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Chapter 2463: Tomorrow

Another four days passed.

The lively, bustling Mirage Pavilion became merrier with the various hidden ancient races and old holy grounds with long heritages, joining the party.

“Big news! The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race have already arrived at the Mirage Pavilion! Its said they are going to challenge Huang Xiaolong tomorrow!”

The news quickly traveled from experts to experts.

“Not only the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race, but the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, Ancient Dhyana Race, Great Desert Race, Nether Devil Race, and a dozen other old holy grounds and hidden ancient races have all arrived as well! It is said that the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, Ancient Dhyana Race, Great Desert Race, and Nether Devil Race will also send forward disciples to challenge Huang Xiaolong!”

“For real Although the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, and Falling Heavens Race are also part of old holy grounds and ancient races, their foundations are far from the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race.

Do they have the courage to challenge Huang Xiaolong Their actions are equivalent to literally sending their disciples to deaths door!”

“Its not necessarily so, as I heard from a reliable source that the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, and several ancient races and holy grounds have formed a temporary alliance.

When the time comes, each party will send three or four of their most talented disciples with the highest battle power below the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint to make a team of fifty people, and then they challenge Huang Xiaolong!”

“What!! Does that work!”

“Why wouldnt it work It doesnt break the rules.

Didnt the so-called Fallen Gods Race and the Holy Heavens Li Chen recruit various forces Third Tribulation half-True Saints to form a team to challenge Huang Xiaolong Huang Xiaolong accepted their challenges just the same!”

The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, Holy Race, Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, and other forces arrival brought the Mirage Pavilions atmosphere to a new height, and at every corner were people talking about the challenge taking place the next day.

There were people, hoping that the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground, Holy Race, or even the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground could somehow defeat Huang Xiaolong, and shave some of Huang Xiaolongs arrogance.

There were also people, who supported Huang Xiaolong, hoping that Huang Xiaolong would organise a few more battle stage challenges, and then the Holy Heavens, Devil Palace, Clear Snow Palace, and Holy Lands Alliance would be counting money until their hands were sore.

Wasnt that an undeniable fact According to the one high-grade holy jade stone fee collected from every person for every month upon entering the Mirage Pavilion, how many high-grade holy jade stones the four giants had collected in recent days

Their business was literally booming.

The main hall of the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds branch within the Mirage Pavilion was fully seated with the holy grounds True Saint experts.

Apart from the Ancient Holy Emperor Duan Xuan, and Beast Tamer True Saint Shen Jiewen, there were also the rest of the great ten holy grounds of the Holy Lands Alliance.

The Holy Lands Alliances ten great holy lands True Saint Patriarchs had gathered inside this hall.

Although it was said that the Holy Lands Alliances ten great holy lands were the leaders of the alliance, these ten holy lands patriarchs rarely gathered together in this manner.

The last time these ten patriarchs had gathered at one place was the year of Huang Xiaolongs apprenticeship ceremony at the Holy Heavens, and today, these ten patriarchs had gathered once again.

It went without saying how important they placed on the stage challenge against Huang Xiaolong.

The grandmist holy spiritual aura Huang Xiaolong had taken out was simply too rare a treasure that they could not ignore.

Present together in the hall with Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Hou Ming, and others was a young man of extraordinary bearing.

This young man was none other than Huai Po! Mo Canglis personal disciple!

Even though Huai Po was not a True Saint Realm expert, from a certain aspect, he represented Mo Cangli, and the Holy Lands Alliance relied on Mo Canglis support to a certain degree.

Therefore, when Huai Po had appeared among the Holy Lands Alliance, he was treated the same as Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and other ten great patriarchs.

Then again, as the number one on the Saint Fate List, Huai Po\'s strength and talent were enough to convince many people.

“Since the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heavens Race, and a dozen other forces formed an alliance, each party will send out about three to four Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciples for the challenge.

Therefore, our Holy Lands Alliance can do the same!” said Huai Po majestically.

This time, he was clad in a subtle golden metallic black brocade robe which added a touch of decisive coldness to his already extraordinary bearing.

The Nine Plains Holy Emperor Hou Ming nodded his head in agreement, “Yes, this method works! If each of our holy grounds send fifty disciples up to the challenge, theres a high risk of total annihilation.

However, if each of our holy grounds selects the elites amongst the disciples to form a team of fifty, there is a higher chance of defeating Huang Xiaolong!”

Although the conditions of Holy Lands Alliances disciples recruitment were not as strict as the Holy Heavens organisation, there were still noteworthy outstanding talents, who were taken in by the ten great holy grounds of the Holy Lands Alliance.

There were several disciples with amazing talents at every recruitment term.

Although there werent any disciples with complete dao saint godhead in the top ten ranks, there were complete dao saint godheads in the top twenty.

When these disciples with top twenty ranks complete dao saint godheads were put together against Huang Xiaolong, their combined strengths would be terrifying.

The rest of the patriarchs exchanged glances and nodded their heads, agreeing to Huai Pos suggestion.

“However, would challenging tomorrow be a little too rushed After all, there are still four to five months before the stipulated battle stage period ends.

We can first teach these fifty disciples a combination grand formation, and let them familiarize with each other for some time, so they can cooperate seamlessly before sending them to challenge” The Silver Wing Holy Grounds Patriarch, Silver Wing Holy Emperor Ying Zhi proposed.

The Silver Wing Holy Grounds status amongst the ten great holy lands were the same as the Beast Tamer Holy Ground.

The Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds Duan Xuan shook his head and said, “There is nothing we can do about it.

Tomorrow, the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race will challenge Huang Xiaolong.

I am afraid Huang Xiaolong would be defeated at their hands.

I have heard that the Holy Race has a Third Tribulation half-True Saint disciple called Bai Li.

His talent is comparable to the Devil Palaces Xie Bufan and Holy Heavens Li Chen.

If this disciple called Xiao Baili is sent up the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong is likely to lose.

Therefore, our only option is to get on the battle stage ahead of them!”

“What! Comparable to Xie Bufan and Li Chen!”

Shen Jiewen and the others were clearly surprised.

Duan Xuan nodded his head in affirmation and added, “Yes, although it is only a rumor, I am afraid it is true.”

“If that is really true, then we can only challenge Huang Xiaolong first thing tomorrow!”

Huai Po made the decision, “If we happen to challenge Huang Xiaolong at the same time as the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Holy Race, we would have to draw a lot, whoever draws the first lot will challenge first.

If we get the first lot, we still have a chance to defeat Huang Xiaolong before the rest!”

The Nine Plains Holy Emperor Hou Ming agreed, “Thats right.

Although it might be a little rushed, the fifty disciples our Holy Lands Alliance have selected this time have excellent battle power, and they absolutely can defeat Huang Xiaolong!”


In the main hall of the courtyard, in which the Holy Races group was residing, was an old man with hair and eyebrows that were white as snow, and yet he had a youthful-looking face.

He was the current patriarch of the Holy Race, Bai Moyang.

Further down from the main seat were the Holy Races experts.

Bai Moyangs eyes were full of doting when he looked at Xiao Baili.

“Baili, although you can absolutely defeat Huang Xiaolong tomorrow based on your talent, you still need to exercise caution.”

Xiao Baili was clad in the white Sun Moon Battle Robe, as he stood in front of Bai Moyang, and he looked unfathomable like a deep abyss.

He respectfully responded, “Please rest assured, Master.

I will not disappoint you, and I will surely return victorious with the grandmist holy spiritual aura.

I will teach Huang Xiaolong that there is mountain beyond mountain!

Bai Moyang smiled amiably, nodding his head, “From the start of the stage battles, Huang Xiaolong has collected many saint artifacts, after youve defeated Huang Xiaolong tomorrow, all the saint artifacts on him will go to you, including the Beast Tamer Holy Gates Black Serpent Rope.”

A trace of delight rose to Xiao Bailis face, as he cupped his hands and solemnly said, “Thank you, Master!”

The night gradually went by as experts in the Mirage Pavilion looked forward to the next day in anticipation.

When the first ray of sunlight hit the land, the Mirage Pavilion was already bustling.

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