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Chapter 2568: Ancient Battlefield

The moment Hei Luo opened his mouth to speak, devil qi and death qi flowed from his mouth, murking the Black Corpse Devil Cave.

Even Huang Xiaolong was nearly hazed by the sudden rush of devil qi and death qi, rendering him speechless.

He quickly had Hei Luo control his bodys devil qi and death qi, then told Hei Luo to shrink his size.

In the blink of an eye, the sky-propping black pillar Hei Luos body started shrinking.

“Smaller, smaller, smaller!”

Under Huang Xiaolongs constant urging, Hei Luos original size of tens of millions of miles shrunk to a few million miles, to several thousand miles, and finally, down to thirty meters tall.

Thirty meters tall could be considered as the average height for a giant, but Huang Xiaolong still felt Hei Luos height was too eye-catching, hence, he had Hei Luo shrink a bit more.

At roughly three to four meters, Huang Xiaolong yelled, “Stop.”

After shrinking down to Huang Xiaolongs satisfaction, Hei Luo also converged his aura completely.

Not even a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint would be able to tell Hei Luos origins.

Hei Luo has a very dark-toned skin and he seemed to reflect light, just like a black diamond.

Having subjugated Hei Luo, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to leave the Black Corpse Devil Cave, and he continued looking for those demonized holy souls.

He spent almost another week inside the cave, reaping seventy to eighty percent of the demonized holy souls before leaving happily with Hei Luo in tow.

After leaving Black Corpse Devil Cave behind where devil qi and death qi continued to roil, Huang Xiaolong stopped briefly in the air, but sped away with Hei Luo without any thoughts.

Perhaps, not far in the future, this Black Corpse Devil Cave which was one of the dangerous places in the Profound River would disappear quietly.

After exiting the Black Corpse Devil Cave, Huang Xiaolong did not leave the Profound River, but descended towards the Profound Rivers riverbed with Hei Luo.

The lower Huang Xiaolong got, the greater pressure and resistance he faced, where frightening water currents flowed.

After a certain point, even Huang Xiaolong found it difficult to go down further.

It was as if he was going down a bottomless abyss.

It was hard for him to descend a hundred meters in an hour, so Huang Xiaolong returned the way he had come, and directly left the Profound River with Hei Luo.

Out from the Profound River, Huang Xiaolong entered the Cangqiong Dao Palace and headed to the ancient battlefield with Hei Luo.

The journey was extremely peaceful.

On the journey to the ancient battlefield, Huang Xiaolong handed the Cangqiong Dao Palaces helm to Hei Luo while he entered the main hall and began refining the holy souls he had captured in the Black Corpse Devil Cave.

In recent years, Huang Xiaolong first devoured then refined the Four Seas Holy Emperor Lu Dings holy soul, then it was Xiao Lengxue, Dou Rui, and others holy souls he had gotten during the Trial of Blood, ending with Li Chen and Xie Bufans holy souls.

Then, he moved on to the holy souls of experts from the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Devil Palace he had killed during the appearance of Saint Fate.

Lastly, were the holy souls of spies sent to Blue Dragon Manor by the two forces.

Along the way, the number of holy souls Huang Xiaolong devoured and refined had reached a shocking amount.

After this, Huang Xiaolongs three holy souls grew stronger, especially his three holy souls underwent a tremendous transformation after integrating with twelve high-order Saint Fates, and his three holy souls power exceeded his imagination.

Huang Xiaolong himself could not tell whether his holy souls were holy souls or dao souls.

Maybe, it would be more accurate to say that his three holy souls were in the midst of evolving to dao souls.

‘If I absorbed the several hundred holy souls from the Black Corpse Devil Cave, when I summoned all three holy souls, they could probably kill a lot of late-Ninth Heaven True Saints in a single strike… Huang Xiaolong toyed with the idea in his head.

Huang Xiaolong started absorbing the several hundred holy souls he had collected from the Black Corpse Devil Cave, starting from the low-level True Saints holy souls.

From First Heaven, Second Heaven, Third Heaven, then Fourth Heaven, and upwards to Fifth Heaven True Saint holy souls.

It was a long journey, and Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to reach the destination.

By the time Huang Xiaolong arrived at the ancient battlefield, half a year had passed.

During this time, he had finished absorbing the several hundred holy souls suppressed inside the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

With the supplements of several hundred holy souls, Huang Xiaolongs three holy souls shone brighter than ever, amongst their amber-colored light was hints of purple.

This was the light of grand dao.

A Primal Ancestors dao soul exuded golden purple light.

Retrieving the Cangqiong Dao Palace, Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo stood at the edge of the ancient battlefield.

As his first impression about the ancient battlefield, Huang Xiaolong thought that it was vast, desolate, and flowing with a fierce aura of slaughter.

A mysterious gray fog ruled the ancient battlefields airspace, flowing with the wind yet so dense that it did not scatter.

Just as the two entered the ancient battlefield, a gust of cold wind blew over them, and it was a very strong gust of wind.

Clearly, it was not an ordinary cold wind, but a kind of cold yin wind that had formed due to the long years of accumulation of yin souls energy, resembling hells frigid wind that froze ones limbs.

Huang Xiaolong did not put up any protective barriers, letting the yin winds blow against his skin.

In this ancient battlefield, a half-True Saint wouldnt dare to let these yin winds to blow against their skin, accumulating into cold yin energy that would gradually devour their holy energy.

Cold yin energy would be very troublesome if it wasnt expelled in a timely manner.

But Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried about the yin winds at all.

Maybe it was due to the thick layer of gray fog above the ancient battlefield, the ancient battlefields environment was cloudy and hazy.

Other than the gusts of yin winds, there was also a strange smell across the ancient battlefield.

It was a foul smell between blood and rotten corpses.

As corpses decomposed and mixed with the blood that had seeped into the ground over the years, it gradually gave birth to a kind of toxic blood corpse qi.

This kind of toxic blood corpse qi was scary, just staining a little bit in it would cause a persons blood to coagulate, hampering the smooth flow of ones energy.

The blood corpse qi was so overbearing that level-seven, even level-eight origin spiritual pills failed to expel it from the body.

However, when this blood corpse qi entered Huang Xiaolongs body, it was immediately purified by the holy energy in his body, leaving only the purest holy spiritual qi that was then absorbed by him.

Hei Luo followed loyally behind Huang Xiaolong, just like a huge black whirlpool that continuously swallowed the surrounding yin winds and blood corpse qi.

To Hei Luo, even if these yin winds and blood corpse qi become a hundred thousand times more lethal, they were nothing but supplements to him.

The dao physique of a Primal Ancestor was already the strongest physique in the Cangqiong Holy World.

Huang Xiaolong took out the Black Corpse Holy Symbol.

The Black Corpse Holy Symbol hovered above his head as he tried to sense the Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance through it.

Not long after the two entered the ancient battlefield, they encountered an undead spirit.

There were three kinds of danger in the ancient battlefield, one was the endless yin and blood corpse qi, second was the restrictions all around, and lastly, there were the numerous wandering undead spirits and nethersouls.

There were Ninth Heaven True Saint existences amongst these undead spirits and nethersouls.

Many Ninth Heaven True Saints had fallen in every war between the Holy World and Alien Lands.

Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo were still at the outer edges of the ancient battlefield, hence these undead spirits and nethersouls they came across were not very strong, and most of them were below True Saint Realm.

Huang Xiaolong did not make any move, while Hei Luo opened his mouth and swallowed everything.

As they ventured further in, they began to see peak late-half True Saint Realm, First Heaven, and Second Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirits and nethersouls.

All of them were swallowed by Hei Luo.

First Heaven and Second Heaven True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls could only be considered as small supplements to Hei Luo.

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