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“What! The enforcers from the Dissociation City are coming” Teng Yan was shocked, but joy soon overwhelmed him.

“Thats right! Lord Qing Xuan said so in his letter.” The Hong Zhen Holy Emperor was also someone who anticipated their arrival.

“I didnt think that the enforcers of the Dissociation Domain would attend my ceremony!”

A domain lord had countless holy grounds under his command and there were tons of alien races to do his bidding. 

When the domain lord wasnt around, the vice lord and the enforcers would be there to deal with the other matters, and all of them were people, holy emperors like him wouldnt be able to meet even if they tried.

Now, they were personally heading over to attend his apprenticeship ceremony! One could only imagine how excited he was!

“It seems like we will have to thank the human race brat…” Teng Yan chuckled.

Naturally, they werent there to congratulate the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor.

They were there to stick up for Princess Qing Ying.

“The domain lord really loves Princess Qing Ying…” the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor sighed.

Just because she suffered a little grievance, he sent over several enforcers to the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

Teng Yan nodded in response.

“With Princess Qing Yings talent, shell definitely be able to enter the Otherworldly Mansion soon…”

The Otherworldly Mansion was the number one divine manor in the Alien Lands! 

The Otherworldly Mansion wasnt an alien race by themself, but it was an organization formed by several royal races in the Alien Lands.

Only disciples who were extremely talented had the ability to enter the Otherworldly Mansion.

There was a catch when it came to entering the mansion.

If one wasnt part of the royal races, their test to enter the organization would increase in difficulty by manyfolds.

If one could really enter the Otherworldly Mansion, they would receive endless honor and recognition.

The status of the students in the Otherworldly Mansion was like the inner disciples of the Holy Heavens!

“With the enforcers from the Dissociation Domain and Lord Qing Xuan, the brat is as good as dead!” the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor sneered.

Teng Yan nodded like a chicken pecking on rice.

Along with the approaching ceremony, experts from the various superpowers started to show up.

The Hong Zhen Holy Gate started to bustle with activity as an endless stream of people went up to congratulate the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor.

Their enthusiasm had a lot to do with the appearance of the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor, and the scale was extremely large.

Compared to the time Huang Xiaolong was accepted into the Holy Heavens, the celebrations held in the Alien Lands were several times grander!

Moreover, the enforcers of the Dissociation Domain had come in secret, and their presence wasnt revealed to the outside world.

Otherwise, the number of people who turned up would increase by several folds.

Even the holy emperors of other domains would show up!

Under the leadership of the special envoy from the Hong Zhen Holy Gate, Huang Xiaolong arrived at their headquarters.

The number of people present could no longer be counted, as the mountain peaks around the Hong Zhen Holy Gate were filled to the brim.

The scale of the apprenticeship ceremony had exceeded Huang Xiaolongs expectations!

“Lord Huang, our lord, the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor, has already prepared a grand ceremony for you,” the envoy spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “Lets hurry over now.”

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong brought everyone towards the main hall of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

“Is that the honorary Eminent Elder of the Mysterious Ice Race He actually dared to show up today…”

“Ive heard that his relationship with the Mysterious Ice Race is one covered in a veil of mystery.

Look at old patriarch Yan Heng! Hes following behind the kid! How can the patriarch of the race follow behind an honorary Eminent Elder”

“The Qing Xuan Holy Emperor should be arriving tomorrow.

What do you think will happen when the brat meets the holy emperor Will he be sent flying with a single slap from the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor Old Patriarch Teng Yan from the Soaring Serpent Race has been lying in wait for a long time.

Will he work together with the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor to deal with the brat”

“I dont think so.

If Lord Chen Shen couldnt deal with the kid, then Lord Teng Yan wouldnt be able to do a thing…”

Huang Xiaolongs appearance caused a wave to sweep through the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

His expression didnt even fluctuate when he heard what they said.

Very quickly, they arrived in the main hall of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

However, he was stopped by a disciple guarding the hall.

After running in to report, the disciple emerged and spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “Our Patriarch orders for all of you to hand over your weapons before entering!”

It was a clear provocation for the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor to lay down that order.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the envoy.

“Is this the grand welcome prepared by your Patriarch”

“Hehe, Lord Huang has to be kidding.

Our Patriarch has never allowed anyone to bring their weapons into the hall.”

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

If he was stupid enough to believe the envoy, he would have died several thousand years ago.

“What if I refuse to hand them over”

The disciple who stopped them frowned and growled, “If thats the case, then you can keep waiting outside.”

There was a giant plaza in front of the main hall, and the other experts were extremely interested to see Huang Xiaolong being stopped at the gates.

“What do you think that brat will do” One of the hall masters of the Scarlet Giant Holy Gate laughed.

“What do you think He can either hand over his weapons or cry! Do you think he will make a move on the disciple from the Hong Zhen Holy Gate More than ten patriarchs from our Holy Gates are sitting in the main hall right now! If he makes a move, hell be killed easily!” Someone else laughed.

However, one of the old men behind Huang Xiaolong made his move.

Reaching out, he shoved the disciple into the gates of the main hall.

With a loud thud, a massive crater formed on the gates.

The person who attacked was the grand hall master of the Purple Spider Race!

Before anyone could react, Huang Xiaolong strode into the hall.

As the envoy stared blankly at the disciple who was shoved into the gate, he noticed that the disciple was no longer breathing.

He felt his vision going black as the person who guarded the gates was the personal disciple of the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor!

The experts, who were planning to watch a good show, were shocked when they witnessed what had happened.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong entered the main hall, he noticed everyone raising their cups in a toast to the man sitting in the main seat. 

When they heard the commotion outside the hall, everyone turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

Before any threats could be thrown around, the envoy ran into the hall with a panicked expression as he ran straight to the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor.

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