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Chapter 2578: Suppress and Kill

“Eminent Elder Yan Guan,” a middle-aged man behind Yan Guan greeted respectfully and said, “He is merely a lowly human race brat.

You dont need to dirty your hands to capture him.

I am enough to restrain him.”

The middle-aged man was also an Eminent Elder in the Mysterious Ice Race, but his status was much lower than Yan Guan in comparison, as he was one of the junior disciples under Yan Guan.

His strength was at late-Second Tribulation half-True Saint.

Yan Guan shook his head and refused, “There is no need for that.

I want to deal with him myself.

How else would the hatred in my heart be vented”

Huang Xiaolong had killed his grandson Yan San, so he wanted to capture Huang Xiaolong personally.

Naturally, he didnt want merely to capture Huang Xiaolong, but use some method to torture him and make him feel that death was better than living.

The middle-aged man understood Yan Guans meaning.

Thus he retreated respectfully.

Yan Guan looked at Huang Xiaolong coldly as his hand reached out.

In an instant, lightning crackled in the high air.

Terrifying lightning spread out in an instant, covering the entire Yang City.

Sensing Yan Guans terrifying power, Yang Citys various forces experts looked solemn.

“So strong! This is the Mysterious Ice Races holy martial art, the Storm Bringer\'s Demise!”

“The Storm Bringer\'s Demise was created by the Storm Holy Emperor because the Mysterious Ice Races Old Patriarch had shown kindness to him.

The Storm Holy Emperor had given this holy martial art to the Mysterious Ice Races Old Patriarch to express his gratitude!”

The information spread through the crowd, and it stirred ripples of shock and envy.

The lure of a holy martial art was enough to make experts of Hong Zhen Holy Grounds experts to raise a bloody battle for it.

When the lightning gathering in the air reached an extreme degree, Yan Guan said to Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, Ill kill your black ghost servant first, and then deal with you!” With that said, his palms struck at Hei Luo with majestic momentum.

In the same instant, every streak of lightning gathering above Yang City seemed to have found an outlet, and rushed towards Hei Luo with a vengeance.

As Hei Luo saw that he was about tosuffer a devastating blow from the lightning, he opened his mouth and the vigorous river of lightning was sucked into his body, disappearing without a trace.

Everyone watching was flabbergasted.

Hei Luo raised his conspicuous dark arm and captured Yan Guan, who was standing in the air in one swoop.

Then he directly threw Yan Guan into his mouth—one chomp and a gulp, and Yan Guan disappeared like the earlier lightning.


The experts all around couldnt believe their eyes.

“This, this, isnt real, right!” The half-True Saint, who had commented that Huang Xiaolong might be a Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch, was utterly dumbfounded after witnessing that sight.

His body was quivering nonstop as his gaze fell on Hei Luo, as if Yan Guans lightning strike had fallen on him instead.

Not only him, but all the alien race experts and disciples on the scene were flabbergasted.

Even the middle-aged Mysterious Ice Races Eminent Elder, who had volunteered to deal with Huang Xiaolong, broke out in cold sweat.

Yan Guan was a Sixth Tribulation half-True Saint, who had a record of defeating Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint, but he was devoured in the blink of an eye.

The alien races experts stared at Hei Luos stomach, praying for a miracle, hoping to see Yan Guan break out from Hei Luos stomach.

Huang Xiaolong ignored these people and a suction force from his palm pulled the middle-aged Eminent Elder towards him.

The middle-aged man ashened when he felt a powerful force tightening around him.

“I am not very clear where your Mysterious Ice Races Central Headquarters is located, so you will bring me there,” Huang Xiaolong stated.

Huang Xiaolongs voice sounded like an inviolable command that the middle-aged man quickly nodded his head, and respectfully complied.

With the middle-aged man guiding the way in front, they headed to the Mysterious Ice Races Central Headquarters.

Seeing this, other Mysterious Ice Races experts and disciples exchanged silent glances.

Then again, no one dared to make a move to attack Huang Xiaolong at this point.

Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo walked past the rows of Mysterious Ice Races experts and disciples.

While Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo headed to the Mysterious Ice Races Central Headquarters, an elder ran into the great hall in a panic and reported to Yan Zhouhai, as well as present Eminent Elders that Yan Guan was killed.

“What!! Eminent Elder Yan Guans dead!!!!” Yan Zhouhai and the present Eminent Elders were absolutely shocked.

“Ac-actually, he was swallowed into the stomach!” The elder clarified.

“Swall-swallowed” Yan Zhuhai and the rest were agape with shock, and their reactions were a beat late.

Subsequently, the elder recounted what had happened to Yan Zhouhai and the others in a trembling voice.

In fact, there was nothing much to tell.

Yan Guan had executed the Storm Bringer\'s Demise to attack Hei Luo, but he was swallowed by Hei Luo instead.

After that Yan Guan was also swallowed by Hei Luo.

The process was simple, but it sent a chill through Yan Zhuohais and the others hearts.

Yan Guan was an existence comparable to a Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint, but he was swallowed by Hei Luo without any power, or a chance to resist.

What did this mean

“That human race expert and that black ghost guard couldnt be True Saint Realm experts, right” An Eminent Elder asked in a trembling voice.

True Saint Realm!

This was a noun with heavy meaning.

People in the great hall exchanged glances, but none of them uttered a word, making the atmosphere feel suffocating.

“True Saint Realm is unlikely! There are a total of sixteen human race True Saints in our Dissociation Domain, and I know all of them,” Yan Zhuohai refuted.

“Even if hes not a human race True Saint, that black ghost guard of his is likely to be a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint, otherwise, how can he be so strong Why dont we invite the Old Patriarch out from seclusion” Eminent Elder Yan Shan suggested solemnly.

The Mysterious Ice Races Old Patriarch Yan Heng was similarly a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm existence.

“There is no need to invite the Old Patriarch to come out as he is only a peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint.

Dont tell me that we cant resolve a mere peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint if all of us join hands and take aid of the Mysterious Ice Grand Formation”

Eminent Elder Yan Wanlong lashed out in anger, “Being bullied up our heads by a lowly human is the biggest humiliation of our race.

He must be killed, or how else are we going to uphold our Mysterious Ice Races honor!”

“Have you found out what is that punks background” Yan Zhouhai asked an Eminent Elder beside him.

“Not yet, that punk should come from another holy ground, but there are over three hundred holy grounds in our Dissociation Domain.

More time will be needed to investigate his background,” the Eminent Elder shook his head.

“Where are they now” Yan Zhouhai asked the elder who ran the report.

“They caught Eminent Elder Yang Dongxun, and ordered him to guide them here.

They are coming to the Central Headquarters,” the elder answered in an urgent tone.

“What!” After hearing that Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo were coming towards their Central Headquarters, it surprised everyone.

“All the better!” Eminent Elder Yan Wanlong, who had been clamoring to kill Huang Xiaolong, applauded and rose from his seat with an overwhelming murderous aura.

“We can borrow the Mysterious Ice Grand Formation and kill those two scums in one strike!” He turned to Yan Zhouhai and said, “Patriarch, please issue the order!”

Yan Zhouhai hesitated, then stood up in a rush, “Alright! Activate the Mysterious Ice Grand Formation and standby to meet the enemy!”

Immediately, the Mysterious Ice Races Central Headquarters was in a flurry of activities.

Frigid cold qi soared to the sky from the Central Headquarters, filling the entire Yang City, and it even encroached the cities close to the Yang City.

Huang Xiaolong saw the frigid cold qi rising from the Mysterious Ice Races Central Headquarters, and smiled nonchalantly.

Then, taking Yan Dongxun, he and Hei Luo arrived at the Central Headquarters in one stride.

Huang Xiaolong had just appeared at the entrance, when several figures whizzed out from the Mysterious Ice Races Central Headquarters.

They were Yan Zhouhai, Yan Wanlong, and other half-True Saints of the race.

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