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Chapter 2771: Just Waiting For You To Leave

Perhaps because he felt that the price had been hiked up too high, or it would damage his reputation by competing with a True Saint Realm brat, Qian Haishan, the Sea Mountain Sacred Lands patriarch gave up on the bidding.

When Qian Haishan gave up, the rest had no intention to fight for those materials either, and thus, the materials fell into Huang Xiaolongs hands without suspense.

But after Huang Xiaolong showed his wealth, more gazes fell on him from various directions and these gazes held no kind intentions.

Even Chen Hong couldnt disguise the greed in his eyes.

“Young Lord, it looks like Tang Dragon, Freezing Desert, and Chufan Sacred Lands treasuries are quite rich, richer than we estimated.

Otherwise, that punk wouldnt be carrying a billion with him everywhere he goes.” The Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands Primal Ancestor expert stated as he looked at Huang Xiaolong with a burning gaze.

Hearing that, Chen Hongs feverish gaze intensified, “We cannot let that punk escape.

We will take action once that punk leaves Saint Devil City!”

The Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts complied.

“However, Young Lord, since that punk has revealed his wealth, there would be a lot of people staring at him.

Should we…”

“To prevent others from snatching his wealth before us, we must act immediately after he leaves the Saint Devil City, and swiftly kill them all! Go, gather Eminent Elder Cheng Feng and everyone here! Tell them to rush over now!”

After paying five hundred million Tuoshen Holy coins, Huang Xiaolong put away the four materials into the Cangqiong Dao Palace, and sneered inwardly at the burning gazes filled with greed that glued to him.

In truth, he had revealed his wealth on purpose.

The auction resumed and a dozen more items were smoothly auctioned off, with only three finale items remaining.

These included grand dao pills, one dao artifact, and a piece of incomplete treasure map.

The auctioneer introduced details of the three finale items to the fullest to stoke everyones interest, and when it came to the incomplete treasure map, the crowds interest reached a new peak.

“What This is a treasure map to an immortal cave left behind by a Dao Venerable!”

“Dao Venerable Leiyu I have heard of Dao Venerable Leiyu, but he has been missing for many years.

Dao Venerable Leiyus Lightning Scripture is a supreme lightning attribute grand dao art!” Huang Xiaolong was just as astonished as the rest.

A Dao Venerables treasure map

Though the map was incomplete, it was enough to attract experts to fight for it.

But why hadnt the auction house released any word about it before this If this matter was advertised, an incomplete map of a Dao Venerable immortal cave would have certainly attracted endless experts.

But Huang Xiaolong guessed the auction houses intention a moment later.

The auction house was afraid of advertising the matter early on because it would have reduced them into a target.

If they had become a target of all the experts in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, then even a commerce like the Crimson Knife Commerce would have had trouble keeping the map.

“Dao Venerable Leiyu,” Duan Feng exclaimed in shock.

Huang Xiaolong and the rest of the group turned to look at Duan Feng because of his reaction.

“Dao Venerable Leiyu is our Divination Creeds expert,” Duan Feng explained in one simple sentence.

The three people were surprised as they would have never imagined that Dao Venerable Leiyu was from the Divination Creed.

Duan Feng added, “Dao Venerable Leiyu went missing after he entered the Bright Lightning Abyss.

Some people say that he lost his life in the Bright Lightning Abyss, while the others say that hes temporarily trapped.”

Huang Xiaolong, Cangqiong Old Man, and Chen Qi received another wave of shock.

The Bright Lightning Abyss can trap a Dao Venerable Realm expert Even causing a Dao Venerable expert to fall

Duan Feng explained, “Although Dao Venerable experts have supreme strength, there are a few dangerous places in the Divine Tuo Holy World that can trap and even kill a Dao Venerable expert.

For example, the Bright Lightning Abyss has existed in the Divine Tuo Holy World for a long time.

Legend has it that inside the Bright Lightning Abyss is the worlds most terrifying dao lightning.

This dao lightning can strike a Dao Venerables body to ashes, and some of the lightning attribute restrictions inside the Bright Lightning Abyss can easily trap a Dao Venerable with no hope of escaping.”

The three were as shocked as they looked.

Duan Feng went on to describe other perilous places in the Divine Tuo Holy World to Huang Xiaolong and the others.

But these dangerous places were quite far away from the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, and as long as one didnt enter these places, approaching closely with caution was not a problem.

At this time, the auctioneer on the stage continued sonorously, “True Flow Dao Pill, sixteen pellets to be auctioned together.

The starting bid price is at six hundred million!”

True Flow Dao Pill was the grand dao pill being auctioned this time.

Although it was only a low-level, grade-one grand dao pill, it surpassed the other top-grade holy pills.

“Six hundred and ten million!” The moment the auctioneer finished speaking, someone couldnt wait to bid.

“Its Heaven Shaking Sacred Lands Patriarch!” Heaven Shaking Sacred Land was also a renowned sacred land in Saint Devil Heavenly Cave that was at par with Nine Revolutions Sacred Land.

Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng, and the others stopped talking.

“Six hundred and twenty million!” another person made a bid, and this person was none other than the Sea Mountain Sacred Lands patriarch, Qian Haishan.

There were several more shouts of prices, and all of them were patriarchs of famous sacred lands in Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

Although the auction house had not disclosed the information about the treasure map being one of the auctioned items, they had promoted the grand dao pills.

This alone attracted many sacred lands patriarchs.

In truth, Qian Haishans main reason for attending the auction was these grand dao pills.

Before long, the price had risen to seven hundred million.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt in a hurry to join the bidding, and he waited.

According to his estimation, the True Flow Dao Pills could fetch about eight hundred million.

So, he was waiting for the price to reach that level.

He didnt have to wait long as the bidding price soon reached eight hundred million.

Right after eight hundred million was called out, Huang Xiaolong called out, “Nine hundred million!”

Nine hundred million!

The scene instantly fell into deathly silence, and everyone turned their widely opened, shocked eyes towards Huang Xiaolong like bright searchlights.

Previously, the bidding price had merely increased by ten million each time.

After all, they were bidding in Tuoshen Holy coins instead of Tuoshen Copper coins.

Ten million Tuoshen Holy coins could purchase many things, yet Huang Xiaolong increased the price by one hundred million all of a sudden.

Some of the bidding guests hesitated and finally gave up.

Though grand dao pills were hard to come by, the price of nine hundred million had exceeded the worth of these sixteen pellets True Flow Dao Pills.

“Nine hundred and ten million!” Suddenly a voice rang.

It was still the Sea Mountain Sacred Lands Patriarch Qian Haishan.

After calling out his bid, Qian Haishan shot Huang Xialong a cold glare, and the warning in his gaze was sharp and clear.

“One billion.” Huang Xiaolong called out as if he hadnt seen Qian Haishans warning.

The auction hall exploded in a furor, and Qian Haishans face was as black as it could be.

If looks could kill, Huang Xiaolong would be perforated by now.

That punk clearly saw the warning in my eyes, yet he made a bid, blatantly disregarding me!

Earlier it was the four innate materials, and now, the True Flow Dao Pills!

Killing intent roiled in Qian Haishans chest.

Qian Haishan was forced to give up in the end, and Huang Xiaolong successfully bid for the sixteen pellets of True Flow Dao Pills.

After paying one billion Tuoshen Holy coins, Huang Xiaolong collected the bottle of True Flow Dao Pills, and left the auction hall with the rest without further delay.

He had no intention to compete for the Dao Venerable Leiyus treasure map.

One reason for his choice was because he didnt have much money in hand, and secondly, the map incomplete.

Hence it greatly reduced the maps usefulness.

Otherwise, why would the Crimson Knife Commerce take it out for auction.

Chen Hong was keeping a close eye on Huang Xiaolong, and as he saw him leave in a hurry before the auction ended, he sneered coldly.

“Looks like this hillbilly is in a hurry to flee from Saint Devil City.

Punk, I am just waiting for you to leave.”

With a wave of his hand, the Nine Revolutions Sacred Lands experts rose with Chen Hong, and left the auction hall right after Huang Xiaolongs group.

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