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Chapter 2548: High-order Saint Fate

The blinding rays were akin to a waterfall of light that hung down from the void, fluttering in the sky.

“Quickly get out of the way!”

Seeing the rays of light unfold in the sky, some of the closer holy grounds patriarchs cried out in alarm and ordered their disciples a hasty retreat.

Wherever these rays passed through, that area would be incorporated into the Saint Fates boundary.

If someone that did not meet the conditions would be trapped inside the boundary, even if they were a True Saint Realm expert, their life could be considered as good as gone!

They would be reduced to ashes!

The source of this blinding light was the Holy Worlds strongest grand dao, and even a peak Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm expert couldnt guarantee his own life!

Originally, everyone was ready for the moment when the Saint Fates would appear.

Thus many of them had been waiting at a far distance, but no one had expected the Saint Fates boundary to be so extensive this time around.

In fact, it was many times bigger than all previous times.

Looking at the blinding light descending from the void, the various patriarchs led their disciples in a rapid retreat once again.

Faster than the blink of an eye, groups of True Saint experts and their Ninth disciples fled desperately for their lives.

Even Mo Cangli and Xue Lingyun, these two Primal Ancestor experts had to retreat before the expanding Saint Fates boundary.

Although a Primal Ancestor Realm expert wouldnt die being trapped inside the Saint Fates boundary, they would be greatly suppressed by the boundarys grand dao power, leaving them unable to move at all.

The best scenario would be suffering some physical injuries, and the worst situation would be a damaged soul.

Thus, these experts and disciples retreated faster than the receding tides, leaving only those Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm disciples.

Huai Po was ecstatic as he watched the changes in the sky.

In general, the bigger the Saint Fates boundary was, the higher the number of Saint Fates would appear, and the higher their order would be.

In less than ten minutes, the coruscating rays of light merged into a great boundary barrier, and the Saint Fates boundary was finally formed!

When the Saint Fates boundary stabilized, it was time for the Saint Fates to be born.


A sound resounded in the ears of every person in the Holy World at this moment, as if something had broken out from its shell, or the sound of a butterfly breaking out from its cocoon.

This sound seemed to come from the deepest part of their holy souls and dao souls, shaking their very core.

This was the most melodic music they had ever heard, and it was the most beautiful sound of the grand dao.

Subsequently, Huai Po, Lin Xiaoying, and others outside the Saint Fates boundary, including Mo Cangli and Xue Lingyun, saw a ball of dazzling golden light appear in the void.

This bright golden ball of light contained the purest Holy Worlds origin energy, transcending life and death, and brimming with all elements of energy and profound esoterics.

The light-balls surface rippled endlessly as strands of grand dao swirled within, and one could almost make out the shape of a moving infant inside it, but it was extremely vague.

Not even a Primal Ancestor could see clearly.

“Saint Fate!”

After seeing the ball of light with grand dao rippling along its surface, almost everyone yelled in excitement.

The first Saint Fate was going to be born!

However, the Saint Fate inside this light-ball was clearly a low-order Saint Fate.

Generally speaking, the more grand dao a Saint Fate possessed, the stronger it was, and this Saint Fates grand dao did not exceed three hundred strands.

Thus it was clearly a low-order Saint Fate.

Then, anothershissss sound rang in the sky as another low-order Saint Fate was born.

A second later, the third Saint Fate appeared.

Low-order Saint Fates were always the first to be born, and the higher Saint Fates would be born later.

After three consecutive low-order Saint Fates, the blinding light in the skies of Cambrian Pool Star suddenly grew even brighter, reaching the four corners of the Holy World as an enormous golden ball of light appeared.

The number of grand dao strands inside this ball of light were over six hundred!

“Its mid-order Saint Fate! Mid-order Saint Fate has appeared!”

The crowd quivered in excitement.

The Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm experts were ecstatic.

Despite the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples ecstasy, no one dared to make the first move to snatch the mid-order Saint Fate.

It was because when Saint Fates were being born, they were protected by a repelling energy.

Only after all the Saint Fates were born would the repelling energy disappear, and that would be the time the disciples could start competing for these Saint Fates.

While everyone waited in a thrill of excitement, another melodic sound rang in the air as another mid-order Saint Fate was born.

The crowd hadnt expected that mid-order Saint Fates would appear consecutively, and there were six of them in total! Mid-order Saint Fates stopped after the sixth one.

“Six, six mid-order Saint Fates!”

A high-level True Saint ancestor was flabbergasted.

He had personally witnessed the appearance of the Saint Fates several times, but never once had there been so many mid-order Saint Fates.

Moreover, in the Holy Worlds long history, there had never been a record of six mid-order Saint Fates.

In the last Saint Fates birth, there were a total of eleven Saint Fates and amongst them, there were only two mid-order Saint Fates, the rest were all low-order.

Most of the time, there had been more low-order Saint Fates than mid-order Saint Fates, yet this time, there were more mid-order Saint Fates than low-order ones, and to be precise, there were six of them!

Not only Huai Po, Lin Xiaoying, and other Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples, but even experts like Mo Cangli, Xue Lingyun, and the various holy grounds and ancient races patriarchs and ancestors were astounded.

In the next moment, an explosion of lights dominated the skies of Cambrian Pool Star as rings of holy lights expanded outwards to the horizon like great resplendent waves.

Then, a ball of light, more dazzling than any previous light-balls that had appeared so far, emerged from the void and entered everyones sight.

“High-order Saint Fate!”

All the experts gathered at the Cambrian Pool Star boiled over with excitement.

“High-order Saint Fate! This time, there really is a high-order Saint Fate!” One of the Devil Palaces experts exclaimed in excitement.

“How many billions of years has it been since the last time a high-order Saint Fate appeared It looks similar to the time when Lord Mo Cangli integrated with Saint Fate!” The Vajra Race Patriarch Jin Nu exclaimed.

It had always been a belief that only with an appearance of a genius disciple with outstanding talent, would there be a birth of a high-order Saint Fate.

In order words, high-order Saint Fate appeared whenever there was a disciple with high hopes of entering Primal Ancestor Realm.

“High-order Saint Fate! The high-order Saint Fate is absolutely mine!” Huai Po exclaimed, laughing maniacally.

Hearing Huai Pos manic words, Lin Xiaoyings brows were scrunched together, as she felt displeased.

But she was frequently looking around, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, and there was an obvious urgency on her face.

Now, even high-order Saint Fate has appeared, and it wont take long before all Saint Fates were born.

If Huang Xiaolong still failed to appear at that time, then forget high-order Saint Fate, Huang Xiaolong wont even get one Saint Fate.

What to do What should I do! Lin Xiaoying repeated again and again in her heart.

Then, another burst of intense blinding light lit up the Cambrian Pool Star as a new high-order Saint Fate appeared!

“A second high-order Saint Fate! This is unprecedented!”

The crowds excitement reached a high peak.

Though high-order Saint Fate had appeared before, two high-order Saint Fates had never appeared at the same time.

Ripples of excitement were reflected in Mo Cangli and Xue Lingyuns eyes.

“There are indeed two high-order Saint Fates!” Huai Po could hardly contain himself as he went on, “There should be another one! If I integrate with all three high-order Saint Fates, I will definitely be the first and only person in the Holy World to pull such a feat!”

While the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples were raring to go, the third high-order Saint Sate entered everyones line of sight.

Just as everyone thought that was the end of it, a burst of light lit up the sky once again as the fourth high-order Saint Fate appeared!

While everyones attention was on the fourth high-order Saint Fate, in the far-distant horizon, a figure whizzed through the vast space at an alarming speed.

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