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Chapter 2707: Youre Right!

The faces of all the Primal Ancestors in Huang Xiaolongs party turned unsightly when they heard what the disciple said.

As he turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, they saw a smile crawling up his face.

“Youre right! Were here to cause trouble!”

Mo Zhi and the others instantly understood his meaning.

When the disciples of the Yin Borer Race were stuck trying to process what kind of id*ot would make a joke like that, a terrifying aura emerged from Long Shengtians body and locked the guards in place.

With a single thought, they popped like bubbles and a crimson mist filled the skies.

Under the illumination of the rising sun, the blood mist seemed extremely eye-catching.

Those experts who wanted to yell at Huang Xiaolong for wasting their time for not having an invitation quickly swallowed their words.

The laughter and cheery atmosphere in the streets died down instantly when Long Shengtian killed the guards of the Yin Borer Race, and silence descended on the lands.

Not a single person could believe what they just saw.

“Lets go,” Huang Xiaolong said before entering the headquarters.

Long Shengtian and the others followed swiftly behind him.

After Huang Xiaolongs group entered the headquarters, not a single person dared to move.

Those with invitations and no invitations alike stared at the disappearing view of Huang Xiaolong and the others.

It didnt take long for the experts of the Yin Borer Race to arrive.

With such a huge commotion at the entrance, the void above the entrance rippled and countless experts from the Yin Borer Race rushed towards Huang Xiaolong and the others.

The experts of the Azure Wolf Race, and the other races under the Yin Borer Race who had been in ambush moved in unison.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolongs party was surrounded.

Upon sweeping his gaze across those present, Huang Xiaolong discovered that not only the experts of the royal races in the World River were present, but the experts belonging to the ancient races that kept themselves hidden from the world had appeared as well.

There were a total of fifteen experts present.

Of course, the ancestors of the Ghost Tuo Race and the Prison Gateway were absent.

If he added them into the mix, there would be seventeen races going against them.

It seemed as though the Yin Borer Race was pretty influential.

They had managed to get seventeen races to go against Huang Xiaolong in the span of several days.

A sneer formed on his lips.

“Brat, are you the Huang Xiaolong from the Otherworldly Mansion” A youngster leading a group of experts towards the Yin Borer Races headquarters asked all of a sudden.

As he looked at the newcomers, Huang Xiaolong discovered he was none other than You Wubi, the person he had taught a lesson to in the Ancient Void City.

It seemed as though he had finally learned of Huang Xiaolongs identity.

Of course, he managed to learn about Huang Xiaolong quite easily.

After all, there were not many youngsters who brought Primal Ancestors around.

Glancing at You Wubi, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to respond.

Instead, he looked in the direction of the main palace, and he snorted, “Yin Ming, arent you holding a ceremony today Why are you sending these small ants here to commit suicide”

You Wubi felt a burst of rage in his heart when Huang Xiaolong ignored him and called him an ant.

“Huang Xiaolong, youre just a True Saint! Youre not qualified to make the Yin Borer King move!” You Wubi screamed.

A frosty light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes as a formless burst of energy pierced through the air.

“Wubi, be careful!” The raspy voice of an old man rang from inside the hall as a giant hand flew through the air to block Huang Xiaolongs formless energy.

However, the giant hand was shattered in an instant as Huang Xiaolongs energy emerged from the other side of You Wubis body.

You Wubi froze in the air and stared at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous gaze before exploding into a mist of blood.

When the experts who were surrounding the palace saw what happened, they jumped backward in fright.

Like You Wubi, they felt that as long as the Yin Borer King and the experts of their races were present, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt dare to touch them.

When Huang Xiaolong killed You Wubi without batting an eyelid, they knew that they were wrong.

As for the various experts who came along to enjoy the festivities, they retreated far away.

They were afraid that they would be dragged down a path of no return.

An expert wearing the robes of the Ghost Tuo Race appeared where You Wubi once was.

His robes had some similarities to those of the Ghost Tuo Race, and there was a golden and black scepter embroidered on his chest.

In his hands was the same scepter as the diagram, and it emitted a dense aura.

It was clear that it was a Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact.

“A Primal Ancestor like you moving against a disciple of the later generation is too shameless!” The man glared at Huang Xiaolong as blood red light emerged from his eyes.

It was clear that he was the guardian of the Ghost Tuo Race and You Wubis master.

“You made two mistakes.

Number one, Im not a Primal Ancestor yet, and number two, youre the shameless one,” Huang Xiaolong replied placidly.

Previously, a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor had tried to attack Huang Xiaolong before he could finish You Wubi off.

If that didnt make the other party shameless, then nothing would!

The guardian of the Ghost Tuo Race was stunned for a second.

Since Huang Xiaolong was the Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion, he had assumed that the other party was a Primal Ancestor.

He seemed to have forgotten that Huang Xiaolong was only in the Seventh Heaven True Saint Realm!

His expression sank, and he didnt know what to say.

“Since you tried to slap me earlier, Ill return the favor!” A chilly light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he sent a slap flying towards the Ghost Tuo Races guardian.

Even though there wasnt any sound when Huang Xiaolongs palm emerged, the guardians expression turned extremely unsightly.

He raised the scepter in his hands in panic.

“Wind of Ghost Tuo!”

Horrifying devils and images of holy beings flew out of the scepter all of a sudden and formed a protective barrier around the guardian.

However, it was completely useless as Huang Xiaolongs palm tore through them like paper.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolongs palm was about to land, a cold snort rang through the skies as a withered black arm appeared from the void.

It pressed against the earth as it tried to stop Huang Xiaolongs attack.


The earth shook and the heavens trembled.

Gray powder replaced the entirety of the Yin Borer Races headquarters and a giant crater could be seen in place of the palace.

Those who failed to run away in time turned into a giant mist of blood.

As for the guardian of the Ghost Tuo Race, he was sent flying out of the city as fresh blood poured out from his mouth.

Even though the ancestor of the Ghost Tuo Race blocked the attack, he was still struck by the terrifying energy contained in Huang Xiaolongs blow.

With Huang Xiaolongs abilities, he could suppress a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor if he wanted to.

How could a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor withstand the shockwaves from a clash between a monster at that level and his ancestor!

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