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Chapter 2700: Ill Crush You!

A trace of panic flashed across her eyes the moment Huang Xiaolong stopped her, but it was extremely well concealed.

“You… What are you doing!” The lady stared at Huang Xiaolong and stuttered.

She was extremely pretty, and she had a gentle look not many could compare to.

Long Jianfei and the others were shocked when they noticed Huang Xiaolongs actions, but they didnt move to stop him.

Instead, they wondered what he wished to do.

Huang Xiaolong sneered when he saw theindignant look on the womans face.

Even though she could hide her intentions from Long Jianfei and the rest, his three dao souls had terrifying investigative abilities.

There was no way she could hide from him.

“Speak, who sent you” Huang Xiaolong snorted while staring at her pitiful expression.

Those who didnt know would think that he was bullying a girl on the streets.

“Or should I ask, who sent you guys” Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across the crowd who was chasing the pitiful girl.

From what he could tell, they were part of the same group.

Long Jianfei and the others felt their minds going blank for a second, and they had no idea what to say.

However, since Huang Xiaolong could say that there was a problem with the group, it had to be true.

“What are you saying! I have no idea what you mean!” The lady screamed in anger, “Release me immediately!” She struggled to pull herself out of Huang Xiaolongs grasp.

By this time, the group of people chasing her finally arrived.

“Brat, hand her over to us right now!” One of the well-built men walked out from the crowd and snorted at Huang Xiaolong, “That lady over there stole a treasure from our race!”

“Oh What did she steal from you guys” Huang Xiaolong asked.

It seemed as though the other parties were extremely talented actors! After he tore through their pretense, they were still acting as though he had no idea they were part of the same group!

Staring at Huang Xiaolong in stunned silence for a moment, the man sneered angrily, “Why should I tell you what treasure she stole!”

A chuckle left Huang Xiaolongs lips, and a milky white light formed around his body.

Semi-transparent mist emerged from his body, and Long Jianfei and the others stared in shock at the sudden realization.

“White Fog Nightmare!”

It was a type of terrifying poison that was odorless and untraceable.

If Primal Ancestors were affected by the poison, they would experience severe pain.

Life would become worse than death, and their lives would turn into a living hell.

The only problem was that the poison needed a day to take effect.

In the past, the poison had only appeared once in the history of the World River.

Right now, Huang Xiaolong was affected by the terrifying poison that could incapacitate Primal Ancestors!

Everyones gaze landed on the woman who had bumped into him.

Even though he didnt point it out, it was as clear as day that she was the one who did it.

“Is this the treasure she stole from your race” Huang Xiaolong stared at the other party coldly.

When she had passed him previously, she had released the poison to the wind.

Since the poison was colorless and odorless, Long Jianfei and the others had failed to notice anything weird.

Of course, the White Fog Nightmare was also named as such because it was a nightmare for Primal Ancestors as they wouldnt be able to detect the poison before it started acting up.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had already discovered their actions, the man revealed a blank expression.

He didnt seem to think that Huang Xiaolong would be able to expose all their plans.

However, the woman reacted quickly, screaming at those in the surroundings.

“Someone, help me! Hes going to r*pe me! Help, anyone!”

Long Jianfei and the others stared at her in stunned silence.

Even Huang Xiaolong couldnt believe his ears.

R*pe her!

A trace of amusement appeared in Huang Xiaolongs heart.

He had to admit that her actions were really effective.

With her gentle and frail look, she managed to attract a giant crowd the moment she started screaming.

A group of male disciples quickly pointed at Huang Xiaolong as they urged him to release the lady.

There were even some who wanted to make a move to save the damsel in distress.

Of course, with the sheer number of Primal Ancestors present, none of those spectators would be able to do a thing to Huang Xiaolong.

Before they could even move half an inch, those who planned to attack were sent flying by Teng Xiao.

Thoserighteous disciples finally calmed down when they realized that the other party was no weakling.

However, they didnt disperse as they stared at Huang Xiaolong with furious expressions on their faces.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong had turned into an evil young master who was about to defile a woman on the streets.

All of a sudden, a group of disciples clad in black and gold appeared from the side.

Those who noticed the insignia on their robes quickly retreated as a panicked expression formed on their faces.

Those who had no idea who the newcomers were, took several steps back when they noticed the change in those around them.

Several young men who emitted strong auras strolled towards Huang Xiaolong.

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolongs face when he discovered the intentions of those from the Ghost Tuo Race.

As if on cue, one of the young men from the group of disciples stood out and asked the woman in Huang Xiaolongs arms, “Whats going on”

Seemingly having met her savior, she cried out instantly, “Young Master, save me! This evil being here was tempted by my looks, and he made a move on me while I was strolling down the streets!”

A look of desperation appeared on her face and if Huang Xiaolong had to rate her acting skills, it would be comparable to most of the master actors he had seen throughout his life.

Ignoring Huang Xiaolongs existence, the young man from the Ghost Tuo Race snapped, “Brat, hand her over! Otherwise, you cant blame me for making a move on a criminal like you!”

“Hehe, what if I refuse” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Brat, you should release her while Im being nice.

I hate it when others defy my orders! If you havent heard of the Ghost Tuo Race, or you crawled out from a hole somewhere, Ill enlighten you right now.

If I pass down the order to kill you, no one will dare to save you!”

Mo Zhi and the others looked at each other weirdly when they heard what the young man said.

Even though the Ghost Tuo Race was one of the most ancient royal families in the Alien Lands, and the Ghost Tuo Ancestor was one of the strongest Primal Ancestors, their entire race would suffer if Huang Xiaolong stomped his feet slightly harder than usual! Their ancestor would be lucky if he could take on two slaps from Huang Xiaolong before he cried for his mother.

From what Mo Zhi estimated, the ancestor of the Ghost Tuo Race could barely be on par with Elder Ming.

However, some random id*ot from the Ghost Tuo Race was screaming at Huang Xiaolong in the streets like a common ruffian!

Even though the kid from the Ghost Tuo Race should be of some status, can he really compare himself to the Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion and an expert who can slap his ancestor to death

Shaking his head slowly, Huang Xiaolong explained, “Brat, even though youre pretty bad*ss for standing up to save a damsel in distress, you picked the wrong target.”

The man from the Ghost Tuo Race roared with laughter.

“Hahaha! Who do you think you are” He pointed at Huang Xiaolong and snorted.

“Lets see if Im qualified to provoke you! What can you even do to me”

Reaching out with his right hand, he grabbed towards Huang Xiaolong.

“I no longer wish to provoke you.

Right now, youll have to pay the price for angering me! Ill crush you!”

As a Ninth Heaven True Saint, the youngster from the Ghost Tuo Race was pretty strong.

It was no wonder he dared to act arrogantly while strolling along the streets.

However, his claw couldnt even reach Huang Xiaolong when Teng Xiao, the weakest out of everyone in Huang Xiaolongs entourage, flicked it away.

The power of the young man congealed and crumbled like dust, and he was sent flying out into the streets.

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