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Chapter 2742: Cooperation

“Greetings, Senior Sister Wang Xueru!”

“Senior Sister Wang Xueru!”

Ever since entering the city, countless Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples saluted Wang Xueru respectfully along the way as they headed towards the main manor.

This showed that these disciples sincerely respected her.

However, these disciples were obviously baffled, seeing Wang Xueru standing respectfully beside Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong commented, “It looks like youre very popular.”

Wang Xueru responded with an awkward, stiff smile.

“Thats right, Young Lord! Our Senior Sister Wang is our Cangqiong Sacred Lands goddess, and shes extremely popular,” one of the Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples in the group spoke proudly.

Other Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples chimed in enthusiastically, and praises for Wang Xueru piled up high.

They especially complimented her for being the most beautiful women in the Cangqiong Sacred Land, stressing it several times, making Wang Xueru somewhat uncomfortable.

Then again, merely based on appearance, Wang Xueru was indeed a beauty.

Though far from Fei Yanzi, Wang Xueru had her own charms, and she was very pleasing to the eyes.

Walking down the main street of Cangqiong City, Huang Xiaolong observed the buildings around him.

Many of the buildings there possessed many architectural characteristics from the Cangqiong Holy World, but the number of shops were pitiful.

Most of the buildings were some disciples or families manors.

There werent many scuffles or arguments within the city area.

After all, this was the Cangqiong Sacred Lands main city.

Most of the families and other sacred lands disciples did not dare to act too brazenly, and there were often Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciple patrol teams passing by.

However, the strength of the disciples from the law enforcement patrol team wasnt very high, averaging at half-True Saint Realm.

Only the leader was a First Heaven True Saint.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head because the Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples were too weak.

While Huang Xiaolong took in the Cangqiong Citys situation, a group of Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciple approached them from the front, and the leading young man looked at Wang Xueru smilingly and called out, “Yo, isnt this Wang Xueru” He looked at Wang Xueru frivolously, and his gaze wasnt pure.

Wang Xueru ignored the person and clarified to Huang Xiaolong, “Hes Chen Biruis personal disciple, Li Fuyang.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he had already guessed it when the young man had appeared.

Three other disciples were by Li Fuyangs side, and they were probably the other three worshiped experts personal disciples.

Their names were Chen Dong, Wang Junqi, and Zhang Sen.

The Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples behind the four of them were naturally their followers.

Li Fuyang continued to approach Wang Xueru and Huang Xiaolongs group.

Anger flashed across his eyes when he saw that Wang Xueru had ignored his greeting and turned to say to Huang Xiaolong instead.

Moments later, Li Fuyang, Chen Dong, Wang Junqi, and Zhang Sen were standing meters opposite Huang Xiaolong, Wang Xueru, and the rest of the group.

Li Fuyang slightly raised his chin and peered at Wang Xueru.

“Wang Xueru, I remember that you should be at the Ice Blue Sacred Lands Thunder Fire Sacred Peak at this time, participating in the Convent of Winds and Clouds.

You dared to defy the order by running back with these disciples without participating in the Convent of Winds and Clouds”

Wang Xueru was indifferent after hearing Li Fuyangs questioning tone.

“It is not your place to question whether I participated in the Convent of Winds and Clouds.

Li Fuyang, you must remember your identity, and also, your master is not the Master of Cangqiong Sacred Land!”

Li Fuyang chuckled coldly after hearing that, but he let go of the subject.

His gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong, more directly, looking at the person standing on his other side, and it was none other than Fei Yanzi.

In fact, he had noticed Fei Yanzi from afar, and Fei Yanzis beauty had amazed him on the spot.

By looking at her from a close distance now, he was further enchanted by Fen Yanzis beauty.

“What should I call this brother and this miss” Li Fuyang smiled as he greeted Huang Xiaolong and Fei Yanzi.

“Which family do you come from I am Li Fuyang.” As if worried he had not made his identity clear enough, he supplemented, “My master is Cangqiong Sacred Lands first worshiped expert, Chen Birui!”

Huang Xiaolong took a glance at him and said tepidly, “Move away!”

Li Fuyang had a blank expression on his face, as if he had yet to register Huang Xiaolongs attitude.

“Punk, are you deaf” Long Jianfei glared at Li Fuyang and stressed, “My Young Lord told you to move away.

A good dog shouldnt block the way!”

This time, it finally dawned on Li Fuyang and his group.

Li Fuyangs face darkened in an instant.

“Punk, this is Cangqiong Sacred Land, youd better not…” Li Fuyang threatened, but before he could finish mouthing his threat, Huang Xiaolong cut him off with a curt order, “Slap his mouth!”

The instant Huang Xiaolongs voice fell, Zi Dongpings palm had already struck across Li Fuyangs face, and soon after, Li Fuyangs miserable scream cut the air.

Chen Dong, Wang Junqi, and Zhang Sen by Li Fuyangs side, as well as the Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciple followers behind them were flabbergasted, and their horrified gazes fell on Li Fuyang, who crashed to the floor and rolled to the side.

Due to his master Chen Biruis presence, Li Fuyang usually did as he pleased within Cangqiong Sacred Lands territory.

Cangqiong Sacred Land was his playground, and even Wang Xueru avoided him if she could.

Li Fuyang slapping or punishing other disciples was the norm, and he had never suffered the same humiliation, moreover, in public.

Li Fuyang lost his mind from that slap, and a buzzing noise rang endlessly in his head as he climbed up from the ground.

He touched his burning right cheek that Zi Dongping had slapped with disbelief.

“You, you guys!” Li Fuyang was shocked and outraged as a tempest of killing intent rose in his heart.

But Li Fuyang did not attack as his reason returned in the nick of time, and he calmed down.

His cultivation was at the late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm, yet he was slapped and sent flying by Zi Dongping without giving him any window to defend himself.

What did this say about Zi Dongpings strength!

Li Fuyang inhaled deeply as he made an effort to control the surging killing intent in his chest.

“Lets go!” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent gaze swept over Li Fuyang before he left with Fei Yanzi, Long Jianfei, and the rest.

Wang Xueru followed obediently after Huang Xiaolong.

When she passed by Li Fuyangs side, she saw his burning red and swollen right cheek, and she and all the Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples with her felt their anger and frustrations vented out.

In the past, because of Cangqiong Old Mans exhortation, Wang Xueru had always taken a step back when facing Li Fuyang, but she had long loathed Li Fuyang to the extreme.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong could be considered as helping her and many Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples vent out their accumulated anger.

After Huang Xiaolongs group was long gone, Chen Dong, Wang Junqi, and Zhang Sen, as well as their followers approached Li Fuyang.

“Senior Brother Li, what do we do now” Chen Dongs expression wasnt very good as he asked Li Fuyang.

Li Fuyang glared fixedly in the direction Huang Xiaolong, Fei Yanzi, Wang Xueru, and the others left with a distorted face.

“We will go back and see my master!”

Chen Dong and the rest nodded their heads.

At the same time, inside a luxurious palace somewhere in the Cangqiong City, thick-bearded Chen Birui and five other worshiped experts were seated together, discussing something.

“Brother Chen, I think that Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land would make a move on Cangqiong Sacred Land soon.

This Cangqiong Sacred Land is no longer suitable for us to stay anymore, so should we take leave in the next few days” worshiped expert Cheng Yueyang said.

“I agree, we dont have to tie ourselves down with Cangqiong Sacred Land, and die together with Cangqiong Old Man,” another worshiped expert, Gao Chen, seconded.

But Chen Birui chuckled happily and asked in return, “Leave Why should we leave”

Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and others looked baffled.

“Brother Chen wants to…” Cheng Yueyang asked.

“We can take this chance to cooperate with Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land,” Chen Birui laughed and went on, “Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land only want the Cangqiong Sacred Lands treasury.” On the other hand, Chen Birui wanted the master position of Cangqiong Sacred Land.

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