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Chapter 2474: Is This Really Crossing The Third Tribulation

Ten days later, Huang Xiaolongs group arrived at the All Extinguishing Holy Ground, at the same valley where Huang Xiaolong had previously crossed his second tribulation.

Upon arriving at the valley, Huang Xiaolong proceeded with familiarity as he set up grand holy defensive formations with Yu Ming, Departing Sword Sage, and the others.

Putting the holy grand defensive formations took half a days time.

When all was done, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged at the center of the valley and swallowed one Star Transferring Holy Pill.

Before coming here, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had already reached the limit of peak late-Second Tribulation half-True Saint, but he had suppressed his breakthrough again and again.

Now, Huang Xiaolong stopped suppressing his overdue breakthrough by completely allowing the energy in his body to soar as he circulated the grandmist Parasitic Medium while absorbing the Star Transferring Holy Pills medicinal energies.

Before long, thunder rumbled in the originally bright sky, strong winds gathered, and clouds roiled black, as streaks of lightning zigzagged across the air.

Terrifying tribulation lightning covered over the vast land in the blink of an eye.

Yu Ming, Departing Sword Sage, and Chen Zhi were quite used to this situation as the three of them had witnessed Huang Xiaolong crossing his second tribulation.

However, this was the first time Sun Jiang, Li Huajun, and the two True Saint Realm purple cloud beasts saw Huang Xiaolong crossing his tribulation.

Sun Jiangs, and the others faces ashened when they sensed the lightnings horrifying destructive power.

“This, is this really crossing the third tribulation” Sun Jiang swallowed audibly in shock.

The Departing Sword Sage was already used to this scene, “Whats so surprising about this The second tribulation His Highness experienced was many times more powerful and terrifying than average.”

Li Huajun and the others eyes widened as big as fists.

A second tribulation that was more powerful and terrifying than average

Then, the third tribulation they were seeing, wouldnt it be more overwhelming than average as well

The few of them still had a hard time believing what they were seeing.

Although it was said that some freak geniuses would face a more powerful tribulation than most cultivators, wasnt this too much of a difference

The Departing Sword Sage, Yu Ming, and Chen Zhi detected the trace of disbelief on Yu Ming, Sun Jiang, and Li Huajuns face, but didnt bother to explain further.

Everything would happen in front of them, and they would know the truth soon enough.

While the few of them talked, the streaks of lightning weaving through the dark clouds had turned into majestic lightning dragons that were a dozen times bigger.

Thunder rumbled deeply and lightning crackled, and the seven True Saints felt their scalps going numb from the electrifying air.

“Such a third tribulation…! In the entire Holy World, probably only His Highness will succeed in crossing it.” Yu Mings eyes were filled with awe as he looked at the sky above.

The Departing Sword Sage, Sun Jiang, and others nodded their heads in unison.

Soon, more and more lightning dragons appeared, merging together into one humongous lightning dragon.

A thousand miles long huge lightning dragon seemed to have anchored itself in the rumbling dark sky, and the lightning coming out from the dragon\'s body was purple in color! It had a layer of purple flames.

When the Departing Sword Sage and others noticed the purple flames, their faces paled.

“Lightning Prison Purple Flames!” Several of them exclaimed at the same time.

The Lightning Prison Purple Flames only appeared when genius Holy Princes were crossing their eight tribulation.

Moreover, this lightning dragon seemed a little too big from what they had experienced!

Generally, the eight tribulations lightning dragon was merely two to three hundred miles long….


The thousand miles long lightning dragon let out a resounding roar, that sounded neither like a dragon nor any beast, and it pounced on Huang Xiaolong in attack.

This time, Huang Xiaolong did not use any of his holy souls to resist the tribulation lightning dragons attack, but sent all three of his complete dao saint godheads! His three complete dao saint godheads had evolved into the top twenty ranks, and he wanted to test out his three complete dao saint godheads current power.

Three complete dao complete saint godheads flew up in a row, shining in brilliant luster that lit up a hundred million miles radius.

Dragons danced in the sky, intermingled with devils and gods.

Compared to the time Huang Xiaolong had battled Xiao Baili, Huang Xiaolongs complete dao saint godheads power had more than doubled.

With the three complete dao saint godheads, the entire space became distorted as if it was about to crack.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolongs Holy Mandate Imprint came to life and origin energy poured down from the void, filling the three complete dao saint godheads.


Before Yu Mings, Departing Sword Sages, and others dumbfounded eyes, Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads collided with the huge lightning dragon.

Crack lines appeared on the terrifying tribulation lightning dragon that could easily kill the majority of Eighth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm experts, and it shattered, turning into pure energy and great dao laws.

Scattering purple flames rained down on the three complete dao saint godheads, and entirely wrapped over them in an instant.

But these purple flames were devoured by the three complete dao saint godheads in mere seconds.

After devouring the purple flames, all three complete dao saint godheads shone ever brighter.

Huang Xiaolong quickly circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to absorb the pure energy and great daos from the shattered lightning dragons.

A bright flickering light enshrouded Huang Xiaolongs body as he did this.

Layers of holy light flowed from Huang Xiaolongs body like boundless waves.

The pure energy and great daos quickly drilled into Huang Xiaolongs body, entering his heart of hell and merging with it.

Threads of mysterious great dao appeared in the air, falling on Huang Xiaolongs chest where his heart of hell was.


Something was hammering onto the All Extinguishing Holy Grounds space.

Dong! Dong!

“This, what noise is this!” In the distance, Yu Ming blurted.

“Is it something awakening” The Departing Sword Sage took a guess with an alarmed expression.

These noises traveled from a far distance, yet it sounded very near to them at the same time.

Although they had entered True Saint Realm, none of them was able to correctly judge the source of the thumping noises.

Suddenly, Sun Jiang looked at Huang Xiaolong, transfixed, as he muttered, “It wont be related to His Highness, would it”

“Related to His Highness” Yu Ming and the others exchanged a bewildered look.

Despite their suspicions of whether the noise they heard was related to Huang Xiaolong, they could not determine the reason.

The dong, dong, dong noises continued to ring following specific rules.

At first, Yu Ming and the others didnt think too much about the noise, but as they paid closer attention to the rhythm, they soon fell into an unknown state.

Not only Yu Mings group, but even a few undead spirits in the vicinity of the All Extinguishing Holy Gate headquarters entered a kind of enlightenment state.

Immersed within this state, Yu Ming and everyone else forgot about time.

Eight months later...

The holy light enshrouding Huang Xiaolong slowly shrunk as he opened his eyes.

During these eight months, he had completely integrated the grand daos and pure energy obtained from his third tribulation, and he had solidified his Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm breakthrough.

But Huang Xiaolong was slightly disappointed that the transformation to a complete dao heart had fallen short by just a little bit.

At this time, the heart of hell inside him was releasing pulses of light resembling a rainbow, and exuding an indestructible aura.

Of course, he alone could see and sense the rainbow-like light and indestructible aura.

When the heart of hells transformation stopped, the noises stopped as well.

Yu Ming and the rest soon awakened from the mysterious state they were in, and they were startled.

What happened just now

However, seeing Huang Xiaolong had already stood up, all of them hurried to his side.

“Your Highness, you, have already absorbed the third tribulations energy” Chen Zhi asked.

They were immersed in that state and it felt like merely a second had passed.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded.

Chen Zhi and the others were hit by a wave of shock.

Yu Ming and the others then mentioned the thumping noises to Huang Xiaolong.

At the mention of this, Huang Xiaolong immediately knew it was the noises his heart of hell had made during the process of transforming into dao heart, which had triggered a reaction from the Holy Worlds origin energy and great daos.

But Huang Xiaolong did not explain this to them.

He skipped the subject and said, “Lets go, well take a look around the All Extinguishing Holy Gate headquarters.”

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