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However, Ive heard that Xie Bufan went to cultivate in the Death Cave after returning from the Mirage Pavilion.

His strength increased by quite a bit after emerging from his secluded cultivation.

Also, Li Chen managed to obtain some sort of inheritance from an ancient superpower.

I cannot underestimate his strength.”

However, Ji Xinyi pointed at the mark between Tan Juans eyebrows and chuckled, “Even if their strength increased, they wouldnt be your match!”

Lin Xiaoying revealed an envious look and continued, “Ive heard that the Frozen Snow Imprint was formed from the heart of the Holy World.

Even people like the Martial Ancestor and our teacher failed to obtain it.

Since you managed to obtain it, Xie Bufan and Li Chen wouldnt be able to fight against you even if they worked together, right”

Ji Xinyi nodded.

“If we were to compare talent, the only person who can surpa.s.s Senior Sister Tan Juan will be Huang Xiaolong.

Xie Bufan and Li Chen will never be able to catch up!”

Tan Juan smiled and declined to comment.

However, anyone could see her confidence.

Not too long after the members of the Holy Heavens left, the experts of the other superpowers also made their way towards the Ghost Devil City.

The Clear Snow Palace, the Devil Palace, the Holy Lands Alliance, the Holy Race, the Vajra Race, the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate, The Reservoir Sword Holy Gate, and various other superpowers prepared to meet each other in the Ghost Devil City.

Since there wasnt a restriction on the number of partic.i.p.ants, nearly anyone who was confident enough to take part in the trials arrived.

Countless flying s.h.i. ps rushed towards the Ghost Devil City.

Compared to Huang Xiaolongs apprentices.h.i. p ceremony and the battle at the Mirage Pavilion, there were several times more attendees.

Holy Gates, ancient races, hidden powers, and some ancient clans showed themselves.

In the main hall of the Golden Roc Holy s.h.i. p, Huang Xiaolong, Li Chen, and the members of the Holy Heavens stood respectfully behind Tyrant Chu.

With his hands behind his back, sharp light flashed through Tyrant Chus eyes.

“Ive heard that Mo Cangli will appear….”

s.h.i. Feng took a step forward and reported, “Thats right.

Lord Mo Canglis personal disciple, Huai Po, will be taking part in the Trial of Blood.”

A chuckle left Tyrant Chus lips.

“He even dares to send out a peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint out to waste everyones time….

All of you, listen up.

If you meet him, crush him.

Ill take responsibility if anyone dares to retaliate against us.

Even if you kill Huai Po, it doesnt matter.”

The disciples of the Holy Heavens bowed in unison.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but chuckle softly in his heart.

Everyone in the Holy World knew about the enmity between Tyrant Chu and Mo Cangli.

As for the reason behind their grudge, there were plenty of rumors going about.

Despite the acknowledgment of the rest of the disciples, Huang Xiaolong knew that they would never dare to make a move against Huai Po if they met him in the city.

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong wasnt like any of them.

He would never be afraid of creating trouble.

Moreover, wasnt the other party just a peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint There was no need to fear someone that weak.

If hes unlucky enough to run into me, he can only blame himself….

Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

He didnt care about Huai Pos ident.i.ty.

After glancing at Li Chen from the corner of his eye, Huang Xiaolong saw the calm look on his face.

It was as though he had already forgotten about the matter in the Mirage Pavilion.

He looked extremely obedient in front of Tyrant Chu.

“Li Chen, as the leader of the Holy Princes, you have to take care of the disciples of the Holy Heavens after you enter the city,” Tyrant Chu reminded him.

With a respectful nod, Li Chen replied, “Lord Primal Ancestor, you can rest a.s.sured that I will definitely take care of the rest.

Even though I had a run-in with Junior Disciple Huang in the past, I will act in the interest of our organization.

As the leader of the Holy Princes, I am ready to take on the responsibility of protecting all of our disciples.”

Tyrant Chu nodded his head in content.

Huang Xiaolong cupped his fist and turned to Li Chen.

“Senior Brother Li Chen is really magnanimous.

As your Junior Brother, I respect you.”

Whether or not Li Chen meant his words, the both of them knew that he had spouted a load of b*lls.h.i. t to Tyrant Chu.

With a smile on his face, Li Chen returned Huang Xiaolongs grat.i.tude.

On the surface, everyone got along with each other.

At least, no one would cause trouble in front of Tyrant Chu.

With the speed of the Golden Roc Holy s.h.i. p, they would arrive in the Ghost Devil City in three months.

Huang Xiaolong locked himself up in seclusion as he swallowed the Star Transferring Holy Pills to increase his strength as quickly as he could.

Before he had entered the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, Huang Xiaolong had taken several months to refine a single Star Transferring Holy Pill.

However, he needed less than a month to refine a single pill with his current cultivation level.

Three months pa.s.sed just like that.

The Golden Roc Holy s.h.i. p approached the city steadily.

When Huang Xiaolong emerged, he was already at the peak of the early-Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

He was only a step away from entering the next small realm.

After keeping the Golden Roc Holy s.h.i. p away, Tyrant Chu brought the members of the Holy Heavens towards the city.

Along the way, a ma.s.sive continent appeared in their sights.

Huang Xiaolongs heart trembled when he looked at the ma.s.sive city that pierced into the heavens.

Like the Profound City in the Profound River, and the Mirage Pavilion in the Purple Clouds Sea, the Ghost Devil City was known as one of the largest cities in the Holy World.

Compared to the tranquility of the Profound City and the bustling Mirage Pavilion, there was a mysterious sense of oppression given off by the Ghost Devil City.

One would feel restless and dread the moment they approached it.

Even when they were several hundreds of millions of miles away, the members of the Holy Heavens could feel the dreadful aura around the city.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong knew that the feeling was because of the ghost devil qi surrounding the city.

Despite knowing the cause, no one knew where the ghost devil qi originated from.

It was similar to the creation of the Ghost Devil City.

No one knew who had built it.

Like the Profound River and the Divine Tuo Mountain, the origin of the city was a mystery.

A weird light flashed through Tyrant Chus eyes when he looked at the city.

No one knew what he was thinking of.

Since there were three days till the start of the Trial of Blood, Tyrant Chu brought Huang Xiaolong and the others to the City of Light that was nearby.

By the time they arrived, the city was filled to the brim.

Nearly all the experts in the Holy World were gathered in the city.

Of course, not a single person dared to slight the Holy Heavens as they fell to their knees wherever Tyrant Chu pa.s.sed.

They greeted Tyrant Chu and the others respectfully before getting to their feet.

The Ghost Devil City was located in the Continent of Darkness, and the continent was created by one of the True Saint Realm experts.

The City of Light was built beside the Ghost Devil City for a reason.

Even though the City of Light was huge, and it was comparable in size to the Holy Heavens City, it was like an infant when placed beside the Ghost Devil City.

Since the city was constructed with high-grade light holy spiritual stones, one couldnt feel the ghost devil qi as soon as they entered the city.

After they entered the city, Tyrant Chu allowed them to roam free as long as no one tried to leave the city.

“Junior Brother Huang, why dont we head over to the market There are tons of treasures here not found in the outside world!” One of the holy princes of the Holy Heavens, Chen Yi, asked.

Even though Li Chen was the leader of the Holy Princes, and had formed a faction of his own, there were naturally others who sought to get close to Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Yi was one of them.

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