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Chapter 2643: Enormous Giant Bird

Yuan Wangfeng did not dare to delay further, and he hurriedly tried to get in touch with the spies he had placed around Feitian Cheng to understand what was going on.

However, Fei Yanzi had sealed off the news from all angles, so how could Yuan Wangfengs spies get any digs

At most, Yuan Wangfengs spies could only confirm that the Flying Heaven Race had activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation, wanting to deal with somebody, but as for who that somebody was, none of them knew!

Isnt this bullsh*t!

Even millions of miles away, he already knew that Feitian Jins group had activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation! He even knew that the target was Huang Xiaolong!

What he wanted to hear was the result! The final result!

The most important thing he wanted to know was, what had happened after Huang Xiaolong was trapped inside the formation! What the hell happened!

“His m*ther be damned, garbage! Garbage all of them!” Yuan Wangfeng cursed under his breath.

“Forget it.

Even if we failed to destroy Huang Xiaolongs physical body this time, its not a big deal.” Yuan Qianxing said tepidly, “The young master position stage battle competition is around the corner, and Huang Xiaolongs destined to die sooner or later.

Therefore, its just allowing him to live for two more decades.”

On the other hand, Feitian Jin and Feitian Cheng had never told Yuan Wangfeng or Yuan Qianxing about the Flying Heaven Blood Stele.

Hence, neither Yuan Wangfeng nor Yuan Qianxing knew that the Flying Heaven Blood Stele was the key to opening the Flying Heaven Races Hidden Treasury.

Had they known that the many dao treasures in the treasury, the two of them wouldn\'t be so calm anymore.

Soon, several days had passed.

Although the Flying Heaven Grand Formations activation had caused ripples of panic through the Flying Heaven City and Flying Heaven Holy Grounds, the people had calmed down under Feitian Jins resolute suppression.

With Fei Yanzi and Feitian Longpengs pleading to spare the Eminent Elders, Huang Xiaolong had accepted Fei Yanzis promise of investigating the incident.

Most importantly, he wished to maintain his friendship with the Flying Heaven Race.

A few days later, Fei Yanzi already had the investigation results in her hands, and she severely punished the main culprits, Feitian Jin and Feitian Cheng.

Other Eminent Elders, who were instigated by the two of them, were punished according to the rules as an explanation to Huang Xiaolong.

The incident was resolved and thus forgotten.

After this incident, the friendship between Huang Xiaolong and the Flying Heaven Race remained unaffected.

In fact, he had gotten even more familiar with Fei Yanzi.

Because Fei Yanzi felt guilty towards Huang Xiaolong after the incident, she ran to Huang Xiaolongs place every other day, apologizing to him time and again.

Before long, the agreed day of opening the treasury arrived.

On that day, Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and a group of Eminent Elders came to invite Huang Xiaolong to the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury.

Naturally, Fei Yanzi had taken the strictest precautions to prevent the matter from being leaked out.

Hence, there were only Fei Yanzi, Feitian Longpeng, and a small number of Eminent Elders involved.

The Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury was located at the deepest part of the Flying Heaven Races forbidden land, but when Huang Xiaolong arrived, he was slightly stupefied.

“This is the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury!” Huang Xiaolong asked, looking dumbfounded.

Right in front of them was an enormous giant bird!

A super huge statue of a giant bird glistened in a dark glow.

At first sight, Huang Xiaolong couldnt tell what material was used to build the statue,

“Yes, this is our Flying Heavens treasury, and the entry is right there!” Fei Yanzi explained and pointed towards the giant bird statues beak.

The treasurys entrance is at the birds beak!

Huang Xiaolong was not impressed by the bad taste behind this prank.

It had really troubled the Flying Heaven Races old ancestor, Fei Wushuang, to think of this entry.

Then again, admittedly, this enormous giant bird gave Huang Xiaolong a feeling of sovereignty over the sky when looking at it.

Such a giant bird was rare in the world!

While Huang Xiaolong was staring at the rare giant bird, Feitian Longpeng approached Huang Xiaolong, and said laughingly, “What do you think, Your Highness The bird is big, right This is our old ancestors true body, or more accurately, this big bird statue is made according to our old ancestors true body.”

The Flying Heaven Races old ancestor, Fei Wushuangs true body Huang Xiaolong was surprised as this was really unexpected for him.

“Very big indeed,” Huang Xiaolong answered with a deadpan, serious face.

Fei Yanzi somehow felt there was a different meaning to Huang Xiaolongs words, and her face turned slightly red from the thought.

She inwardly scolded Huang Xiaolong, this little guy also has a rascal side to him.

Feitian Longpeng couldnt stop bragging about their Flying Heaven Races super awesome old ancestor, Fei Wushuangs legends and experiences.

After a while, Fei Yanzi couldnt endure Feitian Longpengs bragging, so she interrupted him and quickly led Huang Xiaolong to the giant birds beak.

There was a big entrance inside the giant birds beak with a very simple door without any complicated runes or patterns, but how could this illusion trick Huang Xiaolongs eyes He saw through the dangerous restrictions on the door right away.

As one of the three strongest people in the Alien Lands in the past, the restrictions laid out by Fei Wushuang were at another level compared to most Primal Ancestor experts.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong did not dare to be careless.

He called out the Flying Heaven Blood Stele and activated the blood runes on the surface.

Blood-colored light filled the giant birds beak immediately, ripples of blood-red light rolled towards the door and wrapped over it.

“Do it!” Fei Yanzi ordered decisively.

Feitian Longpeng and all the Flying Heaven Races Eminent Elders spurred their innate powers, and the royal family rune on their foreheads burst out in dazzling lights.

To open the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury required the Flying Heaven Blood Stele as well as thirty plus Flying Heaven Races True Saint Realm experts innate powers.

Neither one aspect could be missing.

When setting up this hidden treasury, Fei Wushuang had considered the possibility that the Flying Heaven Blood Stele might fall into other peoples hands.

Hence he had set these two requirements.

Huang Xiaolong naturally wasnt worried that the Flying Heaven Race would refuse to cooperate with him.

Not to mention that if they had refused to cooperate, he would have directly controlled a sufficient number of Flying Heaven Races Eminent Elders, and then proceeded to open the hidden treasury.

The result would have been the same in the end.

As Huang Xiaolong and Fei Yanzi controlled the Flying Heaven Blood Steles powers and the Flying Heaven Races innate powers, the entire giant bird shone increasingly brighter as if it was coming alive, exuding majestic Primal Ancestor might.

Strands of grand dao energy danced in the air, lighting up the entire forbidden land as if it was day.

However, Fei Yanzi had activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation early on, covering and concealing everything that was happening at this time.

No alien race experts in the Flying Heaven City were alerted.

This went on for several hours until the dao runes on the doors surface gathered, and formed an ancient textFei that sank within.

Soon after, the door then slowly opened by itself.

When the door opened, there was no amazing holy spiritual qi or leakage of grand dao energy.

It was as if they had opened the door to an ordinary room.

Huang Xiaolong, Fei Yanzi, and the rest stepped through the door, and the moment they saw the treasures displayed before them, all of them were dumbfounded on the spot.

There were holy herbs, holy pills, and the rarest of heaven and earth treasures everywhere they looked inside the entire enormous giant bird.

Every stalk, and every pellet was floating calmly in the air inside the birds body.

“Grand dao treasures!” A Flying Heaven Races Eminent Elder gasped.

In the farthest end, they could see a stream of grand dao treasures, from dao pills, to dao artifacts, dao herbs, and dao stones.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned hot as he stared at those grand dao treasures.

Even he had not expected there to be so many of them inside the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury.

Fei Wushuang was a real man, a man amongst men, he was willing to leave so many good things for his tribe.

They were talking about grand dao treasures after all.

One dao pill alone could cause experts to fight until blood flowed into a river.

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