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Chapter 2695: Seventh Heaven True Saint!

Long Jianfei shook his head slowly.

“We dont have news on them for the time being…”

The Alien Lands and the World River were boundless.

If the two of them wanted to hide, it would be extremely difficult for Huang Xiaolong to locate them!

“However, its likely that they have already left the Alien Lands,” Long Jianfei continued his explanation, “We used the full power of the Otherworldly Mansion to look for the two of them.

Jiang Heng, Teng Xiao, and the others moved out and used their entire race to look for the two of them.

We practically flipped the Alien Lands upside down looking for them!”

“Youre saying that Yuan Wanfei and Elder Ming escaped to either the World River or the Holy World”

“Yes.” Long Jianfei nodded.

“I already mobilized the power of the Dragon Fish Race over in the World River.

However, Young Lord should know that our Dragon Fish Race only controls the Dragon Fish Valley.

We have little to no control over the other domains, and if the two of them are hiding in a secluded domain in the World River, it will be difficult for us to find them!”

“As for the Holy World, we cant do anything about that.” Long Jianfei shook his head and sighed.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Young Lord, with our current forces, its possible for us to conquer the World River!” Long Jianfei hesitated for a moment.

“As for the Holy World, we can trample on them after the restrictions around the ancient battlefield disappear in two hundred years! Young Lord can rule over the Holy World, Alien Lands, and the World River!”

It was obvious that Long Jianfei had no idea what Huang Xiaolongs status was in the Holy World.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be asking him to trample on them.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly when he heard what Long Jianfei said.

“Ruling over them is something that will happen soon.

However, this is not the time.

Find out everything you can about Elder Ming and Yuan Wanfei.

Also, is there news on Fei Yanzi”

With the submission of Jiang Heng and the others, the various royal families followed behind him.

He had basically unified the Alien Lands, and he knew that he had to head over to the Sky Opening Island after entering the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm to subdue the Sky Opening Spirit.

When he was done with that, he could go around to conquer the other races.

As for the Holy World, he was already the Blue Dragon Manor Master.

With the Holy Heavens and Clear Snow Palace, the Holy World could be said to be controlled by him.

The only problem would be the Devil Palace.

When he conquered the World River, he would gather all the experts under him in both the World River and Alien Lands before heading over to wipe out the Devil Palace.

“We have no news on Fei Yanzi.” Long Jianfei shook his head.

“However, we can be sure that she did indeed enter the World River.

As for whether or not she entered the Sky Opening Island, we have no idea.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head before ordering them to continue looking for Fei Yanzi.

Soon after, the topic changed to the Myriad Origin Race, Enchantressl Race, and the Golden Buddha Race.

Several months ago, Huang Xiaolong had requested for Long Jianfei to move personally to deal with the disciples of the three races.

Those that needed to be killed were killed, and those who needed to be suppressed were suppressed.

The sinners were punished accordingly.

Long Jianfei reported everything that had happened in the previous months to Huang Xiaolong without missing a single detail.

For example, Yuan Qianxings confidant, Yuan Wangfeng, the ex-grand hall master of the Otherworldly Mansion, was killed by Long Jianfei without a second thought.

People like Yao Ji, who had taken part in the mutilation of the members of the Purple Spider Race and the Human Race, were punished by Long Jianfei.

Even though they werent sentenced to death, they were as good as dead.

As for those who had killed members of the Human Race and the Purple Spider Race openly, they were killed without a second thought.

As for those who had remained quiet throughout the entire ordeal, they were suppressed but left alive.

Since Yuan Qianxing had obtained his position in the Otherworldly Mansion, the members of the Myriad Origin Race, Enchantress Race, and the Golden Buddha Race had entered the ranks of upper echelons of the mansion through their connection with him.

Every single one of them were dealt with, and there was basically no way for the three races to ever change their fates.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong asked about Mo Zhi and Zi Dongping.

From what he heard, Long Jianfei had learned that Mo Zhi had escaped to the World River after being injured by Elder Ming.

As for Zi Dongping, they had already sent people to escort him to the mansion.

It would take another day for Zi Dongping to arrive.

As he nodded his head slowly, Huang Xiaolong realized that Mo Zhi didnt know about the current situation in the Alien Lands.

If he knew that Yuan Qianxing and the others were captured by him, he would have long since made an appearance.

After hearing the report, Huang Xiaolong passed down another round of orders.

He handed Long Jianfei a dao fruit, and ordered for him to pass it to Zi Dongping after he arrived.

It was something that could aid him in his full recovery.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had promised Zi Dongping that he would treat the mans injuries a long time ago.

It was a pity that all six dao fruits in the Otherworldly Mansion were taken away by Elder Ming before Huang Xiaolong had arrived.

As such, he could only hand over one of the four dao fruits he had obtained from the Sky Opening Island to Zi Dongping.

After passing down all his instructions to Long Jianfei, he returned to the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

Opening the grand formation around the palace to the highest level, he focused on breaking through to the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm.

After obtaining the holy spiritual veins in the Sky Opening Island, Huang Xiaolong was focused on refining them into the dao palace.

He connected every single one of them and used them to form a holy spiritual grand formation.

The instant he activated it, horrifying waves of holy spiritual qi gushed out from the void.

A towering waterfall of holy spiritual energy formed in the space above the dao palace.

Submerging the Cangqiong Dao Palace completely, the palace seemed to emit a milky white glow.

Huang Xiaolongs saint godheads emerged, and they started to absorb the holy spiritual energy around them at an astounding rate.

At the same time, origin energy started to fall from the skies to strengthen his saint godheads.

After refining Yuan Qianxings Origin Saint Godhead, all three godheads had evolved by quite a bit.

It became even easier for Huang Xiaolong to sense the grand dao energy and origin energy surrounding him.

In the blink of an eye, four years passed.

During the time he spent cultivating, Huang Xiaolong swallowed the holy spiritual qi in the air and devoured the power that came from the origin.

He refined the dao energy within him without end, and he suppressed the raging energy contained inside his body.

Huang Xiaolong decided that it was time to enter the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm.

Therefore, he retrieved a dao fruit and threw it into his mouth.

As he no longer suppressed his cultivation, a terrifying energy covered the Otherworldly Mansion as his seventh dao tribulation arrived.

Every single Primal Ancestor present felt the frightening power contained in the dao tribulation and their expressions changed.

“Young Lords seventh dao tribulation seems stronger than the seventh tribulation faced by Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestors when they break through!” Long Jianfei gasped in shock.

When he was in the Dragon Fish Creed, he had watched a lot of Primal Ancestors when they had taken on their tribulation.

However, none of them came close to Huang Xiaolongs seventh dao tribulation!

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