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Chapter 2554: Stuff Yourself Dead!

Had integrating with three high-order Saint Fates been Huang Xiaolong\'s limit, then Mo Cangli could have still been able to estimate Huang Xiaolong\'s future achievements, but six!

He could neither estimate nor imagine how terrifying Huang Xiaolong would be in the future.

In lack of a more apt word, he could only say that Huang Xiaolong would be very, very terrifying in the future!

So terrifying that he who was already a Primal Ancestor felt apprehensive and fearful.

Another hour passed under the experts\' apprehensive and fearful gazes fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls\' opened their eyes and each grabbed another high-order Saint Fate!

Without any hesitation!

Not the tiniest bit.

Xue Lingyun, Mo Cangli, the Holy Race\'s Patriarch Bai Moyang, Gui Buwang, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, Lin Xiaoying, and the many present experts as well as all Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples were all dumbfounded.

…This, is Huang Xiaolong planning to integrate with nine high-order Saint Fates He really wants to integrate nine high-order Saint Fates alone!

A holy gate\'s patriarch was truly unnerved by Huang Xiaolong\'s action.

This action was simply insane!

It was too daring even for one\'s wildest imagination.

Xue Lingyun reacted first and her voice carried a strong anxiety, Junior Brother, you, what are you doing Don\'t do something foolish!

Lin Xiaoying also cried out urgently, Thirteen, don\'t force yourself, forget it!

Huang Xiaolong had created a miracle by being the first person in the Holy World\'s history capable of integrating six high-order Saint Fates, and this record would last until the Holy World crumbled.

Six high-order Saint Fates guaranteed that Huang Xiaolong would step into the Primal Ancestor Realm in the future, and become an invincible hegemon in the Holy Worlds future.

In Xue Lingyun and Lin Xiaoying\'s opinions, it was unnecessary to risk integrating another three high-order Saint Fates.

In case of failure, and a backlash, then everything would be for naught!

At that time, there would be no hope of recovery.

But Huang Xiaolong did not seem to hear Xue Lingyun and Lin Xiaoyings caution, and continued to pull his seventh, eighth, and ninth high-order Saint Fates from the void.

Then, with the same method, his holy souls absorbed the three high-order Saint Fates.

Gui Buwang, the Devil Palaces experts, as well as other forces experts who had grudges with Huang Xiaolong gloated inwardly.

“Huang Xiaolong, I dont believe you can integrate nine high-order Saint Fates!” Gui Buwang sneered inwardly, “If you really do it, Ill vacate the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate Patriarch position!”

The Ghost Talisman Holy Gates experts exchanged a silent glance.

“Patriarch, if Huang Xiaolong really…” one of the Ghost Talisman Holy Gates hall masters couldnt resist asking.

Before he finished his sentence, Gui Buwang sent him flying with a backhand slap.

“You think theres any possibility for Huang Xiaolong to integrate nine high-order Saint Fates” Gui Buwang snorted, “Truly ridiculous! Even though he has holy souls, its still impossible for him to integrate nine high-order Saint Fates!” There were three holy souls, and nine high-order Saint Fates.

Thus Huang Xiaolong was trying to integrate three high-order Saint Fates with each of his holy souls.

In Gui Buwang\'s opinion, no matter how strong Huang Xiaolong\'s holy souls were, they would fail to endure the power of three high-order Saint Fates.

Huang Xiaolong was definitely going to explode!

Stuff yourself dead! Gui Buwang snickered maliciously.

Master, in your opinion, can Huang Xiaolong integrate with nine high-order Saint Fates The Holy Race\'s Xiao Baili couldn\'t stop himself from asking Bai Moyang.

Although Xiao Baili\'s cultivation had not reached Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, he had followed Patriarch Bai Moyang and other Holy Race experts to spectate and gain some insights.

In fact, many patriarchs and sect chiefs had brought the promising disciples of their factions over to spectate, and let them witness the real situation when competing for Saint Fates.

This way, they would know what was at stake and would be prepared when their turns arrived in the future.

Bai Moyang was silent for a long time before shaking his head and answering Xiao Baili\'s answer, Probably not.

Huang Xiaolong integrated with six high-order Saint Fates and that should be his limit.

It\'s the greatest of luck.

Integrating nine high-order Saint Fates is simply wishful thinking!

Xiao Baili\'s expression was extremely complicated as he watched Huang Xiaolong.

After the battle stage challenge at the Mirage Pavillion, Xiao Baili had doubled his efforts, cultivating diligently with the aim of defeating Huang Xiaolong one day.

But now he discovered that Huang Xiaolong had grown out of his reach, and Huang Xiaolong was no longer someone he could win against!

Perhaps, from the beginning, in Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes, he was as insignificant as other disciples.

Recalling that even the number one name reigning the Saint Fate List, Huai Po, had exploded to his death under Huang Xiaolong\'s one slap, bitterness crept up Xiao Baili\'s heart.

He was still dreaming of challenging Huang Xiaolong one more time.

However, if Huang Xiaolong\'s attempt to integrate with nine high-order Saint Fates ended in failure…!

It was hard to describe his mood in a few words.

He hoped for Huang Xiaolong to succeed, yet he also wanted to see Huang Xiaolong fail at the same time.

Under many complicated gazes, time slowly passed—half an hour, one hour…!

As the hours passed, the backlash Gui Buwang and other experts\' were anticipating still did not happen.

Everything was normal.

Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls\' might casted a net of pressure, and the holy light shining from their bodies shone like a million burning suns.

The invisible pressure surging from Huang Xiaolong\'s body had grown stronger, causing the surrounding airflow to stagnate.

Everyone felt an indescribable pressure, a kind of suffocation.

The invisible pressure didn\'t bother the experts outside the Saint Fate\'s boundary, however, for the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples within the Saint Fate\'s boundary, it felt as if there was a huge hand squeezing them, and it wouldn\'t stop until they were dead.

All Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples retreated in fear until they reached the edge of the Saint Fate\'s boundary, panting heavily.

During the previous two times, Huang Xiaolong had integrated with high-order Saint Fates in a little over two hours, but this time, more than four hours had already passed.

Almost five hours later, Huang Xiaolong once again set his sights on the remaining three high-order Saint Fates in the void.

Huang Xiaolong was feeling full after integrating with nine high-order Saint Fates back to back.

If he integrated another three Saint Fates, Huang Xiaolong was not a hundred percent certain he could succeed.

At most, there was a sixty percent chance!

Forty percent he might fail and explode to his death!

Should I… gamble on it!

Not to mention, if I monopolize all high-order Saint Fates, what about Lin Xiaoying Thinking of this, he turned to look at Lin Xiaoying.

Lin Xiaoying saw through Huang Xiaolong\'s question in a single look, and nodded her head encouragingly at him.

Huang Xiaolong\'s gaze once again fell onto the last three high-order Saint Fates.

He inhaled deeply and reached out to grab them.

The experts outside were in a furor.

Twe-twelve! He actually wants to integrate twelve high-order Saint Fates! Those are high-order Saint Fates! He\'s crazy! Mad! Shen Jiewen was screaming his head off.

No one knew why he was so agitated.

Gui Buwang too was \'agitated\' and his face was distorted, Good, integrate, go on! The more the better!

Even if you didnt stuff yourself dead with nine high-order Saint Fates, I believe that twelve Saint Fates will kill you!

Watching Gui Buwang\'s agitated behaviour, the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s experts wisely kept their mouths shut.

Of course, they did not forget that Gui Buwang had said that if Huang Xiaolong successfully integrated with nine high-order Saint Fates, he would vacate his patriarch position.

Xue Lingyun watched dazedly as Huang Xiaolong grabbed the last three high-order Saint Fates.

At this point, she didn\'t know what to say anymore.

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