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Chapter 2642: All In Vain

Huang Xiaolongs first force had directly shattered the Flying Heaven Grand Formations barrier!

This meant that the Flying Heaven Grand Formations restriction was completely useless against Huang Xiaolong! Upon realizing this, Feitian Jin and the others were shocked, baffled, and could not understand it at all.

“Very surprised” Huang Xiaolong asked as his cold gaze swept across Feitian Jin, Feitian Cheng, and the rest.

He hadnt taken any action in the beginning, merely because he had wanted to see the Flying Heaven Grand Formations power.

However, the result had disappointed him.

Then again, the formations power was directly related to the people who had activated it.

If there had been a Primal Ancestor expert amongst Feitian Jins group, the Flying Heaven Dao Spirit wouldn\'t have been so weak.

Feitian Jin chuckled hysterically, and his face distorted, “Huang Xiaolong, I admit weve underestimated you, but dont you forget that you\'re in our races territory, in our Flying Heaven Races forbidden land.

What can you do to us”

“Is that so” A low snort escaped Huang Xiaolongs lips, and a fist hit onto Feitian Jins chest, coming out from his back.

Feitian Jin screamed in pain.

“Eminent Elder Feitian Jin!” other Eminent Elders of the Flying Heaven Race called out in shock.

None of them had expected Huang Xiaolong to really lay such a cruel hand on them.

Huang Xiaolong shifted his gaze onto Feitian Cheng.

Feitian Cheng ashened, and just as he was about to say something, Huang Xiaolongs fist swung out and made a hole through his chest using the same method.

Following that, Huang Xiaolongs fist struck out again and again.

Each punch left a gaping hole in every Flying Heaven Races Eminent Elders chest, without exception.

One by one, Feitian Jin, Feitian Cheng, and the other Eminent Elders crashed to the ground amidst echoing tragic screams.

Huang Xiaolong reached out and grabbed Feitian Jin, bringing him in front of him.

Feitian Jin glared hatefully at Huang Xiaolong, intermingling with apprehension as he demanded, “Huang Xiaolong, what do you want to do”

“Take a guess” Huang Xiaolong teased without mirth in his eyes, “Since I destroyed your sons physical body, wont you feel sorry for your son if I dont balance it out by destroying your body”

Feitian Jin was shocked.

Huang Xiaolong wants to destroy my physical body Once my physical body is gone, wont that mean…!

“Wait! Huang Xiaolong, you cannot destroy my physical body!” Feitian Jin shouted anxiously.

“Werent you the one clamoring to suppress me, ordering me to hand over the Flying Heaven Blood Stele And if I were to fail to do that, you were going to destroy my physical body.

So, why cant I do the same” Huang Xiaolongs mocking gaze was so obvious.

Feitian Jins face was red and purple from anger despite the fear showing in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong raised his fist again, and it landed a ruthless punch on Feitian Jin.


The screams came out from Feitian Jins throat as his physical body burst into countless pieces, leaving only a bright orb of soul that was trying to escape.

Feitian Cheng and the others watched Feitian Jins physical body being destroyed so simply before their eyes.

The sounds of flesh and bones bursting, stabbed at their hearts like sharp knives.

For a second, the fear that had been rearing its head was magnified.

At this very moment, they suddenly realized that they, like many True Saints, had a fear of death.

Huang Xiaolong then looked at Feitian Cheng.

After Feitian Jin, this Feitian Cheng was the noisest person.

Upon sensing that Huang Xiaolongs gaze had fallen on him, the blood drained from Feitian Chengs face.

Just as he thought of running, he was dragged back by an irresistible suction force.

Huang Xiaolong dragged Feitian Cheng back towards him.

“Did you really think that I really didnt know about your little schemes”

Huang Xiaolong stared at Feitian Cheng and went on coldly, “You guys claimed that you would be opening the Flying Heavens treasury tonight.

How could I not know what was going on I was merely feeling bored, so I accompanied you guys to play for a while to see what you guys had come up with.”

Feitian Chengs face turned gray with despair.

“Huang Xiaolong, I beg you.

Dont destroy my physical body.

We are merely temporarily misled by Yuan Wangfeng.

Its Yuan Wang and Yuan Qianxing who made us do this!” Feitian Cheng emphasized, “Its not our fault.”

Again, it was Yuan Wangfeng and Yuan Qianxing!

A sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolongs pupils as Yuan Wangfeng and Yuan Qianxing were really starting to get on his nerves too often.

But when he heard that Feitian Cheng was trying to sweep clean their parts in the whole matter, Huang Xiaolong sneered and swung his fist, directly destroying Feitian Chengs physical body.

Other Flying Races Eminent Elders ashened at this sight.

In truth, the ones Yuan Wangfeng had gotten in touch with were Feitian Jin and Feitian Cheng, and other Eminent Elders had no idea that the matter was related to Yuan Wangfeng and Yuan Qianxing.

They were victims of Feitian Jin and Feitian Chengs instigation.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, please show mercy!” Right at this time, a melodic voice sounded from the horizon.

Upon hearing this voice, joy gushed into these Eminent Elders hearts as if they had gotten a new leash of life.

Everyone turned to look, and as expected, they saw Fei Yanzi and Feitian Longpeng hurrying towards them with several others.

In the blink of an eye, Feitian Longpengs group had stopped in front of everyone.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, please spare them!” Immediately upon arriving in front of Huang Xiaolong, Fei Yanzi said again in a hurry, and there was pleading in her voice as she went on, “The Eminent Elders defied my order and activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation to deal with you.

I will investigate the ins and outs of this matter clearly and punish them severely.

I will give Your Highness an explanation on this!”

Feitian Longpeng pleaded as well.

Feitian Jins holy soul interjected with harsh yelling, “Patriarch, it was Huang Xiaolong who trespassed into our races forbidden land in an attempt to open the Flying Races Hidden Treasury alone.

He wants to swallow our treasures! It was fortunate that we noticed it in time and activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation to suppress him.

Patriarch, please open your eyes and see through his sly schemings.

We were protecting the treasury!”

Fei Yanzi was surprised that Feitian Jin was still turning black into white at this juncture, making her feel that he wasnt dying fast enough! A cold light flickered across Fei Yanzis eyes, and her slender wrist turned, directly smashing Feitian Jins holy soul into the ground like a bug.


At the Otherworldly Mansions capital, Yuan Wangfeng was laughing in triumph at Yuan Qianxing, “Your Highness, just now, Feitian Jin sent us good news! They have successfully trapped Huang Xiaolong in the forbidden lands formation! He also said that Huang Xiaolong wont be able to escape death this time!”

“Really!” Yuan Qianxing asked dubiously.

Huang Xiaolong was lured into the Flying Heaven Grand Formation by them so easily

“Rest assured, Your Highness.

Feitian Cheng, too, has sent a message, and his recount was similar to Feitian Jin!”

Yuan Wanfeng chuckled, “I really didnt expect this, ah.

Its truly a pleasant surprise.

Weve gotten rid of Huang Xiaolong without exerting much effort!”

In fact, neither of them had harbored much hope of their plan succeeding when they had hatched it.

But whod have thought that Feitian Jins group would actually succeed

In Yuan Wangfengs opinion, as long as Huang Xiaolong had entered the Flying Heaven Grand Formation, he was as good as destroyed!

Yuan Qianxing laughed and nodded in agreement to his words.

“Tell them, if they really destroy Huang Xiaolongs physical body, I will give them a big surprise.

In addition to the conditions I agreed to earlier, I will reward them again when I take the Mansions young master position!”

Yuan Wangfeng complied.

“Also, contact them now and tell them not to be careless.

They must go all out when dealing with Huang Xiaolong, and they absolutely must not let him escape!” Yuan Qianxing ordered seriously, “Better yet, tell them to summon the formations dao spirit!”

Yuan Wangfeng immediately acted according to Yuan Qianxings wish and sent out a message to Feitian Jin and Feitian Cheng, telling them to summon the formations dao spirit.

However, this time around, there was no reply from them even after half a day.

Yuan Wangfeng tried sending a few more messages, but the results were the same.

“Those two pieces of garbage, something must have happened! They gave me false hope and short-lived happiness! Inquire from Feitian Cheng whats going on.” Yuan Qianxings face sank.

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