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Chapter 2519: Approaching the Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds

When Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai had left the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate in the past, they had taken six whole years to get to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

However, they only took a month when returning.

The Winged Dragon Flying Ship wasnt a holy artifact for nothing.

One month passed quickly.

The Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds entered their sights.

As they saw that they were about to arrive, Di Huai felt a sense of anticipation in his heart.

After all, the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was half a home to him.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the main hall of the ship, and he stared coldly at the space before him.

He hadnt ignored anything that had happened in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate in the past few years.

Ever since Jiang Tian had thrown his lot in with the Devil Palace, and he had become Dou Ruis dog, the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate had fallen into his hands.

The Jiang Family was an existence in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate who could call for rain and wind with a stomp of their feet.

They were living an extravagant life.

As for the various female disciples of the holy gate, they were captured and turned into playthings for the members of the Jiang Family.

There were even several families who submitted to the Jiang Familys rule.

In the past hundred years, the Jiang Family had managed to strengthen themselves by several tens of times.

In the past, the Jiang Family was already the number one family in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate! One could only imagine their influence now that they had expanded by tens of times!

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to arrive, Jiang Tian was holding a feast.

Just several days ago, another superpower wanted to submit to the Jiang Family, and it was something worth celebrating.

The celebration didnt stop until night fell.

After the banquet ended, Jiang Tian got several core disciples to stay behind.

When Jiang Wuji noticed Jiang Tians actions, he couldnt help but grumble, “Jiang Tian, Ive been feeling off about something….”

“Are you afraid of Huang Xiaolong”

Since Huang Xiaolong had entered the Holy Heavens, Jiang Wuji had worried about the ticking time bomb that was Huang Xiaolong.

“I cant feel at ease as long as Huang Xiaolong remains alive!” A trace of worry flashed through Jiang Wujis eyes.

“Youre worrying too much.

We have already submitted to the Devil Palace, and were working for Lord Dou Rui now.

Hes one of the six devil princes of the Devil Palace, and his status is something we cannot even imagine! Even patriarchs of the various holy gates around us had to show him respect.

Even if Huang Xiaolong enters the Holy Heavens, he wouldnt be able to challenge Lord Dou Rui! So what if he became a Holy Prince!”

“I have heard that many high-level personnel in the Holy Heavens would run away from Dou Rui if they saw him around.

With a single word from Lord Dou Rui, the members of the Holy Heavens would sh*t themselves!” Jiang Tian laughed.

Zhang Yongjia continued, “Thats right! If Huang Xiaolong dares to show his face around here, well kill him off.

After all, Lord Dou Rui has our backs.

The Holy Heavens wouldnt dare to touch him!”

From their conversation, it was clear that none of them had received the news of Huang Xiaolongs achievements in the Trial of Blood.

Neither were they aware that the Lord Dou Rui they were relying on had already died at Huang Xiaolongs hands.

In fact, they didnt even know that Huang Xiaolong had turned into the direct disciple of the four Primal Ancestors! As for his three Saint godheads that had the ability to evolve….

They could only be said to be more oblivious than a frog in a well!

From what they knew, all Huang Xiaolong had become was a holy prince in the Holy Heavens.

There was no reason for the members of the Devil Palace to tell the Jiang Family anything related to Huang Xiaolong.

After all, who would care about their dogs enemies There was no need for a dog to know of their fate, and the Jiang Family couldnt even be considered a dog of the Devil Palace with their meager strength.

Even though the news of Huang Xiaolongs achievement had practically shaken the Holy World, the Jiang Family were existences in the Holy World comparable to the ant crawling on the ground.

They had no idea about anything that happened.

It was even worse for people like Zheng Yongjia and the others.

All of a sudden, an elder of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate burst through the entrance of the hall and screamed, “Young Patriarch, Zeng Yin, Liu Xinxin, and the others escaped!”

Those were the female disciples the Jiang Family kept as their toys, and their appearances were top notch in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

Their status in the Holy Gate wasnt low to begin with, and some of them were disciples of palace masters and doyens when the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate was still part of the righteous faction.

For example, Zeng Yin was the disciple of Eminent Elder Guo Qirong.

It went without saying that Guo Qirong was killed by Jiang Tian when he had gained power.

Jiang Tian sneered coldly, “I never treated them badly in the past….

How dare they run away from me! Did they forget what happened to those who tried to escape!”

There were tons of disciples who had tried to escape in the past.

However, they were all captured and tortured to death.

Even someone like Jiang Tian couldnt help but frown when he saw the Devil Palaces cruel ways of punishment.

“Send out several experts and capture those b*tches.

If a single one of them manages to escape, you know what will happen to you!”

The grand elder felt his heart tremble in fear when he thought about the punishment.

Taking his leave, he immediately dispatched several experts out to capture them.

The look on Jiang Tians face turned ugly when the grand elder left.

“How dare you sluts escape! Just wait for me to torture you to death when you return!”

When everything played out in the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, a massive flying ship tore through the defensive barrier around the Holy Gate.

It was none other than Huang Xiaolong and his group.

After keeping the Winged Dragon Flying Ship away, he appeared in the space above the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate with Di Huai and the others.

Di Huai looked at the scenery around him, and his expression sank.

The devil qi in the surroundings were aplenty, and there were tons of disciples who were corrupted by the evil qi.

It was clear that the disciples of the Devil Palace had run amok in the Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds.

“Jian Tian and the Devil Palace really messed this place up! All of them deserve to die!” Di Huai raged.

“Jiang Tian… Hand Jiang Tian and Jiang Wuji to me.

You can deal with the rest.”

Di Huai nodded his head in response.

No longer hesitating, everyone charged towards the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

Not too long after they started to rush over, they ran into a group of five to six female disciples.

A large group of experts from the Jiang Family was in hot pursuit.

“Zeng Yin” Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised when he saw someone he knew.

As a disciple of one of the Eminent Elders, Huang Xiaolong had seen her in the past.

Zeng Yin recognized Huang Xiaolong with his sudden cry.

She didnt think too much about it as she fled towards him.

“Junior Brother Huang, hurry up and leave!”

Even though she recognized Huang Xiaolong, she had no idea who Di Huai was.

Of course, someone at her level had no idea that Huang Xiaolong had already entered the Holy Heavens.

After all, they were trapped in the inner palace by Jiang Tian and the others.

They had no idea what went down in the outside world.

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