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Chapter 2794: How Can This Be!

“Congratulations, Young Lord!” The Immemorial Qilins rushed over to congratulate him the moment he completed the refinement process.

Nodding his head with a smile hanging from his face, Huang Xiaolong knew that it was time for him to locate the eye of the Immemorial Grand Formation.

With the sword in hand, he could locate the eye of the formation easily!

The moment he refined the formation, everything in the Immemorial Immortal Cave would be his!

All of a sudden, a whistling sound filled the air.

Releasing his dao souls, Huang Xiaolong saw the arrival of Yi Xiaotang, Aunt Qing, and Xu Jian.

“Young Lord, should we take them down” The Immemorial Fire and Ice Qilins noticed their presence quickly, and they turned to Huang Xiaolong for advice.

“Theres no need.

Follow me to the eye of the formation and help me refine it!”

Controlling the Immemorial Grand Formation was the most important thing he had to do.

There was no need to deal with Yi Xiaotang or the Saint Devil Prince.

With the Immemorial Sword in hand and the Immemorial Qilins assisting, refining the formation would take less than ten breaths.

Ten breaths of time was more than enough time for him to complete the refinement before they could do anything to him.

After all, they might not even be able to arrive in ten breaths of time.

Locating the eye of the formation, Huang Xiaolong started to move.

To his surprise, the eye of the formation was somewhere inside the treasury!

Without the Immemorial Sword, Huang Xiaolong would never have been able to find the eye of the formation! It was hidden behind one of the treasures in the treasury, and it wasnt something anyone would be able to discover by luck.

Since the eye of the formation was in the treasury, it made things easier for Huang Xiaolong.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared beside the formation.

With a wave of the Immemorial Sword, he stabbed it into a seemingly random spot in the space, and a tortoise-shell-like mirror was revealed.

The markings on the mirror were ancient, and they exuded a grand aura.

They resembled some sort of ancient language, but at the same time, they seemed to be the source of grand dao laws.

“Twin Headed Dragon Tortoise Mirror!” The Immemorial Qilins gasped in shock.

“Twin Headed Dragon Tortoise Mirror” Huang Xiaolong stared at them and wondered out loud.

“Young Lord, the Twin Headed Dragon Tortoise Mirror is a peak-grade Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact.

Its something created from the body of the Sky Splitting Twin Headed Dragon Tortoise Shell.

Its stronger than most Primal Ancestor Dao Artifacts, and it possesses the ability to peer into ones origins.

It can shatter all sorts of ancient formations and grand dao formations, and even dao souls wouldnt be able to detect its presence,” the Immemorial Qilins explained.

“It can even hide the presence of anything from anyone under the Dao Venerable Realm!”

Huang Xiaolong was exalted by his discovery.

From what he learned, the treasure he had obtained was indeed a peerless artifact!

Holding the mirror in his hand, Huang Xiaolong kept it in the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

He planned to refine it slowly when he returned, as the eye of the formation was his number one priority.

Grand dao runes slowly appeared in the space before him, and every single rune contained an endless amount of power.

As they gathered together in a peculiar fashion, they eventually formed the eye of the formation.

Looking at the diagram formed from the runes before him, Huang Xiaolong realized that they didnt occupy too much space.

They were only several hundred meters long, but they seemed to contain a separate space.

With a shake of his body, Huang Xiaolong brought the Immemorial Sword and the Immemorial Qilins into the space contained within the formation.

Shaking his arm once, sword light filled the space around him.

Sucking in a cold breath, the Immemorial Sword in his hand flew into the air and hovered in the middle of the space contained within the formation.

Pillars of light emerged from the sword and activated the formation.

The formation seemed to come alive all of a sudden as energy waves slammed into the sword.

Seeing as the time was right, the Immemorial Qilins sent beams of energy into the Immemorial Sword, increasing the intensity of light it emitted.

As the runes in the formation started to swim towards the sword light, the two seemed to fuse into a single entity.

In the instant they fused, Yi Xiaotang and the others finally arrived before the treasury.

“Immemorial… Immemorial Treasury!” The Saint Devil Prince trembled in excitement when he noticed the grand dao energy pouring out from inside.


“Grab all the grand dao treasures you can!”

Yelling at the experts who followed him, he rushed into the main room of the treasury.

He no longer cared about the status of the two ladies in the face of endless wealth.

Shock swept through their bodies when the ladies discovered that grand dao energy was leaking from within the treasury.

However, they quickly snapped back to their senses as they rushed into the hall.

When they finally entered the hall and saw the mountains of treasures around them, their jaws dropped in fright.


“Look at the number of grand dao treasures!” Yi Xiaotang screamed in excitement.

Even someone with her exalted status hadnt seen a lot of treasures in the Immemorial Treasury.

There were even some whose names she didnt know!

With blood rushing to his head, the Saint Devil Prince roared with laughter.

“Hahaha! These grand dao treasures are mine! All of them belong to me!”

Yi Xiaotang stared at Xu Jian, who had lost all sense of reasoning, and frowned.

What did he mean by that!

Rushing towards one of the grand dao treasures in the treasury, he discovered that it was a massive grand dao spiritual vein that emitted pulses of grand dao energy.

The grand dao spiritual vein he set his eyes on was called the Scarlet Dragon Spiritual Vein, and it was a grand dao-grade treasure.

Moreover, it wasnt some random low-grade one.

If one cultivated while absorbing the scarlet dragon grand dao energy when cultivating, one would be able to refine their grand dao physiques! They would also eventually come to possess the scarlet dragon grand dao energy in their bodies.

As Xu Jian reached for the spiritual vein, a grand dao formation in the treasury activated all of sudden as a wave of grand dao energy filled the space around him.

Under the bombardment of the grand dao energy, the Saint Devil Prince was sent flying.

He didnt slam into any random wall in the treasury as Huang Xiaolong sent him directly out of it.

Yi Xiaotang and the others didnt receive special treatment either as Huang Xiaolong kicked everyone out.

As the Saint Devil Prince crawled up from the ground in a sorry manner, he tried to rush through the entrance once again, but he was sent flying backward with a horrifying rebound.

“Whats going on!” a malevolent roar escaped his lips as he crawled to his feet once again.

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