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Chapter 2715: Returning to the Holy World

Even though the Holy World had changed its owner, Huang Xiaolong was more concerned for the three beauties of the Clear Snow Palace.

Of course, he also thought of Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, Zhang Wenyue, and those in the Blue Dragon Manor.

After a short moment of hesitation, Xue Lingyun sighed, “We planned to bring all three of them along when we made our escape.

However, they were gone by the time we returned.”

“They should have escaped before we did…”

Despite her optimism, she couldnt be sure as to whether the three of them had actually managed to escape.

Her heart turned cold when she thought of their fates if they were to land in the hands of the three high-level Primal Ancestors who took over the Holy World.

“What about the Blue Dragon Manor” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Wheres Di Huai, Feng Tianyu, and Zhang Wenyue!”

The four Primal Ancestors of the Holy Heavens remained silent as they looked at him.

The Blue Dragon Manor was located in the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, and the four of them were extremely clear about the situation the manor was in.

None of them dared to speak up as they had promised to keep the Blue Dragon Manor safe when Huang Xiaolong had left the Holy World.


The Heavenly Master eventually sighed and spoke of the things that happened.

When Huang Xiaolong heard how the Blue Dragon Manor was smashed to bits without so much as dust left, a terrifying killing intent emerged from his body.

Not a single person in the manor managed to survive after a high-level Primal Ancestor unleashed their full force against it.

Raising his head to the skies, Huang Xiaolong released an enraged roar and as it traveled through the air, the heavens started to change.

The terrifying killing intent that rolled off Huang Xiaolongs body covered the heavens and earth.

When the Primal Ancestors of the Holy World felt the horrifying aura emitted by Huang Xiaolong, they were taken aback.

He had barely broken into the True Saint Realm before leaving the Holy World! How was it possible for him to become so strong in such a short amount of time!

Of course, since the events had happened when his eighth tribulation had ended, the Primal Ancestors of the Holy World had escaped for quite some time.

In the time they had spent in the Alien Lands, they had met with Long Jianfei and listened to legends about Huang Xiaolong.

They had learned of their disciples strength from Mo Zhi and the others, but they didnt take their word for it.

After all, Huang Xiaolongs deeds seemed a little too exaggerated.

When they finally felt the aura he emitted, they felt as though a lightning bolt had slammed into their minds.

Could it be

Huang Xiaolongs eyes turned completely red as the past flashed in his mind.

From the time he had entered the Holy World, he had met the first True Saint Realm expert he knew, Di Huai.

In the many years of interactions, Di Huai had turned into a part friend, part teacher to him.

His gratitude towards Di Huai couldnt be measured in words, and when he had established the Blue Dragon Manor in the Holy Heavens, he had passed on a lot of authority to the man.

As for Feng Tianyu, he was a friend Huang Xiaolong had met in the lower worlds.

He was the only friend Huang Xiaolong had from the lower world! As for Zhang Wenyue… She was the first person who had cared for him and protected him when he was unable to use his full strength.


All of them were gone!

The killing intent in his heart increased by several levels when he thought of how the few of them didnt know how they had died.

“All of them will die!” A chilly light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

No matter where the three of them came from, Huang Xiaolong would ensure that their death was going to be as horrible as possible!

He quickly asked about the current situation of the Holy World, and when he heard that the three of them had chased his Masters into the Alien Lands, a weird expression formed on his face.

“They came all the way here”

“Yes.” The Heavenly Master nodded his head and replied, “We knew that you were in the Otherworldly Mansion, and we came all the way here.

Lord Duan Feng made a move at the last second and engaged in a fierce battle with them.”

Duan Feng!

Huang Xiaolong looked at Long Jianfei and the others, and he asked, “Wheres Duan Feng” He finally realized that Duan Feng wasnt present.

“Someone who looked like a lion challenged Lord Duan Feng, and he was beaten down.

However, they were extremely despicable.

The other two of them appeared and sneak attacked Lord Duan Feng, causing him to be seriously injured.

Of course, they paid a small price and were forced to retreat.” Mo Zhi explained, “Lord Duan Feng is currently resting and treating his injuries, however…”

He fell silent all of sudden.

“What” Huang Xiaolongs expression fell.

“However, the three of them are unwilling to let matters rest.

An expert with a horn on his head threatened to destroy the Otherworldly Mansion unless we hand all the Primal Ancestors from the Holy World over to them in three years.

He threatened to come over and kill everyone here if we refused to hand them over,” Mo Zhi continued.

“Three years” Huang Xiaolong snorted.

“F*cking bullsh*t.”

“The horned expert was the strongest out of the three of them, and according to Lord Duan Fengs estimation, he should be at the peak of the mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, and a little stronger than Duan Feng himself.” Mo Zhi continued, “He took on an attack from Lord Duan Feng, and he was only slightly injured.

He should be able to recover in three years, and it should be the reason behind his deadline.”

“A little more than a year has already passed, and the deadline should be approaching soon,” Long Jianfei added.

“We didnt dare to disturb Young Lords cultivation, and its great that you emerged from seclusion just in time!”

If Huang Xiaolong were to continue cultivating, the other party would invade them and all they had would be a heavily injured Duan Feng to hold them off.

The outcome of the battle would be extremely unfavorable.

A flash of cold light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and he sneered, “Theres no need to wait for a year.

Ill personally head over to the Holy World!”

It didnt matter if it was to save Lin Xiaoying and the others, or to take revenge for his companions.

Huang Xiaolong was no longer able to contain the rage in his heart.

“Young Lord, we should go with you!” Long Jianfei yelled in response.


Ill go alone.” Huang Xiaolong stopped him before he could say anything else.

He had managed to suppress Duan Feng and the Yin Borer King before entering the Eighth Heaven True Saint Realm.

Now that he was even stronger than that, fighting three of them at once shouldnt prove to be a problem.

“Well return to the Holy World with you!” The Heavenly Master spoke up all of a sudden.

Nodding his head slowly, Huang Xiaolong got them to make their final preparations before setting off for the Holy World.

Visiting Duan Feng before his departure, he handed over a nascent holy fruit before using the holy spiritual vein grand formation to pour holy energy and holy spiritual qi into Duan Fengs body.

With the assistance of so many heavenly treasures, Duan Feng became a lot better in just half a day.

Seeing as Duan Feng was no longer in danger, Huang Xiaolong left with the Primal Ancestors of the Holy World.

Pushing the Cangqiong Dao Palaces speed to the limit, they managed to arrive at the border of the ancient battlefield in less than ten days.

From those who had run away from the Holy World, Huang Xiaolong learned that the three of them now controlled the entire Holy World.

A massive army was stationed around the ancient battlefield and there was a special army of one hundred thousand True Saints ready to engage in battle.

All of them were from the various superpowers, and the three high-level Primal Ancestors had even managed to capture some lucky True Saints who werent in the Blue Dragon Manor after ruling over the lands.

Since they could betray the Holy World and agree to serve the other party, Huang Xiaolong no longer showed any mercy.

With the Cangqiong Dao Palace operating at its maximum capacity, he smashed his way into the Holy World.

No matter who it was, no one managed to stop the Cangqiong Dao Palace from advancing.

Blood mist filled the air as a crimson painting filled the skies in the Ancient Battlefield.

Without anyone to stop him, Huang Xiaolong arrived in the Holy World very quickly.

“To the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds!” Huang Xiaolong ordered as the killing intent leaked from his eyes.

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