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Chapter 2791: Locating the Immemorial Sword

There was definitely a reason they were so anxious to leave.

Even though they were strong enough to shatter the restriction, they were afraid that the party would already be over by the time they left!

Even the treasures in the Immemorial Dao Palace would be gone by the time they escaped!

It might be difficult for them to shatter the restrictions from the inside, but breaking the restrictions from the outside was much easier! It was also the reason she requested Huang Xiaolong to help them.

Aunt Qing spoke up all of a sudden.

“If you help us now, Im willing to give you holy herbs and holy pills.

I will also recommend you to become an outer disciple of the Blue Heaven Creed!”

Outer disciple of the Blue Heaven Creed!

She believed that someone like Huang Xiaolong would never be able to withstand the temptation of entering the Blue Heaven Creed.

One had to know that the young masters of the various superpowers around the region would be more than happy to become an outer disciple of the creed.

Regardless of which faction they came from, their status would rise to an exalted level the moment they entered one!

Staring at the two of them as though they were stupid, Huang Xiaolong ordered the chariot to charge forward.

He didnt even plan to stay for a second more.

Daughter of the Blue Heaven Creed

Outer disciple of the Blue Heaven Creed

Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart.

Yi Xiaotang might be the daughter of the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, but he was merely surprised.

So what if she was the daughter of the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable He was the son of the God of Creation! What the f*ck did their statuses mean before him

Moreover, he would be allowing them to compete with him for the Immemorial Sword if he let them out!

As such, there was no way he would agree to assist them.

No matter how angry they would become, Huang Xiaolong didnt give two sh*ts.

He couldnt be bothered.

Seeing his leaving figure, the two ladies widened their eyes in shock.

They didnt expect that he would ditch them even after learning of their identities.

It was especially so for Yi Xiaotang.

She was so angry that her chest heaved up and down.

As the daughter of the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable, she could be considered a princess from the heavens! Her suitors could surround several sacred lands easily!

No one had dared to ignore herpleas before!

The b*stard, who was known as Huang Xiaolong, had the heart to leave her in the lurch as she was trapped in a restriction in the Immemorial Dao Palace!

“When I get out, hes dead! Whats he called again Huang Xiaolong! Huang Xiaolong, I hate you!” Yi Xiaotang raged.

Using the grand dao voice unique to members of the Blue Heaven Creed, her yell rose through the air, and it entered the ears of Huang Xiaolong, who was busy rushing over to the treasury.

All she wanted to do was to ensure that the brat, who had abandoned them, knew what was coming for him.

A smirk formed on his face when he heard her yell, but he continued to urge the chariot forward.

He soon disappeared from their sights.

“Xiaotang, didnt you notice the chariot he was riding” Aunt Qing might have been angry, but a trace of suspicion formed in her eyes when she noticed the Qilin Chariot.

“The chariot” Yi Xiaotang finally snapped back to reality.

She was too focused on screaming at Huang Xiaolong that she didnt care about anything else.

“Its the chariot with the ice and fire qilins at the helm.

It seems like theres some sort of grand dao formation on it…” Yi Xiaotang slowly dug up her memory, and she muttered softly.

Shaking her head, Aunt Qing explained, “Those are no ordinary qilins.

If I‘m not mistaken, they should be the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin!”

“What! Naturally born divine beasts!” Yi Xiaotang yelled in shock.

Fire qilins and ice qilins might be rare, but if someone like Yi Xiaotang wanted to see them, she most definitely could.

However, Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins were a different story altogether.

Even her father wouldnt be able to obtain one as his mount!

No matter what type of naturally born divine beast they were talking about, they possessed insanely strong bloodlines.

No one at the same level would be able to defeat them.

“Thats right! Its definitely the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilin! The chariot hes sitting on should be the Qilin Chariot!” Aunt Qing spoke with agitation all of a sudden.

“Huh! Immemorial Qilin Chariot!” Yi Xiaotang couldnt believe what she heard.

Everyone knew that there were priceless treasures in the Immemorial Immortal Cave.

However, the Immemorial Qilin Chariot was one of the absolute treasures contained within! It was even more precious than the Immemorial Grand Dao Art created by the Immemorial Dao Venerable!

“This…” Yi Xiaotangs eyes widened in surprise.

She had always been looking for a suitable mount and the Qilin Chariot would be a perfect fit!

“Wait… How did someone like him obtain the chariot!” Yi Xiaotang finally started to suspect something.

“The Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins should possess terrifying strength.”

Aunt Qing was unable to contain the shock in her heart as she replied, “Seems like Huang Xiaolong is hiding some heaven-defying secrets on him…”


Who cares if hes hiding anything! When I get out, hell understand the meaning of offending me!”

As they cursed at Huang Xiaolong, the man himself was already approaching the treasury in the Immemorial Dao Palace.

It took ten more minutes for him to arrive at the entrance of the treasury, and his eyes lit up when he saw the grand entrance of the treasury standing right before his eyes.

The entrance was ten feet tall, and it was made with a massive slab of Immemorial Xuanhuang Stone.

From the grand dao energy swirling about on the surface of the stone, the stone should be of extremely high quality.

If news of its existence ever escaped into the outside world, Dao Venerables would stop at nothing to obtain it.

One had to say that everyone in the immortal cave that instant was extremely lucky as the news of the Immemorial Immortal Caves existence hadnt spread too far.

Moreover, they had to thank their lucky stars that the Blue Heaven Dao Venerable had no idea how rich the Immemorial Dao Venerable truly was.

Sucking in a long breath, Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated as he tried to shatter the restrictions around the entrance.

With the help of the Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins, he managed to enter the treasury in slightly more than an hour.

The instant he opened the entrance, Huang Xiaolong could no longer contain the excitement in his heart.

Carefully entering the interior, a piercing light blinded him for a moment.

Fighting to open his eyes, Huang Xiaolong was stunned silly when he saw the mountains of treasure placed before him.

Even though he had obtained the treasury of several great superpowers before this, none of them could compare to this.

Wild joy ripped through his heart.


Is that a grand dao pill!”

“Grand dao herbs!”

“Grand dao spiritual veins!”

Looking around with his heart beating several times its original speed, his gaze finally landed on a sword that was suspended in midair.

Immemorial Sword!

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