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Chapter 2660: Sky Opening Island

“Yes, there is ninety-nine percent certainty that the grand dao source spring is on the Sky Opening Island.” Mo Zhi nodded his head with certainty.

“Sky Opening Island” Huang Xiaolong repeated with an expression of doubt.

This was the first time he was hearing the name Sky Opening Island.

Then again, if Mo Zhi had returned without any harvest, then it seemed like the Sky Opening Island was not simple.

As Huang Xiaolong guessed, Mo Zhi went on, “There is a legend about the Sky Opening Island that before the Holy World and Alien Lands came into existence, a piece of Xuanhuang Stone fell into the World River.

Later on, that Xuanhuang Stone became the Sky Opening Island.

On the Sky Opening Island, there are many unseen but terrifying layers of restrictions, and even at my strength, I can barely break a few of them.”

“Xuanhuang Stone” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed, “No one could break the restrictions on it”

Long Shengtian nodded in agreement, “Thats right.

Even though many of World Rivers Primal Ancestors had joined hands, they failed to enter the deepest area of the Sky Opening Island, and they were only able to around the outer periphery at most.

Then again, although it is merely the outer peripheral region, some Primal Ancestors collected a few grand dao treasures.

As for the deepest area, there could only be even more amazing grand dao treasures!”

Even more amazing grand dao treasures!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up like a million watt light bulb.

“The Holy World and Alien Lands have existed for countless billions of years, and the Sky Opening Island for even longer than that.

Hence, all these years, no one has been able to determine whats further inside the Sky Opening Island, but after searching through many ancient records, and looking around here and there, I can confidently deduce that the grand dao source spring is at the deepest area of Sky Opening Island.” Mo Zhi went on, “There are many, many grand dao treasures that are no worse than the Tree of Grand Dao.”

A light flickered across Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“After so many years of study, I have come to one conclusion.

The restrictions on the Sky Opening Island not necessarily need to be resolved by pure force,” Mo Zhis voice grew serious, “To pass through the many restrictions and enter the deepest area, one of the main conditions requires possessing strength equivalent to a Primal Ancestor, the second condition is super strong talent, while the third and final condition is, luck!”

Huang Xiaolongs head buzzed with excitement.

Strength rivaling a Primal Ancestor He had it.

Super strong talent He had it.

And his luck had always been very good, and it was not an exaggeration to say that his luck was unbelievably good.

Huang Xiaolong almost convinced himself that he could pass through the Sky Opening Islands restrictions with his eyes closed.

Noticing Huang Xiaolongs confident expression, Mo Zhi shook his head and advised, “Xiaolong, even though you have the strength equivalent to a Primal Ancestor with super strong talent, and intangible things like luck, being lucky in the past doesnt mean you will always be lucky.

The Sky Opening Island is filled with dangers, and even a Primal Ancestor can get trapped on the island and never come out.

If you really want to go there, I think it is better you wait until youve broken through to Seventh Heaven True Saint as it will be less risky that way.”

Wait until Seventh Heaven True Saint Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

How many years later would that be, he couldnt wait that long.

Therefore, he was bound to go to the Sky Opening Island as soon as he could.

Mo Zhi and Long Shengtian continued to dissuade Huang Xiaolong, but after seeing that he was determined, they gave up.

Inwardly, both of them hoped Huang Xiaolong would be able to find the grand dao source spring and revive the Tree of Grand Dao.

Mo Zhi solemnly promised, “If you can get the grand dao source spring and revive the Tree of Grand Dao, I will give you three Grand Dao Fruits from the six growing on the tree.”

Three of six Dao Fruits was a great reward.

After all, the Otherworldly Mansion had spent countless resources all these years to nurture the Tree of Grand Dao and its Dao Fruits, not to mention the amount of effort.

“Deal!” Huang Xiaolong agreed crisply.

Originally, his aim in joining the Otherworldly Mansion was to get two Dao Fruits, now that he was promised three, one for Zi Dongping, one for himself, and there was one extra.

Subsequently, Mo Zhi explained to Huang Xiaolong in detail the things related to the Sky Opening Island.

As long as it was something that he knew of, he informed Huang Xiaolong about it, from how he himself had passed through the Sky Opening Islands restrictions, which direction he had gone, where the dangers were, how to avoid them, and what kind of beasts he had seen.

The sky opening beasts on the Sky Opening Island were stronger than beasts in other places, and many of them had the strength of a Primal Ancestor Realm.

Mo Zhi spent half a day explaining things to Huang Xiaolong with Long Shengtian occasionally adding a word or two.

They let Huang Xiaolong leave only after the two really could not squeeze out any more information from their brains.

The next day…

Fei Yanzi came knocking on Huang Xiaolongs bedroom door and asked, “I heard from Mo Zhi and Long Shengtian that youre planning to go to the World River”

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he answered yes.

“I want to go with you,” Fei Yanzi suddenly said.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised and asked, “You… want to go with me”

“What is that expression on your face What, me going with you lowers your status or prestige” Fei Yanzi snorted codly as her gaze sharpened, rendering Huang Xiaolong stupefied.

“Its fine if you dont want to.” Fei Yanzi snorted and turned away, leaving a sentence in the air, “Ill go myself.”

This clearly looked like sulking.

Huang Xiaolong watched Fei Yanzi stride out from his room, and his mouth opened and closed without saying a word.

After seeing that Fei Yanzi had walked out of sight, Huang Xiaolong smiled helplessly.

In all honesty, it was inconvenient to have Fei Yanzi following him.

In a dangerous place like the Sky Opening Island, safety did not necessarily rely on numbers.

Sometimes, it was easier to fall into predicament with more people around.

This was why Huang Xiaolong did not retain Fei Yanzi in the end.

A few days after that, Huang Xiaolong greeted Mo Zhi and Long Shengtian, then set off from the Otherworldly Mansion.

He didnt want too many people to know of his departure this time.

Therefore, other than Mo Zhi and Long Shengtian, only Fei Yanzi knew of it.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the Chaos Essence Holy Peak, Fei Yanzi also left the peak, and she left in the direction towards the World River.

Honestly, the reason she had insisted on going to the Sky Opening Island wasnt because she was sulking, but she really needed to look for something on the Sky Opening Island.

After leaving the Otherworldly Mansion, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Cangqiong Dao Palace out, and traveled onward in it.

The Cangqiong Dao Palace was indeed a top grade flying dao artifact.

In less than two months, Huang Xiaolong reached the small area of the junction between the World River and Alien Lands.

Although the relationship between the Alien Lands forces and World Rivers forces was not considered as hostile, border areas such as this place were always lawless and chaotic.

Robberies and killings were common daily occurrences.

The World Rivers sea races disciples would sneak into the Alien Lands territories, killing alien races and human races disciples as sport.

Because the Cangqiong Dao Palaces appearance was too striking, Huang Xiaolong put away with the Cangqiong Dao Palace when he was close to arriving at the border and flew the rest of the way himself.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong also altered his overall physical appearance as he definitely did not want his arrival at the World River to alert Yuan Qianxing before he found him.

Huang Xiaolongs original plan was to avoid any conflict with the World Rivers sea races, but unfortunately, he encountered more than a few sea races disciples attack on his way.

To maintain secrecy, Huang Xiaolong annihilated these sea races disciples, but his action not only failed to deter further attacks, but these sea races disciples attacks intensified and multiplied.

As the number of sea races disciples joined in to attack Huang Xiaolong, he finally attracted the attention of these sea races experts, including experts from the sea races royal families.

“Oh, a mere human has killed more than ten thousand of my sea races disciples Including a dozen of my Eight Claw Devil Eye Races disciples” Murderous aura rippled across Mo Shuos eyes when he heard the report from one of the disciples.

“And hes heading towards us”

“It is so, Young Master Mo Shuo, but that human is quite strong.” one of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races disciples added.

Mo Shuo sneered, “A human from the Alien Lands is the lowest kind of a being.

What kind of expert can a slave in the Aliens Lands be”

“Go, gather everyone.

Well kill him at the river mouth!”

The river mouth was a spot everyone needed to pass through to enter the World River.

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