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Chapter 2718: Youll See it Soon

Silence descended on the lands.

Those who saw Huang Xiaolongs attack were shocked beyond belief.

In a state of panic, everyone on the side of the three high-level Primal Ancestors of the Chaos Essence Holy World started to back away from Huang Xiaolong.

“You… youre just an Eighth Heaven True Saint! How can you be so strong!” Chi Dao screamed as the grand dao energy in his body threatened to flow in reverse.

In the Chaos Essence Holy World, there was an unbeatable existence known as the Chaos Essence Holy Prince.

However, even someone at that level wasnt as terrifying as Huang Xiaolong!

Not even two Chaos Essence Holy Princes could match up to Huang Xiaolong… Even three of them wouldnt be his match!

“How… How can you have a grand dao physique!” Chi Dao was equally shocked when he discovered that Huang Xiaolong managed to injure him with his fleshy body alone.

In the past, he had learned from Qiao Jinyang that Huang Xiaolong had an Inextinguishable Dao Heart in the True Saint Realm, but he hadnt believed it.

After all, even in the Chaos Essence Holy World, the number of geniuses who managed to form a dao heart before entering the Primal Ancestor Realm could be counted on his hands!

Then, how could a low-grade holy world like the one they had arrived in produce a genius at that level

To his surprise, the genius he was looking down on not only possessed the Inextinguishable Dao Heart, but he also had a grand dao physique that only appeared in Primal Ancestor Realm experts!

Even someone at the level of the Chaos Essence Holy Prince wasnt able to form a grand dao physique in the True Saint Realm!

Of course, he didnt know that Huang Xiaolong also had three dao souls.

“Did you make the rules of the world to say that Eighth Heaven True Saints wouldnt be able to possess my level of combat strength” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

“Or did you come up with a rule that True Saints cant have a grand dao physique”

Chi Dao was shocked, and so were the experts of the Devil Palace.

“Hahaha! Fine!” Chi Dao roared with laughter all of a sudden.

“Who would have thought that we would discover such a genius in a low-grade holy world!” His gaze turned sharp all of a sudden and he growled, “This makes killing you all the more interesting!”

“If we refine all the secrets in your body, breaking through to a Dao Venerable Realm wouldnt be just a dream for us.

In fact, we might even be able to enter the high-level Dao Venerable Realm!”

Blood rushed to his face when he thought about the possibility of becoming a figure that could cover the heavens with his palm.

After experiencing Huang Xiaolongs abilities, he started roaring with laughter.

No one knew how to react to his sudden change.

He Yi and Liu Wuji finally crawled out of whatever hole they were sent into, and Liu Wujis body was a mangled mess.

Half of his body was crushed, and blood was pouring down whatever remained of his physical body.

Even as a high-level Primal Ancestor with terrifying combat abilities, he couldnt withstand a single strike from Huang Xiaolong.

As for He Yi, he fared a little better.

Of course, that was only when he compared himself to Liu Wuji.

A hole was punched through his armor, and it was practically scrap metal.

Streaks of golden blood streamed down his body and it was different to the golden bloodlines possessed by the individuals in the Holy World.

His blood was filled with grand dao laws and boundless power was contained in them.

The Primal Ancestors all around sucked in a cold breath when they saw what had happened to the two of them.

There were even some who wondered if they could survive a single strike from Huang Xiaolong if he was bent on killing them.

After retreating behind Chi Dao, Liu Wuji and He Yi stared at Huang Xiaolong with a terrified gaze.

They finally realized how scary the Eighth Heaven True Saint standing in front of them was.

“This brat has an Inextinguishable Dao Heart and a grand dao physique! Even though hes pretty strong, we dont have to be afraid of him! He hasnt formed his dao soul yet and as long as we use our dao souls, well be able to suppress him!” Chi Dao spoke to the other two.

That was also the reason he could laugh after realizing how strong Huang Xiaolong was.

He felt that there was still a chance to suppress the kid!

Of course, he was also confident as they were still hiding some of their trump cards.

The shock and terror in the hearts of He Yi and Liu Wuji dampened by quite a bit and a smile slowly formed on their faces.

“Huang Xiaolong, well make your life a living hell!” Liu Wuji revealed a sinister smile, and he licked his blood off his fingertips while glaring at Huang Xiaolong.

In silent agreement, the three of them summoned their dao souls at the same time.

With grand dao energy surging in the space above them, golden phantoms started to materialize.

The dao souls of three high-level Primal Ancestors were revealed as terrifying waves of energy filled the lands.

With the horrifyingly strong energy coming from the three golden phantoms, all the Primal Ancestors, who had returned to the Holy World with Huang Xiaolong, couldnt help but retreat.

“Huang Xiaolong, are you going to summon your holy soul to challenge us, or are you waiting for us to beat it out of you Hahaha!” Liu Wuji roared with laughter.

His laughter rang through the skies only to be met with Huang Xiaolongs indifferent expression.

Another three golden figures descended on the lands in the next instant.

The moment Huang Xiaolong summoned his dao souls, the grand dao energy around them started to fluctuate wildly.

As though a hurricane of energy was swept up, it swallowed everything in its path.

Liu Wuji, who was laughing like a maniac at the side, found it hard to breathe as he nearly choked on his spit.

Chi Dao, He Yi, and Liu Wuji stared at the three golden figures that appeared with their jaws dropping to the ground.

“This… Impossible!” Liu Wuji screamed in terror.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt done.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, twelve Saint Fates emerged.

Revolving around his three dao souls, they emitted rays of brilliant light.

It seemed as though the grand dao laws were moving in accordance with them.

“Twelve… Twelve Saint Fates! He has twelve Saint Fates!” Chi Dao exclaimed in shock.

Moreover, all twelve of them were high-order Saint Fates!

In the past, they had heard from Qiao Jinyang that Huang Xiaolong had managed to obtain twelve Saint Fates, but they hadnt believed him at first as the Chaos Essence Holy Prince had only managed to obtain four high-order Saint Fates.

His achievement had shaken the Chaos Essence Holy World, and even the Dao Venerables were shocked.

As such, they couldnt believe that someone in a low-level holy world could obtain twelve high-order Saint Fates.

Not to mention, no one had ever obtained four high-order Saint Fates in the Chaos Essence Holy World since the start of time…

However, the scene before them shook their very souls!

No matter how strong willed they were, they couldnt help but feel that something was wrong when they saw that Huang Xiaolong had shattered everything they knew about the world.

When Qiao Jinyang and the other experts who submitted to Chi Dao and the others saw Huang Xiaolongs dao souls, they were dumbfounded.

While Chi Dao and the others were stuck in their state of shock, Huang Xiaolong started his assault.

As the grand dao energy contained between the heavens and earth started to move, Huang Xiaolongs Cangqiong Blade and the Flying Heaven Spear shot out towards the three of them.

The blade light tore through the space, and it seemed to have turned into a meteor as it shot forward.

In a state of panic, the three of them raised their weapons to block Huang Xiaolongs strike.

A loud blast rang through the skies as the three of them were sent flying at the same time.

In the distance, Cao Nan who was bringing the three ladies towards the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds felt the terrifying wave of energy, and he sneered to himself, “It seems like the three lords have made their move.

Were just in time to watch how they take Huang Xiaolong down.

After your master falls into Lord Liu Wujis hands, Ill hand the three of you over.

Hahaha! Lord Liu Wuji will be overjoyed!”

Lin Xiaoying and the others felt the blood draining from their faces when they heard his description.

“Lin Xiaoying, dont you wish to see your little lover Youll be able to see him soon,” Cao Nan chuckled sinisterly when he saw the expression on Lin Xiaoyings face.

Increasing his speed, he rushed towards the scene of the battle.

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