suddenly emitted a golden yellow holy light like the most brilliant sun rays.

These golden rays actually pierced through the space affected by the Black Serpent Rope, and struck against Sui Yunfeng’s body like solid entities.


Sui Yunfeng spurted blood as his body was sent flying backward, crashing down on the edge of the battle stage.

Splatters of blood rained on the stage floor. 

This abrupt change dumbfounded the crowd. 

“The Black Serpent Rope is said to be comparable to a dao artifact, and that it can bind everything.

However, there are always exceptions in all things in the universe, and it cannot bind the Holy Mandate Imprint!!” Huang Xiaolong stated flatly.

In the vast Holy World for the past countless billions of years, there had only been four Holy Mandate Imprints among numerous True Saints and many monstrous geniuses.

How could the Holy Mandate Imprint’s power be limited to merely increasing one’s cultivation speed and increasing the chances of one breaking through to True Saint Realm

Everyone in the crowd was bewildered as they stared at Huang Xiaolong’s Holy Mandate Imprint.

It was the fourth Holy Mandate Imprint between this piece of heaven and earth! 

Without Sui Yunfeng’s control, the Black Serpent Rope that was binding Huang Xiaolong loosened and fell right into Huang Xiaolong’s extended palm.

Shen Jiewen, who was in shock, finally reacted, and he shouted anxiously, “Immediately return my Black Serpent Rope!” He wanted to leap onto the stage to snatch back hi Black Serpent Rope, but would Wu Ge let him do as he pleased

Wu Ge struck out with his palm, directly blocking Shen Jiewen and warned coldly, “Patriarch Shen Jiewen, I warned Patriarch Duan Xuan earlier that if anyone else dares to violate the battle stage’s rules, then don’t blame our Holy Heavens if we do not give you face!”

According to the rules determined with Huang Xiaolong previously, the winner can take anything from the loser’s body, including saint artifacts, and holy pills.

Shen Jiewen’s face was as gloomy as a brewing storm, as anxiety and rage flickered back and forth on his face.

He wished nothing more than to snatch back the Black Serpent Rope from Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

At the same time, he was afraid of Wu Ge, who was blocking his path.

Wu Ge had risen to the position of Holy Heavens organisation’s Grand Hall Master by not merely relying on the four Primal Ancestors’ trust in him, but his own strength was also a great deterrence factor to others.

Although Shen Jiewen was also a Ninth Heaven True Saint like Wu Ge, Shen Jiewen knew that there was a gap in strength between him and Wu Ge.

Even amongst Ninth Heaven True Saint experts, there were stronger and weaker ones.

There was a True Saint top ten ranking list, and Wu Ge’s name was listed on the top ten list.

Whereas, Shen Jiewen was not listed.

Huang Xiaolong shot an icy glance in Shen Jiewen’s direction, and put away the Black Serpent Rope into his Darkness Holy Ring.

Then, he pulled Sui Yunfeng up to him and began devouring his complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique.

Devouring Sui Yunfeng’s Life Reversing Saint Godhead would definitely speed up the evolution speed of Huang Xiaolong’s complete dao saint godheads by a large margin, and the effects would be better than devouring any of the Devil Palace’s disciples. 

But before that, Huang Xiaolong searched Sui Yunfeng’s memories for the secret method to use the Black Serpent Rope.

After Huang Xiaolong devoured Sui Yunfeng, his gaze fell onto Gu Xuanxu, who was standing beside Li Chen.

The challenger, who had drawn number three, was none other than Gu Xuanxu.

“Gu Xuanxu, am I right It’s your turn now.” Huang Xiaolong stated tepidly.

Blood drained from Gu Xuanxu’s face.

Fear and panic overwhelmed him as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, I withdraw from this battle stage challenge!”

Even Sui Yunfeng, who had the Life Reversing Saint Godhead, had lost his life.

Then wouldn’t he be delivering his life on a platter if he went up the stage


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