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Chapter 2661: Entering the World River

“Should we call over Eminent Elder Mo Cheng and the others” The Eight Claw Devil Eye Races disciple inquired hesitantly.

Eminent Elder Mo Cheng was one of the Eminent Elders who accompanied them this time, and he was a late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm expert.

Upon hearing that, Mo Shuo rejected, “Hes merely a lowly and weak human.

So there is no need to alert Eminent Elder Mo Cheng as its like killing a chicken with a butchers knife.”

“Go call Grand Elder Mo Wentai and others.

They are more than enough to deal with this human.”

“Yes, Young Master Mo Shuo!”

Half a day later…

Huang Xiaolong stopped in midair, looking at the enormous river mouth a short distance away.

There was a several thousand miles wide opening, and inside this opening, icy blue waters rose into the air, splashing everywhere.

On the other side of the opening was a calm blue sky.

This was the boundary between the Alien Lands and World River, known as the river mouth!

The sight before him was a unique one, spectacular, and breathtaking all in one.

With violent churning waves on one side and a calm bright sky on the other, this was the grandness of natures creation.

Even Huang Xiaolong couldnt help sighing in admiration.

After stopping only briefly, Huang Xiaolong continued flying towards the river mouth.

But halfway over, Huang Xiaolong spotted a large group of World River forces disciples flying out from the icy blue river mouth, embroiled in a murderous aura as they rushed towards him.

There were several tens of thousands of disciples in this group, at the least.

Huang Xiaolongs focus was on the several hundred people at the very front of the large group.

So, it is the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race leading the pack.

The corners of Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into a cold sneer.

Along the way to the river mouth, he had killed more than a few of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races disciples.

Looking at the momentum of this group, there was no doubt they had specifically waited for him there.

He had initially intended to make a trip to the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race to dig out Yuan Qianxing after obtaining the grand dao source spring from the Sky Opening Island.

Well, God laughs when man makes plans.

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Race had come asking for trouble with him.

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts, headed by Mo Shuo, flew straight towards Huang Xiaolong.

From afar, Mo Shuo had seen through and determined that Huang Xiaolongs cultivation realm was merely at early-Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm.

Mo Shuo completely let go of his worries.

He was concerned that this human might be a Ninth Heaven True Saint.

In that case, it would have been more troublesome to deal with him.

After confirming that Huang Xiaolong was merely a Fourth Heaven True Saint with his own eyes, Mo Shuo felt that his arrangements were superfluous since he had gathered several high-level True Saint experts.

Mo Shuo stopped a dozen meters away from Huang Xiaolong, looking at him with cold eyes as he spoke, “Punk, you should know why Im coming at you.

A human actually dared to kill a dozen of my Eight Claw Devil Eye Races disciples, and then you have the guts to show up at the river mouth!”

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “Whether it is the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race, the Dragon Fish Race, or any other World Rivers royal races that offend me, I will kill them.”

Mo Shuo and other Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts were stunned for a second before bursting into laughter.

Mo Shuos mocking gaze was too obvious.

“Punk, from your big tone, I almost took you to be a Primal Ancestor expert!”

“A Fourth Heaven True Saint sure can brag.

You are more brazen than many other peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saints.”

Laughter thundered from the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts.

“Whoever blocks my path, I will kill them without mercy!” Huang Xiaolong stated icily.

“Scram now and you can still keep your life.”

Hearing that, Mo Shuos face sank instantly.

A low sinister chuckle escaped his mouth, “Kill without mercy! Punk, Im waiting to see how youre going to kill us without mercy!”

He then looked over his shoulder and said to an early Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm Eight Claw Devil Eye Races expert, “Go capture him, but dont kill him first as I want to bring him back to the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race!”

“Yes, Young Master Mo Shuo!” The early Seventh Heaven True Saint expert complied respectfully then strode confidently towards Huang Xiaolong.

His face was slightly twisted with an excited smile, “Punk, Ill first let you experience our Eight Claw Devil Eye Races eight claws!”

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Race had an extremely poisonous martial art.

When combined with an Eight Claw Devil Eye Races innate toxin in his blood, it would give his victim excruciating pain.

It was a common method the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts used to deal with enemies.

The pain was so overbearing that some true Saint experts had died.

Hence the mention of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races eight claws would drain the blood from many experts faces.

After he finished saying what he wanted to say, he reached out with his arms with fingers curled into claws, swiping at Huang Xiaolong.

In a single stroke, eight phantom black claws rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, in roiling black mists of poisonous qi.

From afar, it resembled eight great seas of black mist.

Huang Xiaolong didnt even spare a second glance at the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races expert.

A powerful finger force shot out with a light tap of his finger in the air.

Huang Xiaolongs finger force penetrated the eight great seas of black mist, and then went on to pierce a hole through the experts chest without stopping.

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Race expert was knocked back and bang—he exploded to his death.

“What!” Mo Shuo and the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts were flabbergasted, their faces showing incredulous disbelief.

Exploded with one strike!

Whilst in shock, Mo Shuo suddenly looked at Huang Xiaolong, and observed Huang Xiaolong again with a secret method, yet Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was still at the early Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm!

But, how could this be!

“Who are you!” Mo Shuo demanded gloomily.

“You dont need to know who I am.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and iciness seeped into his voice, “After all, its useless to know for a group thats going to die.”

Mo Shuo and all Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts were enraged by Huang Xiaolongs words.

“For a group thats going to die!”

An Eighth Heaven True Saint expert by Mo Shuos side let out a resounding roar towards the sky, “Lets see if a Fourth Heaven True Saints combat power is really that amazing!”

Just as he finished, Huang Xiaolong raised his palm and pressed down in the air.

In the next second, the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts saw the space above their heads shattering, turning into nothingness!

A simple gesture rendered a piece of heaven shattered!

Only Primal Ancestors have this ability!


Mo Shuo shouted in fear.

He and all the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races experts desperately tried to fly out of the shattered sky territory, but their efforts were futile.

The collapsing sky was akin to a massive space beast that came at them with its mouth open.

Mo Shuo and the large group of experts were swallowed in the blink of an eye.

No one survived.

It was as if the tens of thousands of Eight Claw Devil Eye Races disciples had never appeared, as they disappeared without a trace.

Before long, the collapsed sky recovered, and everything returned to normal.

Huang Xiaolong flew towards the river mouth.

At the river mouth, he touched the World Rivers icy blue waters with his palm, feeling the coldness against his skin.

Wisps of icy blue mist followed as he withdrew his palm.

Then, Huang Xiaolong disappeared into the river mouth in a flicker.

Almost immediately, he arrived in an icy blue world, surrounded by icy blue waters.

This World River space was more beautiful than he had imagined, and it was pure and clean like utopia.

Huang Xiaolong flew forth.

At the same time when Huang Xiaolong entered the World River, inside one of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race headquarters palaces, Yuan Qianxing was discussing something with the Eight Claw Devil Eye Races old ancestor, patriarch, and young master.

“The news that Im here at the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race must have reached Huang Xiaolong by now.” Yuan Qianxings eyes gleam at the mention of Huang Xiaolong.

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Races Old Ancestor, Mo Jincheng, responded casually, “Brother Qianxing, rest assured.

My Eight Claw Devil Eye Race is not a place Huang Xiaolong wants to come and go as he pleases.

If he dares to come, he definitely wont see the next days sun!”

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