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Chapter 2515: Talking About the Bet

With Li Chen sulking at the side, the various patriarchs and leaders of their respective races raised their glasses in a toast to Huang Xiaolong.

Since the start of the banquet, congratulations filled the hall.

Naturally, those who owed Huang Xiaolong holy pills took them out obediently and handed them over.

With Tyrant Chus reputation, no one would dare to renege on their bet.

The Patriarch of the Frosty Dragon Holy Gate joked with Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness talent in the Holy World cannot be challenged.

You managed to form your holy soul in the half-True Saint realm, and no one in the history of the Holy World will ever match up to you.

You might even be able to form your dao heart when you enter the True Saint Realm in the future!”

Since the Frosty Dragon Holy Gate was also one of the superpowers in the Holy World, the patriarch was a high-level True Saint Realm expert.

His words were picked up by many others and a ton of people went up to congratulate Huang Xiaolong.

“With Your Highness talent, you will definitely manage to form your dao heart when you enter the True Saint Realm!”

“Thats right! When that happens, Your Highness will be invincible!”

Everyone went on and on, praising Huang Xiaolong to the heavens.

When he heard their praises, a smile remained on his face.

He knew that they were trying to form a good impression in his heart.

There was no way they would ever believe that he could form his dao heart when entering the True Saint Realm.

After all, the Inextinguishable Dao Heart couldnt be compared to the holy soul.

Even though he had created a never-before-seen miracle by forming his holy soul before entering the True Saint Realm, no one would ever think that he could form a dao heart before entering the Primal Ancestor Realm.

After all, the dao heart was an unparalleled presence.

No one knew how many True Saints were there in the Holy World.

Therefore, the number of holy souls was uncountable.

However, the number of Primal Ancestors could be counted on both hands.

Night eventually fell and the celebration ended.

Everyone finally left as Huang Xiaolong was left alone in his courtyard.

The Trial of Blood had passed, and he had qualified.

Even though he had failed to obtain the first position, he wasnt disappointed.

After all, obtaining the Black Corpse Holy Emperors treasury in the Burial Ground was infinitely better than getting the prize for the first position.

Of course, the only thing that mattered after the Trial of Blood was the opening of the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

It was going to open in exactly ten years, and Huang Xiaolong decided to locate the Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance after entering the manor.

After all, the Ancient Battlefield was extremely far away.

Traveling back and forth would take up a lot of time.

Since the Black Corpse Holy Emperor was known as one of the ten strongest True Saints in the Holy World, accepting his inheritance couldn\'t be done in a short period of time.

If he missed the chance to enter the Cangqiong Holy Manor, it wouldnt be worth it.

According to his plan in the past, Huang Xiaolong had wanted to refine the Four Seas Holy Grounds after obtaining his dao heart.

However, that would expose the truth about his Inextinguishable Dao Heart almost instantly.

After thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong decided to put the plan on hold.

“I should refine the Black Corpse Holy Grounds after obtaining the Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance….”

Since he had already cleared the memories of Chen Yi, Lin Xiaoying, and the others, no one else knew about his gains in the Ghost Devil City.

After all, he had hidden the Black Corpse Holy Ring before leaving the city.

Since the Black Corpse Holy Emperor had gone missing several billion years ago, the strength of the Black Corpse Holy Gate had declined sharply.

Not a single soul had remained in the Black Corpse Holy Grounds, and since it was located in a desolate corner of the Holy World, no one would notice if he refined it.

As the Black Corpse was refined by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor, it was considered a high-level Holy Grounds.

Compared to the Four Seas Holy Grounds, it was several tiers stronger.

Refining a single Black Corpse Holy Ground and bringing it around with him would be equivalent to bringing about several hundred Four Seas Holy Grounds.

After taking out the Black Corpse Holy Ring, Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate to continue his refinement process.

In the past, he had used a strand of grandmist holy qi to complete the basic refinement process.

Even though that was done, he would need a lot more time to complete the process.

The night passed in a flash, and Huang Xiaolong only stopped when the first rays of the sun fell on the lands.

Huang Xiaolong kept the Black Corpse Holy Ring away and left his courtyard.

Just as he thought about strolling around in the city, he ran into Li Chen, Xie Yao, and the others.

“Junior Brother Huang….” Li Chen forced a smile on his face.

The others followed his lead and greeted Huang Xiaolong respectfully.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly and continued on his way out of his courtyard.

Before he could leave, Li Chens expression sank, and he stopped Huang Xiaolong.

“Hold it right there.”

“Is there a problem” Huang Xiaolong crossed his arms against his chest and stared at the group before him.

After a slight moment of hesitation, Li Chen forced out a smile with all his strength and said, “Junior Brother Huang, were here to speak to you about the bet we made.”

Huang Xiaolong was slightly stunned by their efficiency.

“Did you already bring the holy artifacts! Thats very nice of you.”

The smiles on their faces froze instantly.

Xie Yao took a step forward and chuckled awkwardly, “Junior Brother Huang, you should know that we only managed to obtain the holy artifacts after giving up a lot.

Why dont you call the bet off”

“Call it off!” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

In fact, he had long since seen through their plans.

He knew that they were waiting for him in his courtyard because of the bet they had made.

However, he had never thought that they would be shameless enough not to give him a single holy artifact.

That was more than ten holy artifacts they were talking about! Was he supposed to nod and agree for them not to pay anything”

The smile on Xie Yaos face turned brighter.

“Ever since you entered the organization, my master has treated you very well.

Why dont we take whatever bet we made as a joke”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but chuckle when he heard Xie Yaos suggestion.

It was at that moment he realized that Xie Yao wasnt just a little shameless, but he was the meaning of shamelessness itself.

“Do you also mean that you dont have to kneel in front of my Blue Dragon Manor after getting back to the city” Huang Xiaolong continued, “Are you here today to tell me all of this”

Li Chen and the others felt their faces turning red.

A low growl escaped Li Chens lips as he tried to preserve whatever dignity he had left.

“Everything happened because of Fu Yunjie.

Ill hand him over to you, and you can do as you see fit.

As soon as we return, I will no longer bother about the grudge you have with Fu Yunjie and the True Reason Holy Gate.

We can also give you a hundred level-ten origin spiritual pills.

How about it”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Li Chen expressionlessly and reminded him, “You seem to have forgotten the terms of our bet.

As long as I qualify, you would carry out the terms you just stated.

Didnt you also say that you wouldnt interfere with the grudge I have with Fu Yunjie Why are you making it seem like I need your permission to deal with Fu Yunjie after this”

“Also, when did a hundred level-ten origin spiritual pills become so valuable Do you really think a hundred level-ten origin spiritual pills can compare to even a single holy artifact”

Li Chen had actually thought of sending him off with a hundred level-ten origin spiritual pills!

Huang Xiaolong even thought that Li Chens brain was malfunctioning.

If he could refuse to give up several tens of holy artifacts with one hundred origin spiritual pills, Huang Xiaolong would possess several hundred thousand of them!

There wasnt a need to mention that Huang Xiaolong didnt even bother with level-ten origin spiritual pills any longer! At his level, they were useless!

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