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Chapter 2456: Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race

“What about that grandmist holy spiritual aura What are we going to do about it” Elder Crow who had been quiet the entire time finally spoke.

At the mention of the grandmist holy spiritual aura, the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, and Lord Long fell into silence.

A while later, the Heavenly Master said wryly, “We better prepare a large amount of holy pills.

At this point, we can only wait for the little guy to return and negotiate with him.”

Tyrant Chu also laughed wryly, “I really dont know how this little guy has such heaven-defying fortune.

The last time he went to the Profound River, not only did he get a holy beast, but also a high-level holy herb like the White Boned Black Lotus, and more than a hundred stalks of other holy herbs on top of that! We old men can barely find one holy herb in our dreams!”

“Whats more, this time around, he found a huge source of grandmist holy spiritual aura at the Purple Clouds Sea, and I say, that is not the only thing he found.

Who knows, he might be holding back a big stash of holy herbs!”

The Heavenly Master, and the others expressions were as fantastic as the rainbow in the sky.

Lord Long half jokingly said, “Then, when we go out to look for treasures in the future, well grab the little guy along!”

Yes, it was as Lord Long said, with Huang Xiaolongs ridiculous good luck, having him by their side was like having a treasure hunting mouse, ah.

Not only the Holy Heavens four Primal Ancestors were discussing Huang Xiaolong, but after the news of Huang Xiaolongs challenge to the entire Holy Worlds half-True Saints below Fourth Tribulation, the entire Holy World was in an uproar.

Discussions related to Huang Xiaolong were taking place everywhere.

“This Huang Xiaolong is really too much! He is merely a Second Tribulation half-True Saint, but he got the guts to announce that he wants to challenge the entire Holy Worlds disciples below the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm! On top of that, the challengers can form a team of fifty people! Hes literally insulting all half-True Saints below the Fourth Tribulation!”

Some raged with indignance.

“Huang Xiaolong is looking to die, I dont believe he alone can challenge disciples below Fourth Tribulation half-True Saints! We should hurry and gather our disciples to rush to the Mirage Pavilion!”

“Summon the disciples that our Holy Race has been cultivating secretly back from the forbidden area, especially Dong Haos group.

Our Holy Race has endured for far too long, and its time to remind everyone of our Holy Races strength!”

“Defeat Huang Xiaolong is the best opportunity for our Reservoir Sword Holy Grounds reputation to resound in the Holy World!”

Almost in a split second upon hearing the news, numerous hidden families, ancient races, and holy grounds that had been keeping a low-profile gathered their disciples and experts, and rushed towards the Mirage Pavilion.

A storm was brewing in the Holy World.

When Huang Xiaolong had set up the battle stage challenge against the thirty-nine forces which included the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground, Beast Tamer Holy Gate, and Black Inferno Race, it had caused waves across the Holy World, but it had not stirred the Holy World as much as it did now.

The entire Holy World was boiling, and there were signs of a violent storm impending.

Amongst the Holy Lands Alliances great ten holy grounds, only the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground and Beast Tamer Holy Gate had taken part in the battle stage challenge.

Currently, the remaining eight holy grounds were speeding over to the Mirage Pavilion as fast as they could.

Many massive flying ships sped through the Holy Worlds vast space.

Generally, one could hardly see one flying ship in space, but at the moment, there were more than one….

There were ten flying ships! Twenty flying ships!

“That flying ship seems to belong to the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, and its the Ghost Talisman Holy Ship! Wasnt the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground razed to the ground by Old Man Cangqiong ten billion years ago! They are emerging once more!”

A massive flying ship that was entirely black was tearing through the Holy Worlds space at shocking speed, zapping past a group of experts while exuding bursts of bone-chilling qi.

There were eerie ghostly cries in the air.

Someone among these experts recognized that the black flying ship was the Ghost Talisman Holy Ship, and his face paled.

“Ghost Talisman Holy Ground!”

Others who didnt recognize the origins of the flying ship also paled when they heard the nameGhost Talisman Holy Ground.

In its heyday, the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground was the representative of horror.

Wherever they appeared, everything would be turned to hell.

It was said that the number of holy grounds annihilated by the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground were countless, and because of their indiscriminate actions, they had provoked the ire of Old Man Cangqiong.

Thus the old man had personally taken action into his own hands.

Rumor had it that Old Man Cangqiong had killed the Ghost Talisman Holy Grounds founder ancestor and slaughtered too many of the higher echelon experts to count.

As such, the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground was exterminated, but who knew that they had appeared again!”

For ten billion years, the Ghost Talisman Holy Grounds reputation was louder than the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground.

Soon, the news of the Ghost Talisman Holy Grounds reemergence spread, causing a stir in various directions.

It didnt take long and another flying ship that exuded the suns scorching heat, enshrouded by boundless holy light, that was vast as the sea, appeared in sight.

The entire flying ships body was decorated with carvings of strangely-shaped ancient True Saint experts.

“Its the Holy Races flying ship! The Holy Race actually showed up!”

The appearance of the Holy Races flying ship was like a great boulder smashing into a tranquil lake, sending splashes everywhere.

Holy Race!

They were the Holy Worlds number one race!

The Black Inferno Race was already a race with a long history, but the Holy Race was older than the Black Inferno Race.

In fact, no one could say for certain since when the Holy Race had been in existence, and the general knowledge was that the Holy Races first generation patriarch was one of the first batch of Holy Worlds experts, who had stepped into True Saint.

There was no doubt about the Holy Races strength.

At the Mirage Pavilion, when Li Chen heard that the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race had come out to the world once again, leading the outstanding disciples of their forces over, he was overjoyed.

To Li Chen, the more experts coming to the Mirage Pavilion, the better it was.

This way, there would be a time when Huang Xiaolong was defeated.

Although he wouldn\'t get the grandmist holy spiritual aura, it was better than licking the bottom of Huang Xiaolongs shoes in public.

Xie Yao reported to Li Chen through voice transmission, “Senior Brother Li Chen, this is a good thing, ah.

Even the most powerful race in the Holy World, the Holy Race, has come out, and the disciples nurtured by them must be amazing.

Huang Xiaolong would be beaten until he cries for his mommy when fifty people from their race join hands!”

Li Chen nodded and smiled, “You are right.”

Li Chen held high hopes for the Holy Races entourage.

“Its a pity about the grandmist holy spiritual aura though.” Xie Yao looked up into the sky at the million feet golden grandmist holy spiritual aura dragon.

Li Chen sneered, “If Huang Xiaolong loses the challenge and the grandmist holy spiritual aura, well round up all the core disciples signatures and petition to the four Primal Ancestors to punish Huang Xiaolon when we get back to the Holy Heavens,!”

As he sat cross-legged on the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong too had received news of the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, Holy Race, and other hidden forces coming in waves.

Hee wasnt apprehensive at all, and instead, he was happily looking forward to their arrivals.

“The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground Holy Race The disciples in their forces wouldnt be too bad, right” Huang Xiaolongs eyes sparkled.

It seemed like by the end of this battle stage challenge, his complete dao saint godheads were sure to evolve into the top twenty ranks!

As for the top ten, Huang Xiaolong did not harbor any hope.

After that, it seemed so far out of his reach, and definitely not something achievable in a short one year or so.

Then again, as long as his three complete dao saint godheads entered the top twenty ranks, and after adding the power of the Holy Mandate Imprint to the equation, he had the confidence to defeat experts several cultivation orders higher than him.

“The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground!” When the three ladies learned that the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground had emerged once more, their faces paled.

Didnt their Martial Ancestor, Old Man Cangqiong destroy the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground

“Senior Sister, we must quickly report this matter to the Master,” said Ji Xinyi.

Tan Juan nodded her head, wearing an extremely solemn expression on her face.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Grounds reemergence was a big matter.

So, she hurried and took out her communication symbol and reported the matter to her Master, the Palace Master of Clear Snow Palace, Xue Lingyun.

In truth, without Tan Juan reporting this degree of shocking news, how could the Clear Snow Palaces Palace Master Xue Lingyun, had not received it first hand

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