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Chapter 2757: Two Sons of Creations

However, Yang Shangchen hesitated with one glance at Chen Qi and the rest of the eighty-nine Primal Ancestors behind Huang Xiaolong.

Although he was confident that he could escape Chen Qi and these people after killing Huang Xiaolong, he knew that he would suffer heavy injuries.

As a mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, he was the strongest person there, but amongst Chen Qis group of eighty-nine Primal Ancestors, there were six to seven high-level Primal Ancestors, and a dozen Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestors.

“All of you retreat.

No one is allowed to interfere,” Huang Xiaolong could see the concerns in Yang Shangchens eyes, thus he issued an order to Chen Qi and the others, waving them back with his hand.

Chen Qi and the others respectfully complied with Huang Xiaolongs order.

They retreated out of the hall and waited outside.

Both Cangqiong Old Man and Fei Yanzi also stepped outside.

In the spacious hall, there were only Huang Xiaolong and Yang Shangchen.

Yang Shangchen had not expected this.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong suspiciously, and for a moment, he couldnt figure out the purpose of Huang Xiaolongs action.

Is Huang Xiaolong laying out a trap for me Is there a late-Eight Resurrection or even Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert hidden by his side Would the other side sneak an attack on me once I attack

“You can make your move.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the wary Yang Shangchen.

“A powerful Golden Snake Sacred Lands vice hall master like you is actually so cowardly! You only have ten seconds to attack.”

Ten seconds

Yang Shangchens eyes widened in surprise as he was still wondering what Huang Xiaolong was plotting in this situation.

Huang Xiaolongs calm and composed attitude made him more suspicious.

In the end, he wasted ten seconds being suspicious.

Right when ten seconds passed, Huang Xiaolong made his move.

Huang Xiaolong took a step forward, and he was within a meter from Yang Shangchen, catching him off guard.

Never in Yang Shangchens wildest imagination had it occurred that Huang Xiaolong would really dare to attack him.

He froze for a split second, and then his fist punched at Huang Xiaolong with a distorted smile, “Brat, youre literally…!”

Before he could finish sayingseeking death, his face was taken over by panic.


A loud crack of breaking bones rang in the air as his fist collided with Huang Xiaolongs.

The flesh and bones of Yang Shangchens fist ruptured, and in the next second, he was sent flying back, and he crashed into the halls wall with a loud boom!

The restrictions placed on the wall buzzed endlessly as Yang Shangchen smashed through it.

After sending Yang Shangchen flying with a punch, Huang Xiaolong walked out through the hole in the wall and saw Yang Shangchen had crash landed on the training field in the far distance.

Spiderweb cracks ran through the training field from the impact.

Yang Shangchens blood churned, and he violently coughed out a mouthful of blood, followed by another.

He stared at Huang Xiaolong in horror, “You! How is it possible!!”

Huang Xiaolong strode towards Yang Shangchen in a leisurely pace as he spoke, “You seem to have forgotten that I did mention that I burst Tang Longs body.”

“What!” Yang Shangchen trembled.

Huang Xiaolong had repeated that he had burst Tang Longs body, but at that time, not only Tang Yixing, even he had not paid much attention to Huang Xiaolongs words.

Yang Shangchen had naturally assumed that Huang Xiaolong was joking.

It was such a ludicrous thing, so of course, he wouldnt take Huang Xiaolongs words for real.

In truth, Yang Shangchens reaction was normal.

Anybody who heard such a claim wouldnt take it for real.

How could a Ninth Heaven True Saint destroy the body of a peak late-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor

There was something wrong with anyones brain who believed that..

But now, Yant Shangchen discovered that the one who had a problem in the head was himself.

“Who are you, really What do you want” Yang Shangchen forced himself to stand up as blood flowed down his disfigured hand.

Although Huang Xiaolong couldnt burst the body of an Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert yet, his attack was capable of injuring him.

Watching as Huang Xiaolong continued to approach, Yang Shangchens gaze sharpened.

“I am a vice hall master of the Golden Snake Sacred Land.

If something happens to me, the Golden Snake Sacred Land will pursue this matter to the end! They will definitely find out that I had an accident here in the Tang Dragon Sacred Land, and find your connection with all of this!”

Huang Xiaolong stopped and stood straight in front of Yang Shangchen.

“Dont worry, I wont kill you.

As a matter of fact, Im unable to kill you.”

Yang Shangchens heart loosened, and an obscure cold glint flickered across his eyes.

As long as Hunag Xiaolong let him leave, he would absolutely pay back for this loss by a thousand times once he returned to his sacred land.

“Are you thinking that once you go back, you can gather an army to retaliate with me and torture me to death” Huang Xiaolond suddenly asked as he looked at Yang Shangchen.

Yang Shangcheng stiffened.

“Although I cant kill you now, I didnt say that Im going to let you go,” Huang Xiaolong reminded.

Yang Shangchens expression turned unsightly, “What do you mean Arent you afraid” Was he talking about the Golden Snake Sacred Lands pursuit and retaliation

Huang Xiaolong did not answer, but said, “Of course, I can also let you go, but you will have to submit and work for me, like Chen Qi and the others.”

Yang Shangchen blanked for a moment, and then burst into laughter.

“Submit to you You want me, a Golden Snake Sacred Lands vice hall master to submit to you” He pointed at Huang Xiaolong, and mockery was overflowing from his eyes.

Clearly, in Yang Shangchens eyes, Huang Xiaolong was naive and foolish, and if he werent naive and foolish, then he wouldnt have had this ridiculous idea.

As a vice hall master from the Golden Snake Sacred Land, which was also one of the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands, how could he betray his sacred land and seek allegiance from a small sacred land.

Huang Xiaolong remained silent until Yang Shangchen had laughed for thirty seconds.

After that, Huang Xiaolong triggered his Huang Long Bloodline, and a giant golden dragon phantom appeared behind him.

The moment the phantom appeared, an overwhelming dragon might spread out.

At the same time, a kind of coercion, originating from heaven and earth, descended on Yang Shangchen, drawing a feeling of reverence and worship from his soul.

Yang Shangchen had just finished laughing when he caught a glimpse of the giant golden dragon phantom behind Huang Xiaolong.

His expression turned to one of horror as a thought bombarded his mind, “You, this, the God of Creation Huang Long!”

An ordinary Golden Snake Sacred Lands disciple might not know about the God of Creation.

Perhaps, they might not have even heard of the God of Creation before, but as one of the Golden Snake Sacred Lands vice hall masters, how could Yang Shangchen not have heard of the God of Creations legend.

When Huang Xiaolong was still in the Cangqiong Holy World, his God of Creation Huang Long phantom merely exuded dragon might, but after arriving in the Divine Tuo Holy World, apart from overwhelming dragon might, there was also irresistible heavens coercion!

It was a noble and supreme heavens coercion, originating from the Huang Long World!

This heavens coercion was not the same as the coercion coming from a Primal Ancestor or a Dao Venerable.

In fact, it was the only unique existence that couldnt be imitated as it was inviolable, and it didnt stand any blasphemy.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the shocked and horrified Yang Shangchen with a cold gaze, “Yang Shangchen, since you know this is the God of Creation Huang Long, you should know what it means.”

Son of Creation!

“You are the Son of Creation, Lord Huang Suai” Yang Shangchen asked dazedly.

Yang Shangchens question struck Huang Xiaolong dazed.

“Huang, Huang Shuai”

What does Yang Shangchen mean

“Youre not Lord Huang Shuai” Yang Shangchen was dazed as well.

“My name is Huang Xiaolong,” Huang Xiaolong clarified.

From Yang Shangchens words, could it be…

“Huang Xiaolong How could that be Are there two sons of Creation” Yang Shangchen was utterly dumbfounded.

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