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Not too far away from the main hall of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate, a group of people surrounded a young man as they praised him to the high heavens.

The Hong Zhen Holy Emperor was about to accept this man as his disciple.

His name was Liu Jun.

“Brother Liu Jun is really amazing! Ive heard rumors that the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor plans to make Brother Liu Jun his successor!” A holy prince of the Treasured Moon Holy Gate chuckled.

The difference between a direct disciple and a successor was like the difference between the heavens and earth.

If one became the successor of the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor, then they would be able to take over the Hong Zhen Holy Gate in the future!

Other disciples continued to kiss up to him as they showered him with praises.

Liu Jun cupped his fists and replied to all of them with a graceful thank you.

“Tomorrow, Princess Qing Ying will definitely arrive together with the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor! He has never allowed his daughter to attend an apprenticeship ceremony before, and the reason shes here cannot be more clear!” One of the disciples around him joked.

“Yeah! There has to be a reason for her to show up!” 

“Ive heard that the brat from the human race is also here… He should be in the main hall right now…”

A sneer formed on Liu Juns lips.

“How dare a b*stard from the human race disrespect Princess Qing Ying! He has to be blind! My master should be teaching him a good lesson right now!”

“The human injured Senior Chen Shen, so he doesnt seem weak.

From the rumors, hes said to be a Fourth Heaven True Saint! Its no wonder he dares to enter the Hong Zhen Holy Gate alone,” someone explained.

“Just a mere Fourth Heaven True Saint… When the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor arrives tomorrow, he will be dead!” Liu Jun chuckled.

As the night passed, the first rays of sunlight fell upon the lands.

Under the illumination of the fireball in the sky, the apprenticeship ceremony began!

In the distance, a huge group of experts soared through the skies as they approached the plaza.

There were some who rode on giant lions, and there were some who rode on their pegasus.

There were even some on phoenixes and several of them rode on heavenly dragons.

Princess Qing Ying was part of them.

However, the person leading the entourage wasnt Princess Qing Ying, but a middle-aged young man who exuded a mighty aura.

He was an enforcer from the Dissociation Domain, and he was ranked third out of the enforcers.

With ten enforcers in the Dissociation Domain, three of them showed up for the ceremony.

One could only imagine how seriously they were taking Huang Xiaolongs infraction.

“Thats the headquarters of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate!” The Qing Xuan Holy Emperor pointed at the plaza and spoke to the third enforcer.

“Hong Zhen is acting pretty arrogantly… Why isnt he here to greet us” Li Yapeng, the third ranked enforcer, frowned.

The other two were also slightly offended.

The Qing Xuan Holy Emperor was also getting a little suspicious.

He had already informed the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor of their arrival the day before, but there was no one to greet them even after they arrived at the headquarters.

The Hong Zhen Holy Emperor wasnt the only one who didnt come.

Not a single disciple from the other factions was present.

“Did something happen to them” A blue-eyed young man piped up all of a sudden.

The youngster was one of the experts under the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor, and he was a Fourth Heaven True Saint.

He came from the Silver Crow Race, and he was the Qing Xuan Holy Emperors right hand man.

“An accident!” Everyone stared at each other in shock.

Staring at the Hong Zhen Holy Gate, the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor growled, “Look at them celebrating down there.

It doesnt seem like any accident might have happened…”

“Well know what happened after entering,” Xiao Shans gaze turned chilly as he spoke.

This time, the three of them might have left the army back in their headquarters, but there were thousands of guards following them around.

In their opinion, there was no need to fear that anything could happen.

“Father, Ive heard that the human from the Mysterious Ice Race entered the Hong Zhen Holy Gate yesterday!” Princess Qing Ying turned to her father and said.

The Qing Xuan Holy Emperor nodded his head and replied, “Yes.

Hes there.” A chuckle left his lips as he continued, “Are you itching to teach him a lesson”

Li Yapeng snickered when he heard their exchange.

“Princess Qing Ying, theres nothing to worry about.

Hes a Fourth Heaven True Saint, and well take him down without breaking a sweat! You can deal with him as you wish after we capture him!”

Princess Qing Ying nodded as a chilly light flashed in her eyes.

“A mere human dares to go against me.

I wont be able to vent my anger unless I skin him alive!”

“Then you shall skin him alive!” Xiao Shan chuckled when he heard what she said.

In an instant, everyone broke out laughing.

Very quickly, they arrived at the entrance of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

Just as they were about to order Hong Zhen to get out to greet them, a group of experts appeared from within the holy gate.

The Treasured Moon Holy Emperor, the Scarlet Giant Holy Emperor, and the patriarchs from the other factions appeared.

Everyone was present, except for the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor and Teng Yan.

Just as they thought that the newcomers were here to welcome them, the sight of Huang Xiaolong leading them over stunned everyone present.

Even someone with Li Yapengs experience was shocked.

“Thats him!” Princess Qing Ying and Chen Shen screamed the moment Huang Xialong appeared.

“Thats the human from the Mysterious Ice Race!” Princess Qing Ying continued.

“What!” The Qing Xuan Holy Emperor and the three enforcers were taken aback.

The pupils of the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor shrunk when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Are you the one who injured Chen Shen the other day Did you force Princess Qing Ying to make way for you!” Xiao Shan glared at Huang Xiaolong as he was the first to regain his wits.

“Wheres the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor”

“Hong Zhen! I killed him,” Huang Xiaolong spoke casually about his death.

“What!” Everyone glared at Huang Xiaolong, and they couldnt believe whatever he said.

“Hahaha, you killed him!” Xiao Shan roared with laughter all of a sudden.

“Little brat, do you think Im retarded How can a Second Heaven True Saint like you kill Hong Zhen Do you think youre a Primal Ancestor”

The Qing Xuan Holy Emperor frowned when he realized the holes in Huang Xiaolongs words.

Huang Xiaolong stared at them placidly and didnt reply.

“Speak! Where is he now” Li Yapengs expression sank.

“Whats going on with those behind you”

“Im their master now.” A smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Right now, all of them are my slaves.”

“What!” Once again, the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor and the others felt the world spinning around them.

“Do you really think well believe you!” Princess Qing Ying snapped all of a sudden.

However, the unexpected happened almost immediately after she spoke.

As if they received an order, the Scarlet Giant Holy Emperor and the others fell to their knees behind Huang Xiaolong.

“We greet our master!”

Their voice rang loud and clear through the skies.

When the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor and the others saw that the experts of the various factions were kneeling in unison, they couldnt believe their eyes.

Princess Qing Yings eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. What in the world was going on! 

“You… who the hell are you!” The Qing Xuan Holy Emperors heart sank when he realized that the other party was no pushover.

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, he snarled, “Which domain are you from How dare you come over to the Dissociation Domain to mess around Whats your goal here!”

The smile on Huang Xiaolongs face turned a little brighter as he continued, “Youll learn about my purpose here soon.” Turning to stare at Princess Qing Ying, he continued to address the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor, “Anyway, are you here today to take revenge for your daughter”

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