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Chapter 2551: Huai Pos Talent

Huang Xiaolongs strength had by far exceeded Mo Canglis and other experts estimation, more so Mo Canglis estimation.

Before this, Mo Cangli had assumed that even if Huang Xiaolong was stronger than his disciple Huai Po, it wouldnt not be so easy for Huang Xiaolong to defeat Huai Po.

But one strike from Huang Xiaolong had completely subverted Mo Cangli and others imagination.

A peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm disciple, under the situation where his True Saint Realm related powers were suppressed, had killed twenty-plus peak late- Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm disciples in a breaths time! Even his disciple Huai Po was no match!

This level of combat power had surpassed Mo Cangli when he was a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

Ignoring the shocked faces around him, Huang Xiaolong\'s expression was frosty as he spoke, I\'ll spare your life this time, but if you make another move at high-order Saint Fate, you will die like the rest!

Huai Po\'s face turned beet red upon hearing Huang Xiaolong\'s words.

He was a proud son of heaven before Huang Xiaolong had appeared, and his name had dominated the first place on the Saint Fate List.

There had always been people fawning and flattering him wherever he went, yet Huang Xiaolong reprimanded him in front of so many people about sparing his life! This was literal…!


Huang Xiaolong\'s condescending attitude, as if he was chiding an insignificant ant, made Huai Po feel humiliated like never before!

Huai Po laughed hysterically in fury, Huang Xiaolong, you are so arrogant that it\'s ridiculous! Since when is my life up to you to spare You weren\'t even able to kill me just now, but you still have the cheek to say that you spared me Ludicrous! I was merely careless, and that\'s why you managed to sneak an attack to injure me.

So you really think you can defeat me

Oh, Huang Xiaolong responded tepidly, According to you, you\'re so amazing that in a frontal battle, I am not an opponent against you

Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to snatch the twelve high-order Saint Fates!

He had killed Xiao Chongshan and twenty-plus disciples in seconds, successfully deterring other disciples.

For a moment, none of them dared to snatch high-order Saint Fates.

Huai Po snickered harshly as he wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

Bright holy light burst out from his body as a huge complete dao saint godhead flew out.

This huge complete dao saint godhead emitted bright flickering rays that reached every corner of the Saint Fate\'s boundary.

An overwhelming violent aura that wanted to destroy everything spread out.

Everyone looked at the huge complete dao saint godhead with astonishment in their eyes.

Great Immemorial Saint Godhead!

An experts yell rang in everyones ears.

The Great Immemorial Saint Godhead ranked fourth!

Ranked fourth!

Discounting the Origin Complete Dao Saint Godhead, only the second and third-ranked complete dao saint godheads ranked higher than the Great Immemorial Saint Godhead.

Among the top ten complete dao saint godheads, the upper five were considered as legends, immemorial legends, revered and worshipped by many of the Holy World.

A sense of pride filled Mo Cangli as he looked at Huai Po\'s Great Immemorial Saint Godhead.

This was one of the things he prided about his disciple.

Right at this time, a bright ray of light shone from between Huai Po\'s eyebrows as a black rune imprint appeared.

The moment the black rune imprint appeared, everyone had the illusion that the world had fallen into darkness.

That is the Darkness Fate Imprint The Holy Race\'s Patriarch Bai Moyang exclaimed in shock.

Darkness Fate Imprint, it\'s actually the Darkness Fate Imprint!

A commotion spread through the crowd of experts.

Tan Juan\'s Frozen Snow Imprint was born from the heart of the Holy World, and it controlled all of the Holy World\'s snow and ice element powers.

The Darkness Fate Imprint also originated from the heart of the Holy World, and it controlled the darkness and the yin energy within the darkness.

The Darkness Fate Imprint\'s powers were not weaker than the Frozen Snow Imprint.

Everyone was shocked and amazed by Huai Po.

It had never crossed Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying\'s mind that Huai Po\'s complete dao saint godhead would be the Great Immemorial Saint Godhead, or that he would have the Darkness Fate Imprint, and the shock on their faces was obvious.

His Highness Huai Po\'s talent is so amazing.

No wonder he dominated the Saint Fate List for so long! He\'s so powerful! Once His Highness integrates with a high-order Saint Fate, not even Xie Bufan or Li Chen can compare to His Highness Huai Po!

A Holy Lands Alliance expert sighed in admiration.

That\'s not all! Even if you combine Xie Bufan and Li Chen, they cannot compare to His Highness Huai Po! An Ancient Emperor Holy Ground Hall Master added with a laugh.

In an instant, voices of awe and admiration sounded through the Cambrian Pool Star\'s sky.

All of them were amazed by Huai Po\'s talent.

Although Huang Xiaolong has three complete dao saint godheads, and Holy Mandate Imprint, his three complete dao saint godheads are probably in the ten-plus ranks Therefore, even if Huang Xiaolong is stronger than His Highness Huai Po, there is a limit to it, Shen Jiewen commented, as his eyes glimmered with an obscured light.

In the Cangqiong Holy Manor, Huang Xiaolong was merely relying on the Heaven Opening Dragon Spear to kill Xie Bufan and Li Chen, how else was he able to kill them Now Huang Xiaolong is unable to use his holy souls, saint artifacts, or dao artifacts.

In my opinion, in the fight later, Huang Xiaolong will not be His Highness Huai Po\'s opponent! the Silver Wings Holy Gate\'s Patriarch Ying Zhi commented.

Many experts agreed with Ying Zhi\'s comment.

Huang Xiaolong too was slightly surprised to see Huai Po\'s Great Immemorial Saint Godhead.

Li Chen has the Myriad Creation Saint Godhead, and it truly came as a surprise that Huai Po has the Great Immemorial Saint Godhead that ranked one place higher than Li Chens!

Another thing that surprised Huang Xiaolong was Huao Pis Darkness Fate Imprint.

Huang Xiaolong was aware that his master Elder Crows grand dao art, the Epoch of Darkness was inspired by the Darkness Fate Imprints powers.

Before Elder Crow had stepped into Primal Ancestor Realm, he had once seen the Darkness Fate Imprint, but he had failed to subjugate the Darkness Fate Imprint, letting it escape.

It seemed that the runaway Darkness Fate Imprint had fallen into Huai Pos hands.

Taking in the astonished gazes and whispers of awe around him, Huai Po raised his chin proudly and spoke in a haughty tone, “Huang Xiaolong, do you still dare to say that youll spare me Dont assume because you have three complete dao saint godheads, and the Holy Mandate Imprint, you can treat other geniuses like ants.

In truth, youre nothing but an ant in my eyes!”


“Exactly so!” Huai Pos words immediately resonated with the various holy grounds and ancient races patriarchs that had blood feud with Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didnt respond to the clamors from these disciples, as he looked straight at Huai Po and said, “In short, you still want to compete for high-order Saint Fates”

Huai Pos voice revealed his determination, “Thats right, Huang Xiaolong.

I can yield six high-order Saint Fates to you, the remaining six belong to me! Otherwise, even if I have to go all out, risking heavy injuries myself, I will stop you and then no one will get them!”

“You shouldnt dream of getting even one then!” Huai Po said through gritted teeth.

“In that case, make your move,” Huang Xiaolong went on tepidly, “Remember, you only have one chance, so use your full power and your most powerful attack, or you might die in unwillingness.”

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was still spouting big words at this time, Huai Po bellowed and frenziedly spurred his Great Immemorial Saint Godheads powers!

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