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Chapter 2641: These Idiots!

This dao spirit that contained the will of the Flying Heavens Old Ancestor Fei Wushuang, exuded the shocking might of a Primal Ancestor.

This Primal Ancestors might would absolutely suppress any peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint, without any resistance.

As they watched the dao spirit successfully take on the intended form, Feitian Jin, Feitian Cheng, and the others couldnt disguise the delight from their faces, and their tensed nerves relaxed.

“Huang Xiaolong, this dao spirit contains our Flying Heaven Races Old Ancestors Will, and you will understand what that means.” Feitian Cheng snickered coldly, “Kneel now and hand over the Flying Heaven Blood Stele obediently, and we might show you some mercy!”

“Stop your actions now, kneel before me, and kowtow for mercy, and I might think of sparing your lives,” Huang Xiaolong responded tepidly.

“What!” Feitian Jin and the others were outraged by Huang Xiaolongs response, and they shouted, “You are still ignorant, even at deaths door!”

“Grand Dao Spirit Palm!”

With Feitian Jin, Feitian Chen, and the others manipulating the formation, the human-shaped giant dao spirits hands slammed down on Huang Xiaolong with a turn of their wrists, like two great mountains falling from the sky.

Violent grand dao energy howled under the two palms that resembled giant mountains, carrying destructive power that threatened to shatter the world.

Huang Xiaolong looked small and insignificant under the two giant palms, smaller than dust.

The giant palms were right above Huang Xiaolongs head in an instant, and they were still falling at great momentum.

Boom! The land quaked violently.

The entire Flying Heaven City was shaking from this immense power, and despite having the grand formation containing most of the force, some of it still leaked out.

All the experts within the Flying Heaven City were startled.

“Whats going on with the heavy quake just now”

Experts exclaimed in alarm.

“It came from the Flying Heaven Central Headquarters! There seems to be grand dao energy Are there any experts fighting over there!”

“Its impossible! It has to be primal ancestor experts fighting as the impact is high! Its the Flying Heaven Grand Formation.

Yes, that must be it.

The Flying Heaven Races Eminent Elders must have activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation! But who are they fighting that they have to activate the formation Only Primal Ancestor Realm experts have enough weight to make the Eminent Elders activate the formation!”

The experts in Flying Heaven City discussed in a fervor.

At the same time, Fei Yanzhi and Feitian Longpeng, who were misled by Feitian Cheng, soon learned about the troubles at Flying Heaven City.

“Someone activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation!” Fei Yanzi blanked for a second, and then her delicate face looked a little ugly, “Not good, it must be Feitian Jin and his group!” Her exasperated expression was a sight Feitian Longpeng or any other person had never seen, “That group of idiots! A group of big idiots.

Im going to break their necks!”

She realized in a split second why Feitian Jins group had activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation, and she had already guessed who their target was.

Feitian Longpeng looked baffled and confused, the crux of the matter had not occurred to him.

“Matriarch, you, why” Feitian Longpeng asked in confusion.

“Feitian Jin and his group activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation to suppress Huang Xiaolong as theyre planning to deal with him! That group of idiots wants to suppress Huang Xiaolong by borrowing the Flying Heaven Grand Formation, and then snatch the Flying Heaven Blood Stele!”

Fei Yanzi was beyond infuriated.

“They want to stop Huang Xiaolong from getting the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasurys grand dao treasures!”

“What!” Feitian Longpeng had a big reaction upon hearing that, and he was even more infuriated than Fei Yanzi.

“Feitian Jins group of old fogeys, hes bringing calamity to our Flying Heaven Race, ah!”

“Hurry, we have to go back to the Flying Heaven Central Headquarters!”

Fei Yanzi urged Feitian Longpeng and the three other Eminent Elders.

The group sped away, returning to the Flying Heaven Central Headquarters at the fastest speed.

At the same time, Fei Yanzi ordered Feitian Jins group to deactivate the Flying Heaven Grand Formation through a communication symbol.

She also ordered them to kneel and kowtow to Huang Xiaolong to pardon their crimes, so their lives could be spared.

“I hope we can make it in time!” Fei Yanzi almost suffered a heartburn from anxiety as she continued to increase her speed.

At this time, in the air above the Flying Heaven Central Headquarters forbidden land, Feitian Jin and the others all received Fei Yanzis order to stop through communication symbol.

“Matriarch actually wants us to stop the formation, and kowtow to beg for Huang Xiaolongs pardon Beg” Feitian Jin sneered with contempt after reading the communication symbols message.

“Hes an ant trapped inside the formation.

On what basis does she order us to kneel and beg Huang Xiaolong Hes the one who should kneel and beg us for mercy, and obediently hand over the Flying Heaven Blood Stele! Truly ridiculous!”

“Thats right! By the time the Matriarch and Young Patriarch return, we would have captured Huang Xiaolong and gotten the Flying Heaven blood Stele in our hands.

Therefore, a big surprise will be waiting for them when they get back,” Feitian Cheng laughed smugly.

All the Eminent Elders attention was on the dao spirits palms that were about to squash Huang Xiaolong.

“Under the dao spirits palms force, Huang Xiaolongs physical has probably turned into meat sauce by now!” Feitian Renhe chortled happily.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

In their opinion, there was no other end for Huang Xiaolong, except for turning into meat sauce under dao spirits overwhelming palms force.

And as for that Primal Ancestor Realm Hei Luo, though he might keep his body, being buried into the ground was inevitable.

“Zhaner, Huang Xiaolong destroyed your physical body.

Father has finally avenged you today!” Feitian Jins resentful voice rang in the air.

While Feitian Jin, Feitian Cheng, and the others were immersed in their joy, suddenly, the two giant palms stopped some distance from the ground and were gradually pushed up by something underneath, as they went higher and higher.

Rays of golden light seeped through the cracks between the giant palms fingers, and shot straight to the sky.

Feitian Jin, and the others had to close their eyes from the glaring light.

“This is!” Everyones faces turned solemn.

In a matter of moments, the dao spirits giant palms couldnt press down the golden light anymore.

In a sudden burst of light, the dao spirit was thrown staggering back, smashing onto the formations light barrier.

The entire formations barrier shook and swayed from the impact.

At the source of the golden light, Huang Xiaolong stood on the same spot, looking at Feitian Jins group with only coldness in his eyes.

“What!” After seeing that Huang Xiaolong was unscathed, Feitian Jin, Feitian Chen, and the others were agape in amazement.

That dao spirit contained their Flying Heaven Races old ancestors will, which had merged with their bloodlines power and a dao talisman.

Under the full force of both palms, even a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor would suffer heavy injuries.

Then, how could Huang Xiaolong be unscathed!

“You, how come…!” Feitian Jin stammered.

Huang Xiaolong rose into the air and crossed the distance between him and the dao spirit almost instantaneously.

Before Feitian Jin and the others incredulous faces, Huang Xiaolong punched out with his fist, shattering the dao spirit into fragments.

A used dao talisman fell from the air, as the blood Feitian Jin and the others had infused into it, splattered on the ground.

Feitian Jin, Feitian Chen, and the rest coughed up blood from the bloodline powers backlash.

Next, Huang Xiaolongs cold harrumph exploded in their ears.

A fist struck down from the void at the formations core, and hit Feitian Jins group without any resistance.

Feitian Jin, Feitian Cheng, and other Eminent Elders screams reverberated in the air as their bodies crashed on the nearby hills and mountains.

Huang Xiaolong dispersed the formations barrier with a wave of his palms, and then strolled out of the formations range.

He stopped and stood in front of Feitian Jin.

“Impossible! Why do the formations restrictions have no effect on you!” Feitian Jin yelled in disbelief.

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