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Chapter 2545: Saint Fate Appears

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Blue Dragon Manor from the Primal Ancestors space.

Back at the Blue Dragon Manor, Huang Xiaolong asked Di Huai about Fu Yunjies latest update.

The moment Li Chen had died, Fu Yunjie had lost his shelter, and it was time to deal with Fu Yunjie once and for all.

But Di Huai actually reported that Fu Yunjie had slid away from the Heavenly Master Holy Ground after getting news of Li Chens death.

Currently, Fu Yunjie and his father, Fan Xia, were hiding in the Holy Lands Alliance.

“He slipped away” Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

He had exhorted the Departing Sword Sage to keep an eye on Fu Yunjie to prevent this, but Fu Yunjie had still slipped off in the end.

The Departing Sword Sage looked ashamed, “Indeed so, Your Highness.

Fu Yunjie is simply too cunning.

I dont know from where he got a high-grade escape talisman.

That was how he managed to run away.

Subordinate failed in completing the task, and he is ready to accept punishment.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and said, “Its alright, it doesnt matter if he has slipped away.

Its just the same digging them out from the Holy Lands Alliance later.”

Fu Yunjie escaped this time, but he wont be able to do so every time.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried even if Fu Yunjie and Fan Xia ran to the end of the world.

However, in order to prevent Fu Yunjie and Fan Xia from fleeing from the Holy Lands Alliance to some obscure corner of some unknown holy ground, Huang Xiaolong ordered people to keep an eye on the father and sons movements.

Counting the time, there were six to seven years until the predicted time of Saint Fate\'s appearance, and Huang Xiaolong planned to use this time to raise his cultivation to the peak of late Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint.

So, dealing with the father and son could only be pushed back until he integrated with the Saint Fate and broke through to True Saint Realm.

In the subsequent days, Huang Xiaolong stayed at the Blue Dragon Manor and focused on improving his cultivation, entering into peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

Instead of consuming Cangqiong Holy Pills, Huang Xiaolong consumed Star Transferring Holy Pills.

Each Cangqiong Holy Pill was extremely precious.

Thus he was saving them for later when he would break through to True Saint Realm.

Though he was only consuming the Star Transferring Holy Pills, Huang Xiaolong was confident that it was enough to help him advance to peak late-Ninth Tribulation before the Saint Fate appeared.

Time flowed by, and six years went by in the blink of an eye.

In these six years, Huang Xiaolong barely took a step out from the secret chamber.

After refining the first Star Transferring Holy Pill, he continued with the second, third, fourth pellet, and so on…

Based on Huang Xiaolongs current terrifying absorption and cultivation speed, he could fully absorb the energy within a Star Transferring Holy Pill in two to three days.

In six years time, even Huang Xiaolong had lost count about how many Star Transferring Holy Pills he had consumed.

He only remembered that he had advanced to the peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm four years ago.

He had stopped consuming Star Transferring Holy Pill after that, keeping the remaining holy pills for future use.

After all, at this point, no matter how many holy pills he consumed, they would be wasted as he couldnt break through to True Saint Realm relying on them.

Even so, he remained in seclusion, and his half-True Saint power had become even more compact.

Again and again, he tempered, suppressed, and condensed the energy within his body.

Four years ago when Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had entered the peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, his half-True Saint energy had turned a pale golden color.

Through numerous repeated condensations, the pale golden color had changed to golden, bright platinum, golden-purple, and crimson-golden.

Now, when Huang Xiaolong released his half-True Saint energy, his entire body was enshrouded by a blinding crimson golden light that seemingly could split a crack through heaven and earth.

On this particular day, with half a year remaining until Saint Fate appeared, the Holy World trembled as coruscating rays of light lit up its skies, and these rays of light were increasingly blinding.

All experts in every holy ground and ancient race raised their heads and stared into the sky with a surprised but ecstatic expression.

“Saint Fates are appearing!”

This was a phenomenon the Saint Fate was about to be born.

When these rays of light shone at their extreme brightest, Saint Fates would appear one after another.

“How many Saint Fates are going to appear this time”

“Normally, when Saint Fates appear, they rarely exceed ten in number.

This time, its probably between five to ten!”

Nine out of ten times when Saint Fate appeared, there would be five or more Saint Fates.

Very rarely there would be more than ten Saint Fates.

“Not necessarily, there were eleven Saint Fates in the last appearance.

This time around, its likely to be more than ten.

Moreover, judging from the intense rays of light in the sky, there might even be high-order Saint Fates appearing!”

“High-order Saint Fate hasnt appeared for countless years.

Among the eleven Saint Fates that appeared the last time, only two of them were of mid-order, the rest were all low-order Saint Fates.”

The various holy grounds, ancient races, and sects experts were discussing the same topic.

Some were filled with anticipation, some indifference, and some were envious, or feeling jealous.

Overall, there were all levels of excitement.

Those looking forward with anticipation were naturally peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm experts, who were especially talented holy princes of superpowers such as Mo Canglis disciple, Huai Po.

Huai Po hoped with every fiber in his body that a high-order Saint Fate would appear, and another person with the same thought was the Clear Snow Palace Master, Xue Lingyun.

Somewhere within the Holy Lands Alliance, Mo Cangli stood with his hands clasped at his back as he observed the brilliance of the skies.

Standing behind him was Huai Po, staring at the bright sky with a burning gaze.

“Master, judging from how bright these rays of light are, there must be high-order Saint Fate appearing this time, and very likely there are more than one!”

Huai Po added excitedly, “There could be three, maybe even four!” Excitement was written all over his face as he went on, “That means, one of them must be mine!”

However, there was no prompt response from Mo Cangli.

It was a while later that Mo Cangli spoke, “Competing for the Saint Fate fully relies on yourself.

You should have a chance at getting a high-order Saint Fate.

However, this time…!”

When Saint Fate appeared, there would be a Saint Fate boundary in the immediate vicinity.

Only those below True Saint Realm, and Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm and above could freely enter this boundary area.

No one could help them even if they wanted to.

Huai Pos ecstatic expression froze.

He looked a little dazedly at Mo Cangli and asked, “Master is worried about Huang Xiaolong If there are three high-order Saint Fate this time, he takes one, I take one, and Lin Xiaoying takes one.”

Mo Cangli shook his head, “Dont forget, he has three complete dao saint godheads!”

Huai Pos face changed from ecstasy to anger, “Master, are you saying that Huang Xiaolong can integrate with three Saint Fates! But no one has ever done that before!”

“Thats because a disciple with two complete dao saint godheads has never appeared in the Holy World before.

In the future, when the Holy Races Xiao Baili reaches the peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint, he will probably integrate with two Saint Fates as well!”

“When the time comes, just choose a mid-order Saint Fate,” Mo Cangli sighed.

Huai Po was exasperated and shouted, “No! Why should I choose only a mid-order Saint Fate Why should I yield to Huang Xiaolong! Master, I am unwilling! Why should I!”

Mo Cangli shook his head and sighed, “That is life! Remember my words, do not compete for high-order Saint Fate.”

A cold light glinted in Huai Pos eyes as he refuted, “When we entered the Saint Fates boundary, Huang Xiaolong wont be able to use the power of his holy soul.

Master, in that case, I might not necessarily lose to him!”

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