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Chapter 2711: Not the Golden Giant Dragon Bloodline

The ancestors of the various factions stared at Elder Ming.

Even though the ancestors of the Prison Gateway and Ghost Tuo Race were in no way weaker than Elder Ming, they were willing to listen to him.

After all, he had connections to both Duan Feng and Yin Ming.

However, Elder Ming soon turned to ask everyone a surprise question.

“Who do you think will win the battle”

Everyone stared at him in stunned silence as none of them could have expected him to ask a question like that.

Everyone turned to look at the three of them who were in the midst of battle, and they fell silent.

Who would win… That was the greatest question they had.

No one dared to utter a word, as they knew that speaking rashly would most likely cause them their lives.

If it was before Huang Xiaolong revealed his strength, everyone would have chosen to stand on the Yin Borer Races side with no hesitation.

However, their trust in the Yin Borer Race was shaken by Huang Xiaolongs existence.

Right now, Duan Feng and Yin Ming were working together to suppress Huang Xiaolong.

However, from how intense the battle was and the fact that it showed no sign of dying down, it was clear that the two of them were unable to do a thing to Huang Xiaolong.

“Perhaps its time for me to return…” Elder Ming sighed.

He seemed to be reminiscing his past as a relieved expression formed on his face.

“Return” Yuan Wanfei was stunned.

Where is he going!

Even though he had no idea where Elder Ming wanted to go, he could feel that Elder Ming wasnt optimistic about Duan Feng and Yin Mings chances.

The ancestors, who had chosen to pledge their allegiance to the Yin Borer Race previously, started to panic.

They were shocked at Huang Xiaolongs revelation of power, but more importantly, if Huang Xiaolong were to win the battle, all of them would be in serious trouble!

If the unexpected happened and the Yin Borer Race were to lose… Panic started to set in as they thought about how Huang Xiaolong had reminded them about the fates of the Golden Buddha Race and Enchantress Race.

Wouldnt we suffer the same fate

“Its fine! Lord Duan Feng and Lord Yin Ming are unparalleled existences! How can high-level Primal Ancestors like them lose to the likes of Huang Xiaolong!” The ancestor of the Conch Phoenix Race tried to persuade the others.

“Huang Xiaolong should have utilized some sort of secret art to stop the two lords for a moment.

When he suffers the backlash of his actions, hell be dead!”

His words ignited a trace of hope in the hearts of everyone present.

“Thats right! Huang Xiaolong will be killed by the two lords soon!” The Golden Nest Ancestor chuckled.

However, everyone could hear that his laughter was forced.

None of them could remain calm when they thought of the possibility of Huang Xiaolong coming out on top.

As they stared at the scene of the battle, Duan Feng and Yin Ming were jumping around the battlefield as they tried their best to suppress Huang Xiaolong.

Instead of feeling the pressure, Huang Xiaolong seemed to be getting accustomed to the pace of the battle and the aura he emitted slowly increased.

The grand dao energy around his body fluctuated wildly as he fought to gain the upper hand in the battle.

As the expressions of those standing against Huang Xiaolongs party slowly started to sink, Duan Feng and Yin Ming were slowly beaten back.

Duan Feng was faring a little better, but Yin Ming was clearly struggling to keep up.

Every time he had to take on an attack from Huang Xiaolong, he would be forced to retreat.

From what the Conch Phoenix Ancestor said, Huang Xiaolongs secret art should have worn off really soon.

However, that didnt seem to be the case.

In fact, Huang Xiaolong was growing stronger as the battle raged on.

Where was the promised wearing off of his secret art!

Yuan Wanfei and the others had long since forgotten about Long Shengtian and the others.

“Should we… Should we leave” the Conch Phoenix Ancestor hesitated for a moment before asking.

“Leave Where are we supposed to go!” The Golden Nest Ancestor revealed a bitter smile.

Endless regret filled the hearts of those present.

Once the Yin Borer King and Duan Feng lost the battle, Huang Xiaolong would control the World River and Alien Lands! He would even possess the strength to take over the Holy World! Where would they be able to escape to!

Even though the world was large, there was nowhere for them to hide under Huang Xiaolongs nose!

After an hour, Elder Ming turned around and tore through the skies without saying a word to anyone else.

Staring at him in stunned silence, no one knew how to react.

Yuan Wanfei snapped back to his senses when he saw his closest ally running away, and he was the first to speak up, “Elder Ming!”

He was flustered, and he didnt know what to do now that Elder Ming was leaving all of them behind.

If Elder Ming really left, his one and only backer would be gone!

In his state of panic, he quickly followed behind Elder Ming.

“Stay right there!” Elder Ming turned around all of a sudden and glared at him with frosty light flashing in his eyes.

“In the future, well go our separate ways.”

As the blood drained from Yuan Wanfeis face, he wanted to plead with Elder Ming but swallowed his words when he noticed the killing intent leaking from Elder Mings gaze.

No longer bothering with everyone present, Elder Ming tore through the skies and left.

The ancestors of the Prison Gateway and Ghost Tuo Race looked at each other before taking their leave.

The only ones left were the weaker Primal Ancestors, and they stood rooted to their spots.

They stared at the battle that was raging on as conflicting emotions welled up in their hearts.

“Damn it!” The Yin Borer King, who noticed everything that happened out there, couldnt help but curse when he saw that his strongest allies were leaving the Yin Borer Domain.

Duan Fengs expression was equally as bad.

Regardless of what they were feeling, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt show them any mercy just because they were abandoned by their allies.

As he slashed out with the Cangqiong Blade, Duan Feng was forced to defend himself at the last second.

Upon raising his sword, he blocked Huang Xiaolongs attack with everything he had.

Of course, he was clearly too weak to stop Huang Xiaolong as he was forced to retreat.

“You… Thats not the Golden Giant Dragon Bloodline!” A trace of suspicion formed in his heart as he flew backwards.

Huang Xiaolong widened his eyes, and he raised a single eyebrow in response.

“Did I say that I possessed the Golden Giant Dragon Bloodline”

Duan Feng and the Yin Borer King were stunned.

They had assumed that Huang Xiaolong was in possession of the Golden Giant Dragon Bloodline, but it was true that Huang Xiaolong had never admitted to it!

“If you dont have the Golden Giant Dragon Bloodline…” Yin Ming frowned.

Duan Feng was the first to react as the look on his face changed.

He seemed to have thought of the reason he found Huang Xiaolongs bloodline so familiar.

That was because…

All of a sudden, a terrifying slash tore through the space and shot towards Duan Feng.

Reacting at the last second, he tried to raise his sword.

However, it was useless in the face of Huang Xiaolongs horrifying strength.

The slash tore through the World River and arrived at the edge of the world.

When the blade light shot through his body, Duan Feng felt a trace of coldness spreading across his face.

Raising his arms weakly, he touched his face only to feel what remained of it.

Huang Xiaolongs slash went all the way down to his bones, and if not for his timely resistance, his skull would have been cut in half!

“You!” Duan Feng raged when he noticed the blood dripping down his hands.

Boundless killing intent swept through his heart when he noticed that he was actually injured.

It had been countless years since he was last injured by anyone, and to make things worse, Huang Xiaolong was only a True Saint!

However, as he turned his gaze to the golden dragon behind Huang Xiaolong, the killing intent in his heart was extinguished as fear gripped his heart.

A bolt of lightning struck his mind as he recalled something he had seen a long time ago.

When Yin Ming saw Duan Fengs reaction, the killing intent in his heart evaporated as he stared at Huang Xiaolong in fear.

The change happened too quickly, and even the Yin Borer King was caught off guard.

“Brother Duan Feng, this…”

Ignoring Yin Ming, Duan Feng continued to observe the golden dragon behind Huang Xiaolong.

Only after a short while did he respond, “Yin Ming, doesnt that look like the bloodline of the creator”

“What the f*ck are you talking about” However, something seemed to have clicked in Yin Mings mind the moment he spoke as he turned to stare at the golden dragon behind Huang Xiaolong.

His expression changed drastically as he stuttered, “This… This… This…”

“Dont tell me…”

He lowered his voice all of a sudden, as though speaking loudly would draw the ire of heavens retribution.

“If what you say is true, wouldnt we…” Duan Feng didnt manage to complete his sentence as fear overwhelmed him.

In the past, he had heard of the legends of the God of Creation back in the Divination Creed.

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