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Chapter 2574: A Very, Very Black Arm!

One, two, three days… The dao tribulation continued to gather, taking its time to brew with any signs of descending.

In general, a Second Heaven True Saints dao tribulation would brew for three days at most, but Huang Xiaolongs dao tribulation was still brewing on the fourth day, and it was still expanding and growing stronger.

The dao tribulation lightning dragon was still condensing half a month later.

The coercive aura of a dao tribulation sent the surroundings undead spirits and nethersouls scurrying away in fear.

Those cultivators, who had arrived earlier, did not leave after discovering that there was someone crossing dao tribulation in the ancient battlefield.

They were watching the dao tribulations progress from afar, but after feeling the dao tribulations power rising as they waited, they had to retreat several times.

“This is Seventh Heavens dao tribulation!”

“Probably, only a Seventh Heavens dao tribulation would condense for so long!”

These True Saint experts sighed.

But the dao tribulation was still brewing a month later.

“Would it be an Eighth Heavens dao tribulation!” a Seventh Heaven True Saint expert asked the doubt aloud with difficulty.

“No, its still brewing, I, I think it might be a Ninth Heaven True Saints dao tribulation!” another high-level True Saint expert said in a trembling voice.

Ninth Heaven!

The strongest dao tribulation!

Once this person survives and successfully passes the tribulation, it would mean that the Holy World would add another Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm expert.

In the absence of a Primal Ancestor, the Ninth Heaven True Saint was supreme!

The emergence of a Ninth Heaven True Saint expert was an affair that usually shook the whole Holy World.

Once one advanced to Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm, then the peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm was only a matter of time and accumulation.

The dao tribulation gestated for two long months before the dao tribulation lightning dragon finally struck down.

A six thousand zhang lightning dragon whipped towards the land, resembling a beam of destruction.

The entire Corpse River and its gloomy surroundings were illuminated like day by the lightning dragon as if this part of the land had fallen into another world.

The cultivators spectating this sight from a distance paled.

“This… Is the power of Ninth Heavens dao tribulation so scary I dont think it should be so powerful, right” a high-level True Saint expert muttered dazedly under his breath.

Although he had not seen a Ninth Heaven True Saints dao tribulation, he had heard of some details.

But the dao tribulation before him seemed to be more powerful than the Ninth Heavens dao tribulation than he had heard of!


Heaven and earth quaked.

Even outside the several hundred miles range the black river suffered damages from the lightning dragons lightning power.

The Corpse Rivers water splattered everywhere as waves rose several thousand meters high.

When the lightning dragon reached the dense forest, the white and gray bone-trees, that had grown for millions of years, were reduced to dust even before the lightning dragon struck the ground.

Next, the lightning dragon blasted into the black river.

Inside the black river were restrictions arranged by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor that could only be opened by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor, but these restrictions were utterly useless against a dao tribulation lightning dragon.

The lightning dragon blasted into the river, forcefully entering the dark space, smashing open the palace doors, straight at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didnt panic looking at the lightning dragon that was more formidable than a Ninth Heavens dao tribulation lightning dragon.

He summoned his three holy souls as he had done when integrating with Saint Fates.

When the three holy souls appeared, their golden-ember lights shone as twelve golden spheres appeared around them.

These were none other than the twelve high-order Saint Fates.

Saint Fates stood above everything in the Holy World, transcending life, death, and reincarnation, and all creatures bowed before it.

When Huang Xiaolongs three holy souls and twelve Saint Fates appeared, the waters of Corpse River stopped rushing, and the surrounding airflow froze.

Even the violent dao tribulation lightning dragon with overwhelming destructive power was suppressed, and it turned supple.

Huang Xiaolong was one and only person since ancient times with three holy souls and twelve Saint Fates.

He was invincible!

Everything between heaven and earth was suppressed!

Seizing the chance, Huang Xiaolongs fist punched out.

“The Prosperity of Dragons!”

The three holy souls and twelve Saint Fates power channeled into Huasng Xiaolongs fist.

Resplendent holy lights pierced through layers of space, visible from every angle of the ancient battlefield!

Dragons rushed out from a whirlpool, forming great kingdoms of dragons.


A lightning dragon that was more formidable than a Ninth Heavens dao tribulation lightning dragon shattered in an instant under Huang Xiaolongs fist, disintegrating into pure grand dao energy and grand dao laws.

The scary lightning dragon was annihilated just like that!

Huang Xiaolong recalled his three holy souls and twelve Saint Fates.

The dao tribulation clouds, that had been brewing for more than a month, slowly dispersed, returning everything to normal at the ancient battlefield.

“It, its done just like that” High-level True Saint experts spectating in the distance asked in doubt.

“Why dont we go take a look” Someone suggested.

Others turned and looked at the person next to them with hesitation.

It went without saying that everyone understood what this person meant by go take a look.

After crossing the dao tribulation, the person would be in an extremely weakened state, and more importantly, there would be a lot of good things on a Ninth Heaven True Saint expert.

They could probably get their hands on some good things…

“This, I think, its better we dont,” a holy gates patriarch shook his head as he continued, “Since that person has dared to cross his dao tribulation in the ancient battlefield, it means that he has his own means.

Who knows how many experts are protecting him.

Not to mention, such a big movement would have definitely attracted high-level True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls over.

If we head over there now, we might not be able to grab any benefits at all!”

Then they heard a sharp howl from a distance.

“Its an undead spirit! A Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirit!” Following the howls, an enormous undead spirit enshrouded in rolling corpse qi, appeared in their line of sight.

Right in front of these high-level True Saint experts, that undead spirit soon reached Huang Xiaolongs location, hovering above the black river.

What shocked them was that when this undead spirit appeared in the air above the black river, a black arm suddenly snaked out from the black river, and it grabbed and dragged the undead spirit into the black river.

Only silence remained thereafter.

None of them could believe what they just saw.

“That, that, whats that!” The expert, who had suggested to go snoop around, stared stupidly at the calm river surface, feeling a chill climbing up his body.

He was genuinely frightened.

A Ninth Heaven True Saint undead spirit was pulled into the black river without any resistance

Not even the slightest bit of resistance Gone, just like that

Not only him, but other high-level True Saint experts and holy gate patriarchs were also frightened by this sight.

Subsequently, more high-level True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls reached the black river, but no matter whether it was Eighth Heaven or Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm undead spirits or nethersouls, the moment they appeared by the black river, the black hand would shoot out from the riverbed and captured these undead spirits and nethersouls!

Then, these undead spirits and nethersouls would be pulled into the black river without any power to resist, disappearing into the river quietly.

The black river was the same black river, quiet yet weird, and water continued to flow silently.

“Holy cow!”

Suddenly, one of the high-level True Saints swore as he turned around and fled.

The rest shivered as their senses returned, and all of them scattered like a flock of frightened birds.

Everything was calm as it ever was.

A little over a decade later…

On this day, the black rivers surface rippled as two figures appeared from the riverbed.

They were Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo.

Huang Xiaolong had successfully obtained the Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance and advanced to Second Heaven True Saint Realm…

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