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Chapter 2709: You Must be Feeling Real Good Right Now

The ancestors of the various races received another huge shock.

They noticed the terrifying aura rolling off Duan Feng, and they couldnt help but suck in a cold breath.

“Is he an early Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor or stronger, a mid-Seventh Ressurection!” the Golden Nest Ancestor stuttered.

The Yin Borer Race had more than one high-level Primal Ancestor!

Not to mention that the other Primal Ancestor was stronger than the Yin Borer King!

That was the true trump card the Yin Borer Race held.

He was the final boss of all the final bosses in the Yin Borer Race!

Even the ancestor of the Prison Gateway jumped in fright.

Neither he nor the Ghost Tuo Ancestor knew that they had two high-level Primal Ancestors on their side!

If members in the Yin Borer Races camp didnt know, then how could Mo Zhi and the others know about him And obviously, they were even more surprised!

“Young Lord!” Long Jianfei was the first to return to his senses as he charged towards the hole in the earth.

However, he was sent flying with a single slap from the Yin Borer King.

Even though Huang Xiaolong managed to take on the Yin Borer King like it was nothing, Long Jianfei was a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor! He was nothing more than an ant!

After smashing through several mountain peaks, Long Jianfei was swallowed by the debris.

Everyone stared at the Yin Borer King with ugly expressions.

“Hahaha! Nice!” Elder Ming and Yuan Wanfei, who had hidden themselves before the battle, appeared all of a sudden and started to roar with laughter.

Their applause rang through the skies.

“Brother Duan Feng and Brother Yin Ming are the strongest in the world! Huang Xiaolong is nothing more than a weakling!” Elder Ming laughed.

Yuan Wanfei couldnt contain the joy in his heart either.

“Brother Duan Feng and Brother Yin Ming are invincible! You killed Huang Xiaolong with a single strike! Who else can be your opponent! Who dares to go against the Yin Borer Race!”

Yuan Baifeis final sentence was clearly targeting Long Shengtian and the others.

It was a naked threat to those thinking of going against Yin Ming.

“Lord Yin Ming is almighty, and I never doubted your strength!” The ancestor of the Golden Nest Race was the first to speak.

“I am willing to submit to the Yin Borer Race and be your subordinate forever!”

“Thats right! The lords of the Yin Borer Race are going to unify the World River, Alien Lands, and the Holy World! They will rule the world!” The ancestors of the various races started to sing their praises.

The ancestors of the Prison Gateway and the Ghost Tuo Race were no different.

Even though they were not afraid of Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors, the Yin Borer Race had two high-level Primal Ancestors! A single one might not have posed a threat, but two of them definitely would!

They had the power to conquer the world and some!

In the eyes of the two ancestors closest to the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, they knew that submitting wasnt something negotiable.

As for Huang Xiaolong… He was lying in the bottomless abyss under their feet!

“Mo Zhi, Long Shengtian, are you not going to submit” Yuan Wanfei turned to those from Huang Xiaolongs party, and he sneered.

“If you submit right now, Lord Yin Ming might just spare your life.

Otherwise, youll live a life worse than hell!”

After landing in Yin Mings hands, Mo Zhi and the others would suffer from all sorts of torture! Yuan Wanfei was right.

Their fates would be extremely ugly if they refused to submit.

In the past, Long Shengtian had gotten a taste of what Elder Ming could do, when he was trapped under the Magic Pagoda.

However, a sneer left Long Shengtians lips.


Yuan Baifei, youre nothing more than a dog under the Yin Borer King.

You must be crazy if you think you can make us submit.

Moreover, do you really think that youve won”

Mo Zhi stared at those on the other side, and he growled, “Even if we have to endure a fate worse than death, well never submit.

Well never agree to work for losers like you!”

Seeing as Mo Zhi and the others were still laughing at them, the ancestors of the various races couldnt help but rage.

“How dare you run your mouth off when your fates are already sealed! Lets see how long you can keep this up for!” Yin Ming snorted, “Ill take care of all of you like how we killed Huang Xiaolong!”

He turned to stare at Elder Ming and Yuan Wanfei after speaking.

The two of them nodded quickly, and they understood what he meant.

“Everyone, now is the time for us to show our loyalty to the Yin Borer Race.

Well join hands and take them down!” Elder Ming spoke to the ancestors of the other races, “Well deal with all of them like how we took care of Huang Xiaolong before continuing the celebrations!”

“Of course!” The Golden Nest Ancestor chuckled in response.

“Even if Elder Ming doesnt ask us to do it, well join hands to suppress them all the same! After capturing Mo Zhi and the others, well hand them over to Lord Yin Ming!”

The ancestors of the Prison Gateway and Ghost Tuo Race looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Just as they were about to move against Mo Zhi and the others, the earth started to shake and debris rose into the skies.

Rays of light emerged from the hole Huang Xiaolong was beaten into.

At the same time, the phantom of a giant golden dragon descended from the void.

Everyone stared at him in shock.

Duan Feng and Yin Ming also stared at each other in shock.

It was especially so for Duan Feng as he knew how much power had gone into his previous strike.

He felt that even if Huang Xiaolong wasnt dead, he would be seriously injured! There was no way the other party could get up so quickly! However, reality proved him wrong as Huang Xiaolong not only returned unaffected, he seemed to be even stronger!

Also, the golden dragon that appeared seemed a little familiar to him! In fact, he felt as though he had heard of it before!

Whatever the case, he couldnt put his finger on it.

“Huang Xiaolong actually has the Ancient Giant Golden Dragon Bloodline” Yin Ming sneered.

“Thats actually a top-grade ingredient when crafting dao pills!”

A terrifying power started to congeal where Huang Xiaolong had landed, and the strengthening aura didnt seem to stop.

As the aura Huang Xiaolong emitted expanded to a frightening level, the faces of Yuan Wanfei and Elder Ming changed.

Duan Feng stared at Yin Ming and the two of them moved in unison.

Duan Feng pressed his palm down against the hole as he released horrifying rays of light.

As for Yin Ming, he sent two punches flying towards the hole.


The earth shook once again and everyone felt as though the two of them were about to shatter the continent they were on.

With the strength they possessed, even supercontinents that had been strengthened for countless years like the Yin Borer Region found it hard to withstand the strike from two high-level Primal Ancestors!

The faces of Mo Zhi and the others changed drastically.

They felt that Huang Xiaolong was just about to recover himself, but with the two of them attacking him in unison, they were afraid…

Yuan Wanfei chuckled with amusement when he saw what happened.

“Huang Xiaolong should be feeling real good right now after taking on the attacks of both Lord Duan Feng and Lord Yin Ming.”

Laughter filled the air, but the pillars of light emerging from the hole interrupted them.

Instead of dimming from the attacks of the two high-level Primal Ancestors, the pillars of light grew brighter!

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