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Chapter 2609: Long Zhenyang

The bunch of disciples, who were roaring at Huang Xiaolong to leave his cultivation cave, fell silent real quickly.

Sweeping his gaze across those present, Huang Xiaolong realized that most of the disciples who were screaming for him to leave his residence were disciples of the Golden Buddha Race.

Since the disciples of the royal families had special runes between their eyes, it was easy to differentiate them from everyone else.

Other than the twenty plus disciples, who were from the Golden Buddha Race, Huang Xiaolong discovered several disciples from the Myriad Origin Race as well.

Additionally, there was a single disciple from the Twin Dragon Race, and more than twenty other disciples were from the Seven Souls Race.

As for the others, they were disciples of races who supported these royal families.

The Myriad Origin Race was one of the strongest royal families, and their strength could be ranked third among all the royal families! It was also the race that had produced the monstrous genius, Yuan Qianxing!

As for the Twin Dragon Race, they ranked second among all the royal families! The current deputy Mansion Master, Long Shengtian, was from the Twin Dragon Race!

Huang Xiaolong hadnt thought that the members of the Twin Dragon Race and the Myriad Origin Race would turn up to mess with him.

Were Yuan Qianxing and Long Shengtian part of it Could the disciples have been influenced by the Golden Buddha Race to look for Huang Xiaolong out of their own jealousy

“You cant decide whether or not Im talented enough to live in the Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave.

If the hall master or vice hall master of the logistics hall requests for me to leave, I shall leave.”

The expressions of those who demanded for him to leave turned ugly.

Since it was Teng Mu, who had arranged for Huang Xiaolong to live in the Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave, there was practically no one who dared to demand for him to move out.

Even Jin Kang didnt dare to speak a word about it!

As for Long Shengtian, he couldnt be bothered with the quarrels of the disciples.

He was a Primal Ancestor and the dispute among the disciples wasnt something he would involve himself in.

When the members of the Golden Buddha Race caused a ruckus due to Huang Xiaolongs new residence, they wanted to form an alliance to raise an appeal with Long Shengtian.

However, they were only messing about when they spoke about it.

No one had the guts to disturb the deputy Mansion Master.

There were disciples from the Twin Dragon Race, who had used their identities as the members of the same race to trouble Long Shengtian, and they were sent flying to god knows whereby a single slap from the deputy Mansion Master.

“Huang Xiaolong, you are really shameless!” Long Zhenyang, the only disciple from the Twin Dragon Race stepped forward and harrumphed, “Even though your talent is barely passable, do you think that youre more talented than Feitian Longpeng of the Flying Heaven Race Are you more talented than Feng Jiu Even existences at their level werent allocated a residence in the Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave.

How dare a lowly human like you live here”

“Thats right! Youre not qualified to be here!” the disciple from the Myriad Origin Race, Yuan Yueyi, yelled.

“Feng Jiu deserves to stay here.

Even if she refuses, Feitian Longpeng would be the next in line! If they refuse to live here, Brother Long Zhenyang should be more than qualified to live here! His status and talent surpasses you by an infinite amount!”

He pointed at the disciple from the Twin Dragon Race and snorted at Huang Xiaolong.

“Oh Long Zhenyang” Huang Xiaolong glanced in his direction.

Ever since he had entered the Otherworldly Mansion, Huang Xiaolong had gained a pretty good understanding of the various disciples from the royal families.

There was a single genius who had appeared in the younger generation of the Twin Dragon Race, and Long Zhenyang was hailed as the next strongest expert of their race.

As for his supposed talent, he had the rank-ten saint godhead, the Grand Purity Saint Godhead!


If they only considered the rankings of their godheads, Long Zhenyangs Grand Purity Saint Godhead ranked ahead of Huang Xiaolongs three saint godheads.

However, someone with a single godhead would never be able to match up to Huang Xiaolongs talent.

With his three saint godheads, even Li Chen who had the fifth-ranked saint godhead couldnt compare to Huang Xiaolong, much less someone with a rank-ten godhead.

Of course, the disciple from the Myriad Origin Race was making a fool of himself by comparing Long Zhenyangs talent to Huang Xiaolong.

“Thats right, Im Long Zhenyang.” Long Zhenyang stared at Huang Xiaolong with a haughty look on his face before looking at Hei Luo.

A trace of fear flashed in his eyes, and he continued, “Huang Xiaolong, you can only rely on that bodyguard of yours! Do you dare to compete with me one on one”

“How do you want to compete” Huang Xiaolong snickered in his heart as he asked.

Upon narrowing his eyes, Long Zhenyang suggested, “Well carry out a competition right here.

If you lose, youll have to get out of the Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave and roll down the mountain from here! You cant use holy energy to protect yourself.”

As if he was afraid that Huang Xiaolong couldnt understand him, he added in a specific description of what he wanted Huang Xiaolong to do.

One had to know that he was extremely displeased with the fact that a mere human could occupy the Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave.

Moreover, it was a mere young patriarch of the Purple Spider Race.

He was angry at the fact that Huang Xiaolong was assigned to the best cultivation cave available on the Chaos Essence Holy Peak several days after he had entered the Otherworldly Mansion!

After all, his status was much, much higher than Huang Xiaolong!

“Wow! It sure makes sense for a Third Heaven True Saint like you to challenge a Second Heaven True Saint like me!” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “If you lose, will you roll down the mountain too”

Long Zhenyang was unable to keep a straight face as embarrassment crept up his heart.

It was truly a shameful matter for him to challenge someone so much weaker than him.

He was a late-Third Heaven True Saint and Huang Xiaolong was only an early-Second Heaven True Saint! The challenge was indeed a little unreasonable.

“Thats right! If I lose, Ill roll down from here!” Long Zhenyang nodded despite the shameful feeling in his heart.

Whatever the case, the thought of losing never crossed his mind.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had three Saint godheads, he had the rank-ten Grand Purity Saint Godhead! He was stronger than Huang Xiaolong by one entire level! He refused to believe that he couldnt deal with an early-Second Heaven True Saint.

Several minutes later, Huang Xiaolong and Long Zhenyang moved over to one of the larger arenas around the Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave.

Even though Huang Xiaolong accepted the challenge, he didnt plan to let Long Zhenyang leave after a short lesson.

Yuan Yue, the other disciple from the Myriad Origin Race, followed Huang Xiaolong with the other spectators.

“Brother Yuan Yue, will Senior Brother Long be able to defeat Huang Xiaolong”A disciple of the Golden Buddha Race asked.

A chuckle left his lips.

“If Huang Xiaolong was a Third Heaven True Saint, I might not be able to predict the outcome.

However, hes just an early-Second Heaven True Saint! Brother Long will crush him easily! Hahaha, with Brother Longs combat abilities, no one under the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm in the Mansion is a match for him!”

“What if Huang Xiaolong refuses to roll down the mountain If we force him to do it, he might ask his bodyguard to deal with all of us!” One of the disciples from the Seven Souls Race exclaimed.


If he refuses to do it and asks that black f*ck behind him to make a move on us, hes screwed as brother Long is the nephew of Long Shengtian!”

Long Zhenyang glared at Huang Xiaolong as he stood on top of the arena, and he sneered, “In case you claim that Im a bully, Ill only use half my strength against you.”

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother replying as his figure blurred.

When he reappeared, his fist was close to slamming into Long Zhenyangs face.


The space around them seemed to shatter when Huang Xiaolongs punch tore through the air.

When Long Zhenyang finally realized the terrifying might behind Huang Xiaolongs punch, his expression changed.

No longer caring about the promise he made seconds ago, he pushed his body to the limit as he sent out a punch of his own.

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