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Chapter 2721: Ninth Heaven!

Huang Xiaolongs expression sank.

It was true that Yin Ming and Elder Ming both had returned to the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Even though he wasnt able to cross over just yet, he knew that the Divine Tuo Holy World was countless times bigger than the Cangqiong Holy World.

From what Long Jianfei told him, it would be impossible to find the two of them after they escaped back to the Divine Tuo Holy World.

It was possible that they would return to the Divination Creed, but it didnt mean that he could head over to force them to do whatever he wished.

After all, the Divination Creed was one of the strongest powers in the Divine Tuo Holy World!

As he looked at Yuan Baifei, Huang Xiaolong sealed up his grand dao energy and threw him into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

He locked him up with the other Primal Ancestors he couldnt kill.

After dealing with Yuan Wanfei, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

He found it hard to raise his spirits along the way.

When he finally returned, Huang Xiaolong was in no mood to continue cultivating, and he quickly bid his masters farewell as he went over to spend some time with Lin Xiaoying.

Finally, he bade her farewell before leaving for the Alien Lands.

When he finally saw Fei Yanzi again, he could only inform her about the fact that Yin Ming was nowhere to be found.

“The Yin Borer King rescaped to the Divine Tuo Holy World!” Fei Yanzi was shocked.

This was the first time she had heard of the Divine Tuo Holy World, and Huang Xiaolong quickly explained everything to her.

After hearing his explanation, Fei Yanzi couldnt hide her surprise.

“Its a huge problem now that Yin Ming escaped to the Divine Tuo Holy World,” Huang Xiaolong sighed.

However, Fei Yanzi chuckled softly, and she shook her head in response, “I guess its fate.

Since whats done is done, I can only accept my fate.

The poison in my body has already been suppressed, and you heard what Long Jianfei said.

As long as I dont fight with other Primal Ancestors, the poison wont act up.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and said seriously, “You can rest assured that Ill find Yin Ming no matter what it takes.

Ill get rid of the poison in your body no matter what!”

After reassuring her, he mentioned the matter about the Divine Tuo Mountain.

Fei Yanzi might have mentioned that she was fine with suppressing the poison, but she was shocked to discover that the Divine Tuo Mountain led to the Divine Tuo Holy World! A trace of excitement appeared in her heart as a determined light flashed in her eyes.

“Ill go with you!”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a second when he heard what she said.


He wasnt even sure if he could bring an original resident of the Divine Tuo Holy World over, so he couldnt help but worry that something would go wrong if he tried to bring Fei Yanzi over.

“I will definitely head over to the Divine Tuo Holy World with you!” Fei Yanzis tone was determined and it didnt seem as though Huang Xiaolong had any grounds to reject her.

As for the reason behind her adamant attitude; no one would be able to find out unless she felt like telling them.

Staring at her in stunned silence, Huang Xiaolong promised her, “When I capture the Yin Borer King, I…”

Before he could complete his sentence, Fei Yanzi interrupted him, “I dont care! Im going with you!” Sheglared at Huang Xiaolong, and he could only shake his head silently in acceptance.


Even though he agreed to bring her along, he spoke to her about the possibility of the Divine Tuo Holy World stopping everyone from passing through.

If that were to happen, he couldnt do anything about it.

Now that Huang Xiaolong had unified the World River, Alien Lands, and the Holy World, he no longer had anything to do.

Other than locking himself up in seclusion, he could only stroll about the various regions to entertain himself.

Whenever he went out, he would be followed by Fei Yanzi, Lin Xiaoying, and the others.

Before he entered the Divine Tuo Holy World, Huang Xiaolong wanted to obtain the innate Xuanhuang Stone.

However, he wasnt sure that he could deal with the Sky Opening Islands spirit, and he decided to enter the Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm before heading over.

No matter what, Huang Xiaolong couldnt hide his desire to remain in his current realm for a little longer.

After all, he wished to spend more time with Lin Xiaoying and the others before heading over to the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The moment he crossed over, he didnt know how long he would have to remain there before returning.

It would be the same as when he left the Huang Family in the lower worlds.

As Lin Xiaoying was only in the True Saint Realm, it would be impossible for her to cross over to the Divine Tuo Holy World with him.

The only reason he promised to bring Fei Yanzi along was because she was a Primal Ancestor, and there was a trace of hope for her to pass through the spatial tunnel.

Time passed quickly, and several tens of years flashed by in the blink of an eye.

During the time he spent in cultivation, he had long since reached the limit of the Eighth Heaven True Saint Realm.

No matter how much he refined his body with the grand dao energy and consolidated his foundation, he couldnt suppress the power contained in his body any longer.

His ninth tribulation soon arrived.

Naturally, it was several times more terrifying than his eighth tribulation.

In order to prevent alarming everyone in the World River and Alien Lands, Huang Xiaolong chose to cross his tribulation somewhere deep in the World River, and he chose to do it around the Sky Opening Island.

According to him, he could use the pressure from the tribulation to probe the strength of the Sky Opening Islands spirit, and he could also use it to threaten the other party.

After arriving at the spot he chose to cross his ninth tribulation, Huang Xiaolong released his aura, and the energy contained in his body gushed out like water out of a broken dam.

Tribulation clouds gathered in the depths of the World River in an instant, and the familiar sense of suppression descended on the lands.

The Sky Opening Island wasnt spared as it was contained within the radius of the tribulation.

With the terrifying pressure descending on the lands, the sky opening beasts in the Sky Opening Island were terrified, and they felt as though the world was ending.

The Primal Ancestor Realm sky opening beasts roared unceasingly.

When Mo Zhi and the others, who were tasked to protect Huang Xiaolong heard the roars of the beasts, they were overwhelmed with shock.

They didnt expect that the Sky Opening Island would house so many high-leveled beasts!

“Even if the Primal Ancestors of the various regions were to get together, we might not outnumber the Primal Ancestor Realm sky opening beasts,” Long Jianfei exclaimed in shock.

Mo Zhi and the others nodded solemnly.

It was especially so for Mo Zhi as he could feel the auras of seven to eight beasts stronger than him in the Sky Opening Island.

One had to know that as a late-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, he was the strongest one present, and anything stronger than him would be in the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm.

As the tribulation clouds slowly gathered energy, it finally released the first bolt of lightning.

The World River lit up in an instant and a world of lighting covered the lands.

Soon after, several rays of light emerged to cut through the world of lightning as Huang Xiaolongs dao souls made their appearance to welcome the tribulation lightning.

Several months later…

The tribulation clouds finally scattered, and the terrifying aura that shrouded the lands dissipated.

Mo Zhi and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

Even though they knew that the lightning tribulation posed no threat to someone at Huang Xiaolongs level, they couldnt help but worry that something would go wrong.

Now that it was finally over, all of them could relax their taut nerves.

“Jianfei, are you and the Mansion Master really going to head over to the Divine Tuo Holy World” Mo Zhi asked out of the blue.

Long Jianfei stared at him in stunned silence for a second and nodded, “Thats right.

Young Lord has to head over to the Divine Tuo Holy World.

If he manages to obtain the Sky Opening Island, Young Lord will be able to cross over really quickly.”

The Divine Tuo Holy World was the heart of the Huang Long World, and as the God of Creations son, Huang Xiaolong had to head over there.

“When that happens, please tell the Mansion Master that we would like to follow him to the Divine Tuo Holy World!” Mo Zhi hesitated for a moment before speaking.

Staring at the others in shock, Long Jianfei didnt know how to respond.

All he could see was a sea of nodding heads.

“We are willing to follow the Mansion Master over to the Divine Tuo Holy World!”

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