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Chapter 2570: No One Dares to Speak With Me This Way

These alien race experts were currently attacking a certain restriction barrier, and it was obvious that they had found some kind of treasure.

Countless True Saint Realm experts had fallen on the ancient battlefield.

With these True Saints deaths, there were plenty of treasures like saint artifacts, origin spiritual pills, holy herbs, holy pills, and holy martial arts.

These attracted many people to venture into the ancient battlefield to try their luck, and the alien races were no exception.

The group of alien race in front of Huang Xiaolong had probably discovered some kind of saint artifact or holy pill, and they were currently trying to break through the restriction surrounding it.

The saint artifacts and holy pills found at the ancient battlefield were ownerless items.

These items subconsciously protected themselves, hiding and erecting layers of restrictions around them, which made retrieving them very difficult.

This alien race group was none other than the Suoluo Race group, consisting of Jiang Shaohuang, Jiang Long, and others.

When Jiang Shaohuang, Jiang Long, and the rest saw Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo, everyone in the group was slightly surprised.

After all, their current location was close to the Corpse River, and there werent many Holy Worlds experts capable of venturing this far.

After a brief moment of surprise at Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luos sudden arrival, Jiang Shaohuang smiled meaningfully, “Late-First Heaven True Saint Interesting!”

A late-First Heaven True Saint being able to reach this far into the ancient battlefield was really amusing in Jiang Shaohuangs eyes.

His interest was stoked.

Jiang Long took a quick glance at Huang Xiaolong, then his attention fell on Hei Luo.

“Young Patriarch, this person is not simple,” he reminded.

Someone capable of escorting a late-First Heaven True Saint safely all the way there was naturally not simple.

No doubt Jiang Shaohuang did not miss this point, but he couldnt see through Hei Luos real strength, foundation, or any details.

Jiang Shaohuangs gaze shifted onto Hei Luo.

A moment later, he smiled and said, “This guys appearance is quite distinctive, like a black diamond.” He didnt put Hei Luo in his eyes.

All the Suoluo Races experts erupted in laughter.

During this time, the several Suoluo Races experts, who had been attacking the restriction, finally shattered the barrier.

A sharp blade shot out from the dense forest below, as holy runes shone bright on it.

Clearly, this was a saint artifact, and not your average saint artifact.

“Young Patriarch, its a peak low-grade saint artifact!” A thin Suoluo Race expert respectfully offered the blade to Jiang Shaohuang using both hands.

Jiang Shaohuang glanced at the blade and then said, “Its merely a peak low-grade saint artifact, you can have it.”

The Suoluo Race expert was overjoyed, and quickly said, “Thank you, Young Patriarch!”

Jiang Shaohuang looked at Huang Xiaolong again, or better said, he was looking at the Black Corpse Holy Symbol hovering above Huang Xiaolongs head with a faint excited glimmer in his eyes, “Kid, that should be a holy symbol to a treasury or inheritance, right You came here searching for some kind of treasury or inheritance… Let me guess, this treasury or inheritance is probably closeby!”

As a direct descendent of one of the alien races royal family, Jiang Shaohuang possessed keen eyesight.

“Thats right,” Huang Xiaolong responded simply.

Jiang Shaohuang had not expected Huang Xiaolong would admit so frankly, thus he was slightly surprised but that was all.

He smiled and went on, “I like your direct personality, so how about this, I wont make things difficult for you.

Follow me back to the Alien Lands.

Be my subordinate, and I will help you with this treasury or inheritance youre looking for.”

Jiang Shaohuang fully displayed his magnanimity.

Of course, what he was keen on was not Huang Xiaolong, who was merely a late-First Heaven True Saint, as there were too many of them amongst his subordinates.

What had really caught his interest was Hei Luo.

Huang Xiaolong serving as his subordinate was equivalent to Hei Luo becoming his subordinate as well.

As for that so-called treasury or inheritance, Jiang Shaohuang didnt think it was very important.

As the Suoluo Races young patriarch, what level of treasures or inheritance he hadnt seen before

How could Huang Xiaolong not see through Jiang Shaohuangs ill-disguised intentions

He chuckled and responded ironically, “From what youve said, it sounds as if I dont suffer any losses from this trade, right But arent you the slightest bit curious what treasury or inheritance Im looking for” He then pointed at the Black Corpse Holy Symbol above his head and said, “This is the Black Corpse Emperor Holy Symbol, forged by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor, and it is used to open the inheritance Black Corpse Holy Emperor left behind.”

The alien race might not know the average Ninth Heaven True Saint expert, but the Black Corpse Holy Emperors resounding name had to have reached the Alien Lands.

As expected, the moment Huang Xiaolong said that, Jiang Shaohuang and Jiang Longs expressions changed dramatically.

“What! The Black Corpse Holy Symbol!”

“The Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance!”

Jiang Shaohuang and Jiang Long exclaimed in unison.

Some of the Suoluo Race experts had never heard of the Black Corpse Holy Emperor, but seeing their young patriarch and Eminent Elder Jiang Longs reaction, they knew that the Black Corpse Holy Emperor was a powerful character without a doubt.

“One of the great ten experts of the past… the Black Corpse Holy Emperor!” Jiang Shaohuangs burning gaze was fixed on the Black Corpse Holy Symbol.

He mumbled inwardly,it wont be a fake, would it

Jiang Shaohuangs smile widened while speaking words of threat, “Junior, if youre lying, beware of the consequences!” He reached out with his palm and commanded, “Give it.”

He was obviously referring to the Black Corpse Holy Symbol.

Huang Xiaolong retorted calmly, “You want to take a look at the Black Corpse Holy Symbol How about this I was thinking of making a trip to the Alien Lands, but I am unfamiliar with the things around there, so I will decide to accept a few subordinates.

If youre willing to take place by my side as my minion, I can let you touch the Black Corpse Holy Symbol.”


Touch the Black Corpse Holy Symbol…

Hearing Huang Xiaolong say that if he became his minion, he could touch the Black Corpse Holy Symbol, both Jiang Shaohuang and all the Suoluo Races experts were stunned and filled with disbelief.

Jiang Shaohuang was the Suoluo Races young patriarch, and based on this identity alone, no one in the entire Alien Lands would dare to tell him to be a minion right to his face.

It took some time for Jiang Shaohuangs senses to return.

The corner of his mouth curved up in a sneer, and his gaze hardened as he spoke, “Punk, do you know who I am In the entire Alien Lands, there isnt anyone who dares to speak to me this way!”

His words were not arrogance, for even a Primal Ancestor expert would have to think twice before uttering these words to his face, for they would face the entire Suoluo Race.

Huang Xiaolong stood with his hands behind his back, “Punk, do you know who I am In the entire Holy World, no one dares to speak to me like this!”

Similarly, Huang Xiaolongs words were not pure arrogance.

Based on Huang Xiaolongs current identity and status in the Holy World, who in the whole Holy World dared to disrespect him Even the Devil Palaces three Palace Masters were afraid of Huang Xiaolong.

But when these words fell in Jiang Shaohuang and the present Suoluo Race experts ears, all of them snickered out of anger.

All of them thought that Huang Xiaolong was deliberately irritating them.

Their thinking was totally reasonable.

A mere late-First Heaven True Saint actually had the face to claim no one in the entire Holy World dared to disrespect him

“Punk, you think we can do nothing to you relying on that charcoal behind you Jiang Shaohuangs eyes flickered as his patience diminished.

Huang Xiaolong snorted, “I alone am enough to kill you.”

Jiang Shaohuang laughed upon hearing that.

As the Suoluo Races young patriarch, he himself was already a Seventh Heaven True Saint.

Moreover, it was late-Seventh Heaven, yet a late-First Heaven True Saint had the audacity to say he could kill him

“Young Patriarch, its a shame to your identity if you need to kill a weak shrimp like him personally.

Please allow me to do it on your behalf.” One of the Suoluo Race experts behind Jiang Shaohuang stepped up and claimed the task.

This Suoluo Race expert was a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint, and he was just half a step away from advancing to Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm.

The Suoluo Race group consisted of thirty-plus people, and each of them were experts of Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm and above.

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