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Chapter 2678: You Destroyed the Devil Eye City!


In Long Haiqin’s opinion, it was already considered polite to have the guard disciple blast the human race’s young man, instead of doing it himself.

As for that so-called token, Long Haiqin didn’t bother to spare a glance at it as he didn’t think it was necessary.

In his eyes, tt was just a human race’s young man, so what type of broken token could he bring

In the whole Alien Lands and World River, the human race had no Primal Ancestor Realm expert.

If his token wasn’t a broken token, then what else was it

The guard disciple hesitated for a second, then complied respectfully and turned to leave.

He actually wanted to highlight that the human race’s young man seemed to be a high-level True Saint Realm expert, but Long Haiqin’s irritated expression stopped him. 

Just as the guard disciple turned to leave, Long Jianfei suddenly called out, “Wait!”

His gaze swept over the token in the guard disciple’s hand, and he thought that it looked familiar. 

The guard disciple immediately stood still.

“Let me take a look at the token,” said Long Jianfei.

Long Haiqin was surprised by the old ancestor’s action and spoke, “Old Ancestor, it’s just a human race’s young man’s token.

What’s there to see”

Long Jianfei did not speak while the guard disciple hurried forward and respectfully handed the token over to Long Jianfei.

At first, Long Jianfei only felt the token seemed familiar, so he wasn’t very concerned about it, but when he held the token in his hand, his expression changed in an instant, and he abruptly rose from his seat. 

Long Haiqin and the guard disciple were startled by Long Jianfei’s reaction.

“Old Ancestor, you…” Long Haiqin inquired in surprise as his gaze swept over the token in Long Jianfei’s hand.

But he could not tell the token’s origin, hence he tried sensing the token’s aura and was shocked when he felt the Primal Ancestor Realm expert’s aura from it.

“This is Mo Jincheng’s Devil Eye Token!” Long Jianfei’s face was extremely solemn as he said that.

“What! Mo Jincheng’s!” Long Haiqin’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest, whereas the guard disciple was quivering from head to toe.

His hand that held the Devil Eye Token earlier felt as heavy as a great mountain….

“That’s right, it is indeed Mo Jincheng’s Devil Eye Token!” Long Jianfei looked at the token in his hand carefully, and his tone was absolutely certain, “There is Mo Jincheng’s aura inside this token.

I won’t make a mistake.

There is only one Devil Eye Token.

Others might not have seen it, but old ancestors like us definitely have seen it.”

“But, the Devil Eye City’s Devil Eye Token, how come it is in the hands of a human race’s young man!” Long Haiqin exclaimed in astonishment. 

Mo Jincheng’s Devil Eye Token was in the hands of a human race’s young man, this was simply unbelievable.

Not to mention, the Devil Eye City had just been destroyed a while ago.


Long Jianfei looked at the guard and asked, “That human race’s young man only said he came to see me” He had the guard recount everything without leaving any detail. 

At the same time, his dao soul’s senses extended outwards, and locked onto Huang Xiaolong who was standing in front of the main entrance. 

The guard immediately understood the seriousness of the matter and quickly recounted everything in detail to Long Jianfei. 

Long Jianfei’s eyes glimmered as he listened.

“Peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint” Under the coverage of Long Haiqin’s holy soul, he found Huang Xiaolong at the main entrance, and saw through Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation at a single glance.

He looked at Long Jianfei. 

“This human race’s young man is indeed a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint.” Long Jianfei nodded in affirmation, yet this finding only baffled him further. 

How did Mo Jincheng’s Devil Eye Token fall into the hands of a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm young man

As he heard Long Jianfei confirm that Huang Xiaolong was indeed only a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm, Long Haiqin’s tensed nerves relaxed, but his tone remained serious, “Could it be that Mo Jincheng accidentally dropped the Devil Eye Token when fighting with the mysterious expert during the Devil Eye City’s destruction battle, and then it was picked up by the young man”

Long Jianfei felt somewhat speechless, though the conjecture sounded a little forceful, it wasn’t really impossible, because he couldn’t think of any other excuse why the Devil Eye Token could fall into the hands of a mere peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm young man.

“Whether he picked up the token from somewhere or not, we just need to ask after capturing him.” Long Haiqin then turned to Long Jianfei and suggested, “Old Ancestor, I’ll go out and capture him.” 

Originally, he wanted to order an Eminent Elder of the family to take action, but considering the importance of the Devil Eye Token, the less people knew about it, the better it was.

Thus, he decided that he, a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint, would take action. 

Long Jianfei pondered for a moment and then said, “When you see him, invite him in, tell him I want to see him.”

He felt there was something strange and inexplicable about this human race’s young man. If the young man accidentally picked up the Devil Eye Token, then what reason prompted him to bring it and request to see me Therefore, he had Long Qinhai invite the young man in, instead of capturing him. 

Long Haiqin was taken aback, but nodded and complied after understanding Long Jianfei’s meaning.

He then went out together with the guard disciple, heading towards the main entrance.

Before long, Long Haiqin saw Huang Xiaolong.

As he saw that Huang Xiaolong was looking at the words ‘Dragon Fish’ with interest, he was genuinely surprised. Can he see the grand dao laws contained in the two words

On second thought, Long Haiqin thought it was impossible.

Many peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint experts with one foot in the Primal Ancestor Realm couldn’t comprehend the grand dao laws contained in the two words, then what was more to a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint human race’s young man.

Huang Xiaolong looked away from the words, and his gaze fell on Long Haiqin.

Long Haiqin walked out through the main entrance and stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong.

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong did not salute him, and looked at him with the eye of a superior, Long Haiqin subconsciously frowned with displeasure. 

“Come in please.

Our Old Ancestor wants to see you,” Long Haiqin stated bluntly.

Because of Huang Xiaolong’s attitude, his tone wasn’t very welcoming.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Long Haiqin, and his tone was tepid when he spoke, “It seems you and Long Jianfei did not understand my intention.

My words were to have Long Jianfei come out to see me.”

Long Haiqin and the four guards were dumbfounded.

Then, Long Haiqin burst out laughing, “You want our Old Ancestor to come out and see you You Brat, do you think our Old Ancestor would come out to see you just because you brought the Devil Eye Token that you’ve picked up somewhere”

“Brat, a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint like you, has the guts to call our Old Ancestor by his name.

If it wasn’t for the Old Ancestor’s order, I would’ve suppressed and detained you just for your rudeness!” Long Haiqin exuded coldness all over as his sharp gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

He wasn’t bluffing, it was already considered polite that he had not suppressed Huang Xiaolong by now. 

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t angered by Long Haiqin’s words, and he even let out a low laugh, “Even Mo Jincheng was suppressed by me, so do you think you’ve enough weight to fight me” 

He wasn’t being sarcastic, but purely stating the fact that Long Haiqin was no different than a shrimp in his eyes.

Although Long Haiqin already had one foot in the Primal Ancestor Realm,five or even six peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saints like Long Haiqin could do nothing to him.

To Huang Xiaolong, it was merely the matter of lifting a finger to deal with them, or a blow of air.

Long Haiqin burst into laughter when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said and his saliva flew in the air.

“You could suppress a late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert like Mo Jincheng So, you’re saying that you’re the one who destroyed the Devil Eye City”

He really couldn’t hold back his laughter.


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